WhisperPush, Secure Messaging of CyanogenMod, Us Says Goodbye

If you have installed CyanogenMod on the last two years (and you should), you’ve probably encountered WhisperPush, the implementation of secure cyanogenmod messages. If you’re that, instead of closing the window and install WhatsApp, you’ve been using this service, sorry to inform you that you will no longer have support in ten days, February 1, 2016.

WhisperPush you could send and receive texts encrypted between CyanogenMod users or to use Signal / TextSecure. Although the latest version of CyanogenMod has not already WhisperPush, previous versions since 10.2, when it was introduced for the first time, will also be affected. Continue reading “WhisperPush, Secure Messaging of CyanogenMod, Us Says Goodbye”

6.0 Android Marshmallow Becomes The First Sony Xperia Z 13 CyanogenMod Thanks

In the midst of the careers of major manufacturers to see who gets to upgrade before their ships logo to the new version of Android, an old and forgotten old rocker has advanced a few the instigation of the community. It’s the footballer Sony Xperia Z launched at the beginning of the past 2013.

Sony decided to leave this device support by leaving it in the ANdroid version 5.1.1, but has recognized Olivier of XDA developer managed to launch the alpha’s a version of CyanogenMod 13 for it that gives a step wrong taking version 6.0, and the first to try it say that it is fairly functional. Continue reading “6.0 Android Marshmallow Becomes The First Sony Xperia Z 13 CyanogenMod Thanks”

You Can Download Remix OS, Android PC Multi-View, January 12

There are several ways to run Android on a PC with Windows or Mac (as for example Android – x 86) but installation is complicated somewhat by what most mortals we usually comply with emulated as Bluestacks solution.

Very soon, namely January 12, you will have the possibility of testing a version of Android best suited for use on a PC. It is Remix OS, the fork of Android Android – X 86-based and created primarily for use in micro-PC with Android as the Mini Remix. Continue reading “You Can Download Remix OS, Android PC Multi-View, January 12″

Cortana Begins Its Native Integration into Cyanogen with 12.1-YOG7DAS2K1 Update

The rumor that Microsoft was going to invest money in Cyanogen rose at the beginning of last year. Today do not have very clear whether the Redmond participated or not in this funding of more than $ 110 million but we are sure that they have been in talks so that services and mobile applications from Microsoft were present in this ROM to Android with more than 50 million users worldwide.

Today we have been able to know that the fruits of this relationship are flourishing. OnePlus One users are reporting that the latest update from Cyanogen 12.1 (YOG7DAS2K1) comes with no surprise that did not expect: Cortana integrated as an Assistant by default instead of Google Now. One small step for Microsoft to get into Android and stand out as well for the control that has Google on the platform today. Continue reading “Cortana Begins Its Native Integration into Cyanogen with 12.1-YOG7DAS2K1 Update”

Wolder Already Works with Remix OS: Is It a Good Bet by East Android Desktop?

After starting the year with its Remix Ultra, a Tablet with the same concept as the Surface Microsoft, and even dare with a MicroPC called Mini Remix, seems that the ex-Google employees who founded the company Jide are willing to collaborate with other manufacturers for to further disseminate its OS Remix, the fork of Android designed to operate as a desktop operating system.

One of the company that could collaborate with them and bet on bringing Europe Remix is the Cantabrian Wolder, a week after having presented its new mobile WIAM, last Thursday were teaching in the Engadget Awards 2015 the functioning of the operating system and telling us that they were considering the possibility launch any product with the. Continue reading “Wolder Already Works with Remix OS: Is It a Good Bet by East Android Desktop?”

Announced The First 13 CyanogenMod Nightlies: These Are The Fortunate Mobile

The pace of Cyanogen continues non-stop, and if last summer they were launching versions of your ROM. 12.1 open 5.1 Android-based Lollipop, a few hours ago have announced the first nightlies of CyanogenMod 13. On this occasion, the new version of its popular ROM is based on the new 6.0 Android Marshmallow.

These new ROMs are now available for download at up to 7 devices. It is a few updates nightly that tend to be rather more unstable than the Snapshot, Cyanogen is recommended not to embark on them unless we are willing to accept being satisfied with diapers and suffer numerous failures. Continue reading “Announced The First 13 CyanogenMod Nightlies: These Are The Fortunate Mobile”

Cyanogen Brand Objectives for 2016: Flexibility, Performance and a New High-End

In recent months Cyanogen is getting to be more and more present in the Android market. This begins to position as an alternative to consider, one for which already manufacturers have bet as ZUK with its Z1 and more recently bq, yesterday introduced its first device moved by Cyanogen OS.

Steve Kondik, co-founder and CTO of the company has been involved in a series of conferences in Amsterdam, and this morning has spoken about future of CyanogenMod, Cyanogen OS. Apparently, in your list of tasks for the coming year have to make their systems more flexible for developers, improve efficiency in the middle and low range, and even try again with a new flagship high-end. Continue reading “Cyanogen Brand Objectives for 2016: Flexibility, Performance and a New High-End”

Requiem by Paranoid Android: Developers Begin to Consider Dead The ROM

Paranoid Android has spent years being together with CyanogenMod and any other more one of the most popular ROMs available for Android devices. But once OnePlus boasted in February many of its key developers to create and maintain your Oxygen OS things have started to go them increasingly worse.

