Costumes, All the Trends for Summer

Here we are, the hot season has begun and the much-awaited summer holidays really misses very little and whether you are ready or not for swimsuit season we We reveal all the costumes for this summer 2015 that cannot be missing in your closet and into your suitcase. This year, as for the trendy costumes, there is really spoilt for choice: shape, color and fabric trends, indeed, are many. Continue reading “Costumes, All the Trends for Summer”

Women’s Swimwear, Photos and Models

The female swimwear 2011 promises to be democratic enough and abuse the prints and bold colors. The pieces as the Bikini swimsuit is also appear in several collections of summer full of detail and extremely sexy and feminine models but without leaving the look vulgar. Many brands are already with their collections of swimwear summer 2011 disponvíeis, and we can find bikinis of different models and made to enhance all kinds of shapes. For this reason it is essential before taking home a model try to play. Continue reading “Women’s Swimwear, Photos and Models”

Cielo Asks for Cancellation of Records Won with Special Swimsuits

Olympic and world swimming champion César Cielo has called for all records earned using high-tech outfits to be canceled now that the sport has returned to the old fabric outfits.

Cielo, who holds world records for the 50m and 100m freestyle, said the times were now irrelevant, given last year’s decision to ban polyurethane suits in competitions from the beginning of this year.

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Preview:Blogger Caro_E_ Designs Her Own Sports Collection

Bloggerin Caro_e_ (Caroline Einhoff from Germany) is known for her pretty looks, her sparkling personality and, of course, her flair for everything that has to do with fashion. With her Instagram profile and her blog, she inspires countless fashionistas and if so far We meet Caro_e_ in the heart of Amsterdam, where she poses in her first sport collection , which will be available from the end of July.

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How to Combine Your Bikini Or Bathing Suit with Towels

In Towels personalized , we will show you How to combine your bikini or bathing suit with towels. Summer will soon be the preferred destination is the beach. Get a Tan naturally, take a swim in the crystal-clear, walking on the sand, are those impossible to ignore life’s pleasures. Bikini (unless you want to go to nude beaches) and towels are essential elements in this place. It remains fashionable and tries to take care of your personal hygiene avoiding the shared use of the same. Continue reading “How to Combine Your Bikini Or Bathing Suit with Towels”

Music, Companion Of Fatigue

Hello virajeros,

In today’s post I’d like to talk about an accessory that always accompanies me in my workouts, an aquatic mp3. I took the model “Delight”, the simplest model. If we are looking for a very precise mp3, indicating us distance traveled, pace, etc. maybe we need some more technical, but if only we want entertainment and disconnect the thinking of all our daily chores, with one simple as this is enough. Continue reading “Music, Companion Of Fatigue”

Swimwear for Vacation

One-piece or two-piece, flashy or printed, triangle strip, bikini or shorty: the selection of the 100 swimwear trend that will mark the season.

Then the mercury starts and gently up to pleasant temperatures, we already get to dream weekend extended, of escapades on the beach or even downright of long summer escapes. Who says summer vacation, said necessarily… swimwear .

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Which Bikini is Right for Me

What swimwear is right for which character?

Last year were you dissatisfied with your bikini? Perhaps was he simply not the right person for your proportions? Here, tips on how to come get the best from your beach body.

Soon, the holiday season starts again, but a look into the wardrobe says: the bikini from last year has had its day. Saß also never good! The face was not supported – rather the contrary – and panties cut schändig in the Po. Stop it! We have had enough of wrong sitting swimwear. Finally, you want to make a particularly good figure just on the beach, where little flaws remain hidden. But what bikini is right for me? Styling tips that will make easier for a purchase decision you come here.

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How to Choose Best Swimsuit

Despite the fact that each year the designers come up with more and more original models swimwear, women choose classic integrated bathing suits, no less. This option is best suited for elegant ladies and for those who want the most favorable light to present the merits of the figure and hide flaws.

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Verdissima Swimwear for the Summer 2016

Ready for swimsuit season? Then do not miss the new Verdant costume collection for the summer 2016, a line that points definitely on the now classic bandeau that match dresses, kaftans and sarongs. Verdissima swimwear 2016 discover together.

