TAG Heuer James Hunt Limited Edition Watch

Once said the formula 1 legend James Hunt, which was due to his lifestyle and his appearance as a Playboy and formula 1-rock star, rebel of the track . TAG Heuer now presented within the framework of the Goodwood’s Festival of speed in southern England the new TAG Heuer James Hunt Limited Edition, to celebrate his world title 40 years ago.

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A Very Special Watch Lucky Diamond

I’m sitting on the couch just so and watch, as the time is running out on the clock – now you wonder sure why I do to me – because especially if you want that time passes quickly, it seems particularly bad to draw – kinda like chewing gum. Well, I’m also just so, as I sit here and count the minutes until I can take the next pain pill. I don’t want to take too much namely, that ic set me dates and before there is just no painkillers. Continue reading “A Very Special Watch Lucky Diamond”

Apple Watch 2: All About the New Smart Watch Apple Series 2

Finally, we know all about the Apple Watch 2! Finished speculation, find out what she can really do, how she looks and especially what she better than its predecessor.

The Apple Watch 2, Watch For Athletes

The Apple Watch 2 is suitable for all types of athletes. It works as well in the water -up to 50 meters deep–on Earth and records in all circumstances, your physical activities. It has a built-in GPS that makes it completely independent of the iPhone. Thanks to it you will have access to distance travelled, speed and looks of your sport session. With a quick satellite connection, this watch will allow you to pinpoint your background and your performance following the road portions. For this, he must watch on your iPhone.

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Soul of Diamond – Luxury Watch

“Soul of Diamonds” is the luxury watch studded with 460 brilliant adhesive clock Studio from Werder, Brandenburg, Germany.

Since 2010, Frank Kleber in the Brandenburg province produces mechanical watches. This risk is already unusual enough. But now the self-taught went a step further and made a ticking luxury copy in the value of a mid-size car: “Soul of Diamonds” he has called the timer… Continue reading “Soul of Diamond – Luxury Watch”

Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe

Left the REF.No. 3738/100J-012. Right the REF.No. 3738/100R-001 of the ellipse d’Or by Patek Philippe.

Ellipse d’Or, in German “ellipse made of gold”, is the eloquent name of men’s Watch, which belongs to the champions of the collection by Patek Philippe. With its oval casing has the otherwise simple clock recognition. Continue reading “Ellipse d’Or: Oval watch by Patek Philippe”

Zenwatch Is The First Asus Watch With Android Wear

The Asus also joined the wave of smartwatches that, at first glance, to undergo conventional wristwatches. On Wednesday (3), the pre-opening day of the IFA 2014 fair, the company took advantage of the event to announce ZenWatch, the brand’s first smartwatch based on Android Wear.

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Google App for Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch came in April at the Apple stores, she brought already some apps of from well-known developers – so far not: Google. Meanwhile, the clock nearly three weeks on the market and finally receives a first application of the Suchmaschinenenriesen: Google News & weather.

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Galaxy Gear Smartwatch 2

Presented at the IFA for the first time, the Galaxy Gear 2 was a real crowd puller. Visually and technically do this SmartWatch convince, the price of about 300 euros, compared to other Smart Watches is not necessarily a bargain. For this price, however, the customer receives a top extension to his smartphone. Who likes it a bit cheaper, for the holding Samsung also the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo (details here) for almost 200 euros available.

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Buenos Aires Watches

What if, one day, the locals raise their eyes and needles all watches were arrested? Retirement How would it look if the Tower of the English no longer mark the exact time? What would the mystique of Monserrat if the chiming of the Legislature no longer hear?

Buenos Aires that hypothetical detainees watches is not far in time. In the city there are only four watchmakers capable of running these large machines installed on top of churches and buildings. Alberto Selvaggi are, Caserta Carlos, Jorge Campos and Alejandro Sfeir. The youngest is 51 years old and have no heirs in the office. “No one comes to learn. There are no secrets, just study and receive from us years of experience,” he told La Nacion Alberto Selvaggi, 70.

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Omega Speedmaster Watch

Prestige brands have bet on increasing market presence. Examples are Omega, Swiss watchmaking firm which recently expanded its spectrum in the country with the opening of two new exclusive shop in shops within the EVE of Paseo Alcorta and Puerto Madero jewelry.