The lack of personnel has made that the current team is not able to keep pace. This was demonstrated when the ROM Android 5.1-based version was released in July, with a few months of delay with regard to which we were accustomed. The situation is reaching such a high level that some of its developers they begin to consider it dead. Continue reading “Requiem by Paranoid Android: Developers Begin to Consider Dead The ROM”

Rumors on the Galaxy Note 8

Come true rumors and leaks known so far, in not too many months Samsung will announce officially its new flagship phablet, the Galaxy Note8.

 According to the information received to date, the smartphone would have a spectacular screen of 6.4 inches, and internal features similar to the current Galaxy S8, although with some notable differences related to the multimedia sections of the terminal.

Continue reading “Rumors on the Galaxy Note 8″

Chainfire Root 6.0 Android without Compromising The System Partition Has Already Ready

We have little time with Marshmallow but the root is already giving its first steps. So far some methods had been achieved but there was a problem: affected devices tracking partition that means that misuse could result in complications or even in turning our Android into a paperweight.

Chainfire, well-known figure in the world of home development, has delivered a new method that does not compromise the system partition. He says that is still in beta and it is that it is very likely that there are still a few bugs. You have to give him time but their development seems the more viable to a method of root clean, similar to other versions of Android. Continue reading “Chainfire Root 6.0 Android without Compromising The System Partition Has Already Ready”

Cyanogen OS and Microsoft, a Fork to Finish with an Android Becoming More Than Google

Long time Microsoft decided to invest on Cyanogen OS, a ROM of Android that needs no introduction and that today has more market share on mobile to Windows Phone and BlackBerry together. A strategic move from Redmond to monitor competition and that its services will not stay out of play in other platforms.

A few days ago we saw how Cortana will have a very deep integration in upcoming releases of Cyanogen OS thus leaving out Google Now. An interesting movement not only for the creators of this version of Android if not for the own Microsoft that has found an attractive partner and with muscle to give presence and integration to your services and applications. Continue reading “Cyanogen OS and Microsoft, a Fork to Finish with an Android Becoming More Than Google”

HTC Desire in the Test

Sometimes the world is a paradox: on the one hand, the Internet giant Google is suspiciously eyed because its data collections to aggressively fought, on the other hand, the Smartphone operating system initiated by Google celebrates successes worldwide.

  1. HTC desire in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Although the group always traceable phones and the Gmail account necessary for many features gets profound insights into the habits of its customers.

Contributed to the success of the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, who built the first Android models not only for T-Mobile and Vodafone, but also as the first phone sold by Google itself – has the nexus one. Continue reading “HTC Desire in the Test”

Xiaomi Officially Presents 7 MIUI and Speaks of Its Innovations

Once the past day 13 Xiaomi began to spread the MIUI 7 controversy still based KitKat, today was the day chosen by the Chinese company for the implementation of long international of the latest version of its software layer, which their news based on two fundamental pillars: improve the performance of the device and make it fully customizable.

This presentation has not been relayed to the world or anything that looks like him, and Xiaomi has been limited to be updated all the news about the presentation made in the India in a specific official forum thread. In the thread we see as improvements in autonomy, speed, battery and customization other small details have added you designed to try to make life a little easier to its users. Continue reading “Xiaomi Officially Presents 7 MIUI and Speaks of Its Innovations”

Give a Second Life to Your LG G2 with The Official Version of CyanogenMod 12.1

LG G2 was one of the best phones in 2013: excellent screen, good camera, attractive design, very thin frames… However, the layer of software was never at the height and jump to Lollipop has not helped much. A shame because although it is already two years old, it is still a good mobile that also can buy for less money.

Fortunately the ROMs they have become an excellent opportunity that we rise to some mobile and say not only a day but they work even better than when they made their debut. If you have a LG G2 and are not happy with your performance, you’ll know that CyanogenMod has already released an official version for this device. Lollipop with few modifications and some extras. Continue reading “Give a Second Life to Your LG G2 with The Official Version of CyanogenMod 12.1″

Sony Ericsson X 10

It’s been quite a while that we have shown against a smartphone from Sony Ericsson. Long, it was just about to catch up to the competition. Now the manufacturer reports after a painful cure of shrink that he back is in the profit zone–with the sharp rise in unit prices.

  1. Sony Ericsson X 10
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The motto means class instead of mass. Appropriately excited we were on the Sony Ericsson X 10, after it was as an appetiser in before series release on the Mobile World Congress: a huge touch screen, much equipment and an Android interface optimized for Twitter and Facebook – sounds promising. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson X 10″

HydrogenOS, This Is The Next ROM The OnePlus One Officer… for China

It should recognize OnePlus has a fairly important updates right now mess. Officially there are three official ROM for its One: Cyanogen OS 12S, OxygenOS, and one for the Chinese market: HydrogenOS. We had heard of it but now at last we can know a little more about it and even try it, under your own responsibility.