The days are getting warmer and nice and someone is already planning the next holiday, Sun and sea, of course. So let’s not get lost in talk and go directly to the point and the new Verdissima swimwear collection for the summer 2016, a line tends to be very romantic that makes simplicity its strength. All costumes, mostly Brazilian bikini, to wear at the beach and in the pool, that match other cult pieces from the beach as long shirts, long dress and Caftans, all offered in a variety of styles and colors definitely charismatic and attractive. Continue reading “Verdissima Swimwear for the Summer 2016”

Snorkeling Equipment Reviews

Life under water has a certain mystique about it and will be only more exciting, when you get up close. It comes with the proper snorkeling equipment, which allows you to study fish and plants as well as explore hidden treasures under the surface of the water. With diving equipment you can so easily do vacation and the trip to the beach even more exciting and memorable.

Myopia -2.0 to -8.0 Diving mask and snorkel kit for water sports snorkeling equipment set valve

Snorkeling equipment opens the door to another world

When you poke your head under the water’s surface wearing your snorkeling equipment, it is like opening a door to another world. You feel both the hermetic ro omhylle you while you perceive the ever-lurking danger among the fishes, who incessantly is wary of larger predatory fish. With snorkel equipment do you come so very close to the interesting life, unfolding under the mighty water lots?

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Right Swimming Accessories for Effective Workout

JIEJIA Universal Soft Silicone Swimming Nose Clip for Adult Children Kids Pool & Accessories BJ001-P4548

When you need to learn to swim, there are plenty of smart swim accessories that make it both more fun and safer to live in the water. With the right swim accessories-as for example swim belt and swimming wings-you can feel safe and comfortable when you swim and enjoy yourself in the water. In addition, there are swim accessories for you who want to train and develop your swim technique effectively and strengthen your muscles.

Getting started with swim belt and swimming wings

With a swim belt and swimming wings in the right size, you can get a good start on your swimming training. When you need to learn how to swim it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed in the water. Swim belt and swimming wings is therefore optimally swimming accessories, which effectively helps you to get the right position in the water. To lie properly in the water is an important first step, when the various palm strokes away must be practiced. With a swim belt and swimming wings you get so good and important help to get started with learning the art of swimming. When your child is playing in the water wearing swim swim belt and wings, can you also as a parent feel more calm and safe.

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Neoprene Diving Hoods

Dive & Sail Dive Hood SpongeNylon Material Lightweight Elastic Black Neoprene Diving Hoods

Here can you see a selection of top quality diving hoods. Diving hoods helps you with to stay warm in cold water.

Is one out and dive, snorkel or on UV-hunting, one can begin to freeze, if you are out for a long time. A neoprene diving hood helps you stay warm in the cold water. It is not only the decompression sickness, there is a health problem for divers, even something as simple as cold and frostbite from the cold water at depths can be a big health problem that can be overcome with caps.

View the selection of diving caps below

Here we cover a large selection of all types of products in the boots, caps and gloves, which are all made in smart neoprene materials, which is the preferred material for such diving products. With diving hoods you avoid problems with cold for face and ears, and as a girl, you can simultaneously keep track of the long hair that may be causing discomfort for you as a diver, if it enters the tangle with mask and oxygen supply. Diving hoods are a must for any diving, especially in the colder diving seasons and here get you high quality products at the best possible price. Immerse yourself in the directory above.

Professional Wetsuits for Men

FEIUPE Swim Cap Silicone Material One Size Fits All Unisex Lightweight REIZ Swim Cap Silicone Material Solid Color Waterproof One Size Fits All

On this page you will find the entire selection of delicious wet suits for men. As with everything else swim equipment here at Byman sports, you will find only products of the highest quality including. This applies, among other things, the impressive range of wetsuits for men from recognized brands such as Aqua Sphere and Orca, which is regarded as being among the very best when it comes to choice of materials, fit and design. Get the most out of your swimming workout thanks to the right equipment. Cladding, including wetsuits, plays a crucial role in the results, you are able to achieve when you swim and train for triathlon. Wetsuit keeps your body warm in the cold water, and allow you to play your absolute best every time. Take a look around the page and find the wet suit for gentlemen which suit you.