This premium watch has an expansion plan. “We will continue ampliándonos in a strategy based on a network of points of sale to show fully the creativity of our models and technological development,” explained Hernan Diaz, commercial director of Chronex Group, official representative in Argentina of Omega.

The cost of each shop in shop is around $ 50,000, while for a boutique investment exceeds $ 250,000.

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Smartwatch Equipped with YunOS

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, is from time trying to enter our devices with a strategy not far from that of Amazon: building a version of Android in his own image and likeness. It’s called YunOS, and recently is also available for wearable devices. It’s up to InWatch Run inaugurate the distribution, a smartwatch produced by Alibaba same aimed at sportsmen and sportswomen, especially, says the company, who runs marathons.

The look is from sports watch with rubber and plastic body and round dial. The smart wristwatches have a large park of sensors useful for movement, like cardio, geomagnetic, altimeter, GPS and barometer. The goal is to provide the athlete a great number of measurements: calories burned, speed, distance travelled and very high yet. Alibaba is focusing on the accuracy of measured data; in particular, States that the high precision sensor’s heartbeats. Continue reading “Smartwatch Equipped with YunOS”

Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision LED Watch

In addition to indicate hours, watch Victorinox can emit continuous LED beam visible up to 1km or flashing signal for help. With its numerous lighting functions latest version of Victorinox Swiss Army Night Vision offers ingenious versatility, which is typical for the legendary Swiss brand and making it a truly worthy successor to the famous Swiss knife. Night vision during the day or at night established in 2003 and now completely renovated, night vision owes its name to ingenious lighting system with low power consumption of LEDs (Led). The full range of utility is revealed when each of itsIn addition to indicate hours, watch Victorinox can emit continuous LED beam visible up to 1km or flashing signal for help.

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Swatch Long Life Battery Smartwatch

The popular company Swatch already confirmed their involvement in the world of smart watches with potential until recently ignored. Still little is known about future smart device, but the CEO of the big Swiss manufacturer has given an interview to the local media, which reveals the development of a new type of battery perfected for smart watches. Innovation will not only make daily charge unnecessarily, but will provide durability to six months.

“Whoever offered the market a battery for smartwatch that does not have to charge six months, he will have a competitive advantage,” said Nick Hayek (mentioned CEO of Swatch) in an interview with the weekly Handelszeitung. “We are working intensively on this problem together our research group Belenos and manufacturer of batteries Renata. Next year will bring to market a revolutionary battery for mobile electronics but also for cars”.

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ASUS Zenwatch (wi500q) Android Wear Smartwatch

After a few weeks spent in the “tease” the audience, the ASUS introduced its first smart watch localtimezone. The inclusion of the Taiwanese company in the market of portable eletronika new generation happens a little later than the competition, but this case has brought only positives. The ASUS ZenWatch is more complete and more respectable product of the first attempts of other companies. They sample in this niche. Very good impression leather strap, premium materials and polished body (metal back) and curved glass (Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3) over the rounded display. The new widget offers nice and neat design doblishtavasht it to the sensation of classic watches, but also outer beauty and relatively standard hardware offer the ASUS integrates a special version of ZenUI, which includes practical and smart features further added to the standard Android Wear. Such applications are Watch Unlock, Tap Tap, Remote Camera, Cover to Mute (Simply cover), Find My Phone and Presentation Control. Owners of smartphones from ASUS will be more fully benefit from spetsifichni ASUS ZenUI applications such as What’s Next and Do It Later.

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ASUS – Smartwatch for Select Devices

Western word “teaser” can be explained as advertising without completely clear and officially announced a product that is advertised. This advertising approach has been practiced for many years around the world. The core is relatively simple – before you develop a core campaign planned a short period, which revealed individual elements (series) of advertising, but not its essence – the advertised product and its full characteristics. This “teaser” (teaser) aims to provoke users to ask questions about the mysterious object of promoting and hence make them interested in the topic, leading to financial revenues for the advertiser. Because of the good technological spies and active media products are subject to our publication, are not so unclear, but the LG and ASUS our warm up for their prime ministers with little “tease”.