A few days ago OnePlus released for a number of beta testers in China this ROM with the aim of having experiences of use and go polishing bugs that were emerging. Following this release, there are people who have taken advantage to record video and show it to the rest of the world and also offer us the possibility to install it. Continue reading “HydrogenOS, This Is The Next ROM The OnePlus One Officer… for China”

You Can Already Install The ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 The S6

One thing very common in home development revolving around Samsung is How is the ROM of the Galaxy Note exported for use in the Galaxy S that same year. If you follow closely the Koreans, you know that the phablet always has new features. Not always it can get out because the stylus but, once again, repeats the same story.

It has not passed even a week of the announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 and the home developer community has already done a dump of the ROM and has put it in the Galaxy S6. Yes, everything to do with the stylus stays on the road but the first tests they have since revealed something very interesting. Continue reading “You Can Already Install The ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 The S6″

Gigaset SL400A

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”- this wisdom should now also apply to men. At least if it’s the brand new classy phone Gigaset SL400A. The luxury-DECT bore the code name “Diamond” in the development process and should inspire femininity with external stimuli and the men with blazing technique after the common clichés. Or vice versa.

  1. Gigaset SL400A
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

The luxury design – marks what finally shows at the price of around 170 euros as at car manufacturer Mercedes DECT manufacturer Gigaset communications, which emerged from the former Siemens telephone Division, the SL in the product name. For that the buyer gets offered a lot already in touch: the frame of the phone is made of solid metal, even the keys are galvanized and thus metallic. This gives the handset a noble touch not only, but also a significant weight of 116 grams. Continue reading “Gigaset SL400A”

How to Install Applications on HTC Sense to Any Android Mobile with Root

Of all the layers of software that exist for Android, I prefer the HTC. Sense It is not especially shrill and but for my taste it gets many apps, some are very useful as the launcher with Blinkfeed. If you want to try them and you have root, today you teach to install it on any mobile.

HTC applications have some integration with the system so it is not as simple as download a handful of inspirational. Can be done, but We got a lot of features on the way. Therefore, if we want to do it well and use it as if it were a mobile phone of Taiwanese, this is what you need. Continue reading “How to Install Applications on HTC Sense to Any Android Mobile with Root”

On 13 August Know MIUI 7, The New System Operating Xiaomi

MIUI, the layer of software that use Xiaomi mobiles will have an impending renewal. Many had hoped that with my Note or the Mi4i (their two big releases in telephony this year) we saw a new version of MIUI and Yes, we did it with the sixth version where the most substantial changes was to use base Lollipop and not KitKat.

The Chinese company has announced that coming, on 13 August, the week will present in society 7 MIUI. A renewal of their software that has a difficult task ahead: to remain attractive and get to the height of pure Android both specifications and design. Continue reading “On 13 August Know MIUI 7, The New System Operating Xiaomi”

Cyanogen Continues to Grow, and Hired Two Engineers Head of Qualcomm and Amazon

Although in recent times many of the news we read about Cyanogen have been evil, in the company responsible for CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS don’t want to forget its goal of ending Google and get Android to stop relying on it, something if they want to suck will have to continue to grow.

That’s why in the last hours from the company have been announced two new signings star, two Galactic as we say here. Two of the engineers heads of such leading companies such as Amazon and Qualcomm, that it provide not only their knowledge, but the experience gained to have been working in leading companies in their sectors. Continue reading “Cyanogen Continues to Grow, and Hired Two Engineers Head of Qualcomm and Amazon”

12.1 CyanogenMod Becomes The HTC One M9 Steadily But without Official Support, Still

CyanogenMod ROM has always had two developments: on the one hand the officer with a series of devices that will be updated each time and on the other versions that make the users to carry this version of Android to all phones and possible tablets. If you have a One M9 and you are getting tired of continue using HTC Sense, This interests you.

Varun, a XDA developer, has released a new beta of CyanogenMod 12.1 for the current flagship of HTC. Although there are some things that are not working properly, it is ready to install it in our terminal and enjoy a Lollipop experience without so many customizations or pre-installed applications. Continue reading “12.1 CyanogenMod Becomes The HTC One M9 Steadily But without Official Support, Still”

Samsung S5550

Samsung may apply under mobile manufacturers as a true slider specialist. A few years ago, the handsets with slider had the largest share of the product portfolio of the Koreans.

  1. Samsung S5550
  2. Data sheet

The most recent copy of this long tradition is the Samsung S5550 for 249 euros without a contract. The quite high price is however only waste, because the slider is traded in Web shops, such as Amazon, for just 160 euro.

The black front of the Samsung S5550 ensures a more understated look. It has thrown his back powerful in shell and shows with its patterned battery cover in metal finish that can delight even a nice back. Continue reading “Samsung S5550″