Are Colored Socks in Style

In bigolook Monday I told you about my dislike for a certain combination decollete and pants + stockings, even with very low temperatures. My aversion to tights then continues at 360 degrees, so even with skirts, shorts and dresses. I do not know, I always had a contentious relationship with stockings. Will be that 99% of the outfits that I create I see them ten thousand times better without socks! Abolished altogether, for me, the flesh-colored stockings , in my opinion, are really unsightly in any situation and age, the only port that are exclusively black opaque or semi-opaque. Nada, I can not even with sheer black!

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Fashionable Knee High Socks

When is the summer draws to a close, autumn winds kick up the leaves on the roads and paths and the temperatures drop, ankles and calves can be with knee high socks kept warm. Learn what to look for when buying here.

What materials are used and how are they maintained?

Knee high socks for sport or prolonged sitting

Royal blue, mandarin or “shocking pink”- you should have courage to try different colors

Conclusion: you should be careful when buying knee high socks

What materials are used and how are they maintained?

Classic knee high socks consist of wool of the Merino sheep. Wool is a perfect material for the cold season, because it makes for a warm sensation on the skin. The natural fiber absorbs moisture, about sweat, on the one hand and derives from on the other hand to the environment. Dirt and odors have it very hard to adhere to the hair of sheep’s wool. It’s usually enough air out the wool socks over night with the window open. If a load is necessary, it is important to observe the washing instructions carefully, since wool is very sensitive to too high temperatures and aggressive agents in the wash response. You had best try to remove stains with a hand wash in cold water and a neutral shampoo. Some people find wool as scratchy on the skin. You can counter by wearing a thin silk or cotton sock, wool sock. In grey or beige tones and cabled a wool sock is also perfect for a visit to the October fest.

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