Fashion Tips for Pregnant

What To Wear During Pregnancy?

The period of nine months of pregnancy is the phase when the woman’s body undergoes changes, which generate a lot of insecurity in time to face the wardrobe.Questions of how to dress affect future moms because they believe it could leave them looking bigger and uncomfortable. Pregnant women can use many parts, including those that are fashionable. Continue reading “Fashion Tips for Pregnant”

Sofia Coppola Style

See you, right? Sofia Coppola It is not a particularly graceful woman. However, its good taste (and the money to afford it) have deserved you more than one praise. Without going any further, the Vogue magazine proclaimed it the best dressed party by the 60th anniversary of Dior. And Sofia had much competition: the anniversary held in Versailles at the beginning of July, was attended by multitude of celebrities with their finery. Continue reading “Sofia Coppola Style”

Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages

There are many people who see a very pregnant woman in the middle of August, is apiadan of her and how bad that must be going with heat, swelling of feet and all those small discomforts that are associated with an advanced state of gestation in summer. What these people don’t realize is that being pregnant in the summer are all advantages. Or almost. Continue reading “Pregnant in Summer, All Are Advantages”

The Week from 15 to 21 May in Kids

This week in Kids and more featuring an interview with Mónica Ruiz, doctor of Allergology service of the Fundación Jiménez Díaz and health expert. With it we talk about the allergic in spring and that we need to revise the labelling of food. Also told us about allergies, intolerances, tips to bear in mind and on the Internet pages specialized in allergy. Continue reading “The Week from 15 to 21 May in Kids”

How to Dress in Pregnancy

Ideal Clothing For Pregnant Women

During the nine months of pregnancy the mother-to-be body tends to increase their measures, mainly in the region of the abdomen and hips. Many women are having doubts of how to dress in this phase, because it could further enhance them or uncomfortable. There’s no mystery, pregnant women can use many parts, including those that are fashionable. Continue reading “How to Dress in Pregnancy”

Pregnant Pictures and Models

Who said pregnant also can’t walk in style? On the contrary, they can and should. Today, pregnant women already have a fashion segment thought exclusively for them, that meet every need of that period. And the best, a fashion update, according to the main trends of the moment. Which guarantees to pregnant woman, besides comfort and well-being, beauty and style to spare. Continue reading “Pregnant Pictures and Models”

Special Clothing for Breastfeeding: the Most Beautiful Designs

Many mothers decide to breastfeeding, for they are designed special clothing to enjoy those special moments. It is not really necessary to use that kind of clothing, but for convenience many mothers are decided by it. They are openings in the chest area and modern designs. Some models can be used perfectly during pregnancy. Continue reading “Special Clothing for Breastfeeding: the Most Beautiful Designs”

Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!

The final stretch of the pregnancy tends to be strenuous, and over to join you the problem of What to wear with this tripon? Most of your clothes is already not worth you and you have to take hold of the imagination to protect you from the cold winter. There are people who prefer the pregnancy in the summer because with a blouse or a long dress is already cute, while others prefer winter to steal sweaters from wool to your partner and not complicate it more life. These bloggers let us many ideas and tricks for a pregnancy in winter with style. Continue reading “Pregnant and Stylish in Winter Is Also Possible!”

Five Maternity Outfits for the Office

The return to work after a long vacation can be tough, but you can make it a little more fun preparing your maternity work looks. Select the appropriate depending on your type of work clothing, opting instead for garments of light with light fabrics, comfortable cuts and flattering design. Continue reading “Five Maternity Outfits for the Office”

Spontaneous Abortion or Miscarriage

Yesterday we were talking about the most frequent reasons for bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy. One of them is the abortion spontaneous or natural abortion, which is technically defined as the loss of a pregnancy of less than 20 weeks of gestation from causes not caused intentionally. Continue reading “Spontaneous Abortion or Miscarriage”

Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter

Glitters they are tissue star of Christmas, as well as the metallic tones, glitter or glitter-brilli. Different maternity fashion firm are committed to add bright clothing in their fashion collections. From a passing through a dress top, Glitters will give a different touch to your new year’s Eve look. Continue reading “Maternity Clothes Are Filled with Glitter”

Mother’s Day Special: Looks for Pregnant Women

And ending the week of our special mothers day, nothing better than to bring super useful tips for the pregnant woman. Many pregnant women undergo a drop in self-esteem because of the bumps, blemishes and discomfort that tend to appear, but we can reverse this situation with a lot of style. Continue reading “Mother’s Day Special: Looks for Pregnant Women”

For When the Baby Comes Home

I have listed them below some of the items we have for when the baby comes home and you always leave for last minute to buy. Take this list to your last trip to the pharmacy, supermarket or Hello Baby before going to motherhood!!!

Basin, Bucket, Baskets and Tupperware-(between you and me, that flat items to purchase!), so be sure that shopping on a programasso Leroy or Extra for when your belly is huge, no one deserves!

Continue reading “For When the Baby Comes Home”

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle

Giving birth to a child is a magical experience, of which women are keepers only, although some are afraid of the damage that the body can suffer during and after pregnancy. Today there are several tricks that women can use to suffer less and stay in shape even after childbirth. One of these is undoubtedly the postpartum sheath. Read the Guide to know the characteristics, types, how to use it and how to choose which post-partum sheathing according to criteria of quality, price and accurate information to the consumer.

Continue reading “How to Choose the Best Postpartum Girdle”

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Congratulations! Your pregnancy test was positive and you are looking forward to becoming a mother soon. Pregnancy is a very special time – try to enjoy it as such and make sure that it is good for you physically and mentally. Many becoming mothers will make themselves at this time worrying about their weight. They fear to take too much and do not get rid of these pounds after birth. Stay relaxed: you can do a lot to keep your weight gain in the normal range. What does a normal weight gain in pregnancy mean? Continue reading “Weight Gain During Pregnancy”

Smoking in Pregnancy

Pregnancy needs protection and care

It is generally known that the factors of pregnancy and smoking are not well tolerated. Nevertheless, many expectant mothers do not take consideration of your unborn and continue smoking. But what dangers exist for the child and what happens if you can not do without smoking? Continue reading “Smoking in Pregnancy”

Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity

Already late spring and beginning to enjoy pleasant temperatures, Sun and desire to make plans abroad… comes time to start looking for dresses for special celebrations of the spring and summer. Mit Mat Mamá knows that this search process can be very heavy and there are thousand more interesting things in which to invest your time right now, so you summarize this post everything you need to know to find the ideal dress is very quick and easy. Continue reading “Dresses For Weddings and Brides 2016 Maternity”

What to Pack in Suitcase for Delivery

A few weeks before the expected date of childbirth, mothers prepare the suitcase for delivery with the necessary for admission to hospital. When will the first contractions, it will be better to focus on the initiation of parturition and not have to think at the last minute to what to take with them for two or three days you will be away from home.

Continue reading “What to Pack in Suitcase for Delivery”