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Sony Smartwatch 3 Install Android Wear

The market of portable electronics continues to grow, attracting more and more players, but popular company Sony already has extensive experience in this technological niche. The Japanese corporation was the first major manufacturer to include in the segment of smartwatches, posing for two generations of his Smartwatch ( Sony SmartWatch and Sony SmartWatch 2 ). After a year lull in May it’s time for the third generation of gadgets. Maybe it will happen around Berlin event IFA 2014, which will be held from 5 to 10 September 2014. By Sony have announced a press conference to be held on 3 September between 16:15 and 17: 00h. (CEST), which means it will be around event with Samsung.

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HTC to Launch Flagship Smartphone M9 along with Its First Smartwatch in March

The renowned manufacturer HTC has long said participation in the modern market of portable electronics. The Taiwanese company even identified segments as “critical” and hid the preparation of such proposals. There were also rumors already shown 3 similar product with a limited in terms of a narrow circle audience at the MWC (Mobile: the World Congress) earlier this year, but so far official announcement about a forthcoming premiere missing. It is expected that HTC’s entry into the niche to start with smart watch, but because the manufacturer has long been named as a partner of Google for “initiative Android Wear”, the name of the operating system May easy to guess. The product name does not very clear, but assumptions are mentioned as HTC One Wear and the HTC Watch, One.

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Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Watch

As a first-time buyer, it may be tempting to buy a cheap, new mechanical clock on the Web from a new manufacturer. These can be really good watches that could serve you for many years to come. A clock with a proven ETA plant can serve you fully on par with more expensive inhouse works from the renowned manufacturers. But you can also be unfortunate enough to buy a pig in a poke. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself thoroughly into what you want to buy so you do not end up with a lot of disappointments. There are many manufacturers that make good, solid mechanical watches in the price class $5 to $10,000. But there are also producers, selling some junk and markets it as schweziske works fine. You should read the reviews and generally inquire around the web, and the feedback is positive, you can shop with peace of mind. You should definitely also follow here on the blog, where there will be many recommendations for good watches in the budget class.

Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Watch

You can also choose to go after one of the more reputable brands that you know what you are getting. These will typically also be a better investment if you someday decide to sell. Furthermore, they have a higher “recognition factor”, which also can have an impact on some.

What type of watch should I choose?

What type of watch you should select depends, of course, entirely on taste and maybe a little bit of needs. There are many kinds of watches, so there is certainly something that will fall into your taste. You must think about the fact that your watch needs to fit the style you run on weekdays, if you intend to use it every day.

Sports and divers watch is best suited for it a little more casual everyday dress. In addition, these types of watches designed for the purpose of being used every day, so they are more robust than a dressage, there just must look good together with the suit. A watch from internetages which is vintage inspired, will probably keep for as long as you if you just get it serviced once in a while. They are designed to cope with a ride on the bottom of the ocean, so they survive also the dishes. On the other hand, it is by no means all, are waterproof so dressure with these you have to think a little more about what they can tolerate. So consider what your upcoming clock will be exposed to and select a clock that matches your needs.

You should also consider the style you want. The watch must be on leather strap or chain? It should be in gold, steel or something else? There must be many functions on the dial, or do you want a cleaner more simple look?

Overall it can be said that the more simple a watch you choose, the more connections you can use it in typical dressing. It is very simple, some only with two trainers, others a little more complicated with second hand and date. They come mostly on the leather strap and has a very classic look, therefore, compliment the fine a little more formally or stylish look.

Sports and divers watch is more usual and goes just as well to the t-shirt as the shirt. There are divided opinions about whether or not to apply a diver’s watch with a suit. It depends on your taste and style, but a good advice is to choose a diver’s watch with a sleek and simple design, if you want to use it in more formal situations also. For example, I feel good that a Rolex Submariner can go to suit since it is an understated watch that easily slip under the radar, but I would never recommend the larger more “clumsy” divers watch in such a situation. So think about how a given clock will suit your style before you decide. Most people choose to have several different types, so they have a clock for various occasions.

This was a review of the most basic considerations you should make before investing in a new watch. That can be said a lot about what to buy his first watch, but with this guide in hand, you should be able to avoid the major pitfalls. Now it is just to wish you good dreams. If you have any questions or experience you want to share, please feel free to add a comment in the comment box below.