How to Use the Concealer

Concealer camouflages dark circles and small skin imperfections, so it is essential to always have it in the cosmetic bag and purse. There are more than correctors variants: the stick indicated for those who have a youthful skin, the liquid suitable for the more mature skin and with some rughetta more, or the powder, even in the mineral version, suitable for the most oily skin and to cover dark circles not too obvious. But not only that, the checker also has many other uses that affect the make up, such as giving light to the face, make it lit a lipstick or eyeliner to correct the line. 

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Catrice Geometrix Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

Among the wonders of the Cosmoprof 2013 and the world Cosnova we had the opportunity to preview the next trend edition Catrice Cosmetics, make up the collection Geometrix.

A colored line and super inspired neon classicism and the works of Mondrian in which dominated the geometric shapes and strong colors such as red, blue and yellow, all of which Catrice wanted to combine together in Geometrix Collection.

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Magnetic Nail Art Kit Pupa

E ‘arrival as a novelty in the house Pupa, after the much loved Nail Art Kit, here are the Magnetic Nail Art Kit.

It is an exclusive kit consists of a special metallic effect nail polish and two magnets: a magnet allows you to create the effect of horizontal lines and the other creates oblique lines.

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Tan Spray – Beautiful Summer Tan To The Wedding

Who does not know it? The dilemma of easy healthy summer Tan – without thought of premature skin aging, wrinkles and skin cancer… The options, which you then as wife or bride who bounded: solarium before the wedding? No, unhealthy… Self-Tanner? Yes, if you’re skilled, that can work well, otherwise stylist and wedding planners can report a song by yellow spots and last-minute removal actions with vinegar and lemon… I thought, I should know as I am (blond, rather Nordic type with fair skin) to marry. But then I got a tip from a friend!

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12 Ingredients to Avoid in Beauty Products

Cosmetic safety: here are the rules for a natural beauty, safe and aware. Also on the subject of beauty we have to be very careful about what is contained in the products we put on our skin, which must be effective, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, but above all, sure!

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Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Retro Makeup – By Lauren Rennells

Techniques for applying the vintage look (April 2011)

Makeup us passed today in flesh and blood, that we waste no second thoughts on its origin. The largest developments occurred during the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s and 60s years and make up eventually became what we know today.

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Beauty Trends 2015

Like every year even in the beauty world, there are trends that remain and trends ranging  and among some is good to say goodbye!

In this 2015, in fact, some beauty trends we saw were really absurd, such as the eyebrows to the Korean and the lips to Kylie Jenner , not to mention the “bubble nails”, the short, rounded nails that have depopulated in the US last summer, in short all too excessive tendencies and that we would like not to see in 2016! But there are also those that were not so much evil, but that we will not see in the new year, as the extensions, extreme scaling, but also the high ponytail; and those that continue to love even in 2016, as beachwaves the lob cut and extra large fringe.

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Essence New Collection 2015

As of September fabulous products will become part of the essence family. Look amazing for a “wow effect” guaranteed.

Essence as every year, in addition to the monthly Trend Edition, September offers a new product replenishment. The nude and pastel colors will be the trend of the season, but the darker shades like gray and brown entice you to try new make-up. Numerous must-have for fall-winter: Multifunction mascara, delicate lipsticks, foundation with natural finish and the brand new glazes. Overtime essence products never cease to amaze, emphasizing the look on every occasion.

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How to Get Tanned Skin Naturally

Make up Solar: tanned on the beach or in town with milk, oil and protections.Here is how to capture the sun’s rays.

It officially started hunting suntan! But if the holidays are still far, and this year will remain in the city-or, if you want to lend a hand to the natural rays of the sun or to those, less natural but effective, the beautician-that’s the make up and lines of cosmetics for the body give you a hand.

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Gold Glitter Bronze Makeup

The colors ranging from gold to bronze are perfect to emphasize the summer tan. Discover what products to use to sublimate your complexion.

The make-up gold-bronze is one of the most loved in the summer season. It is particularly versatile shades, suitable for all types of skin and eyes, perfect to sublimate your tan.

Let’s see what are the steps to create a full makeup.

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How to Do Hair with Waves

In front of a plate you’ve always shaken his head? It’s time to think again with our tutorial. Laura Polko, among celeb hairstylist, shows you the perfect technique to make hair with the waves with the help of an iron
You have already shook his head and thought “It’s too difficult”? You’re wrong, if you’ve always trembled in front of a plate, our tutorial will make you think again. Laura Polko, among celeb hairstylist, will help you improve your technique.


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What Happens If You do not Wash Your Hair Often

Are you afraid that your hair will be damaged if you wash them too? Be careful, because you could find yourself struggling with far worse problems … Eric Spengler, hair scientist Word.
Are you afraid of ruining your hair with shampoo too frequent? If you came this doubt and you have begun to use a dry shampoo to extend the keeping of your hair, it is time to know a few things.

We investigated the issue with hair scientist Eric Spengler to find out what happens to your head if you do not shampoo often.


If you’re in a hurry and are using the dry shampoo, remember that only removes surface dirt and not one that builds up over time. “If you do not do it frequently shampoo, dirt can cause you some discomfort.” Eric Spengler thinks there is not a correct frequency to wash my hair, but it is a subjective fact. Continue reading “What Happens If You do not Wash Your Hair Often”

Latest Nail Art Trends

Stuff to Women” interviewed for you un’onicotecnica professional to better understand the techniques of nail art gel, the new trends for autumn / winter and … more!

A woman has so many weapons at your disposal to exercise their appeal: clothing fair, accessories accurately chosen, combing always in order, make-up and a flawless smile radiant (which, like the mythical said Audrey Hepburn, is the best accessory a woman can wear)… but, dear readers, without a perfect manicure, every effort made ​​to be really sexy and irresistible is inexorably swept away!  Continue reading “Latest Nail Art Trends”

Tropical Themed Home Decor 2016

A decoration for your home is always beneficial to the overall vision of the dwelling. There are many different ways to refresh the apartment or villa. This publication will present a colorful and fresh idea for tropical decoration.

It takes a few small elements that synchronized correctly will bring the summer in the room: a handful of sand, decorative umbrella, multi colored stone grit in different colors, glass sphere and effective herb.

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Samsung Pay Exceeds 5 Million Users

Through its official website, Samsung Electronics announced that Samsung Pay has reached the important milestone of 5 million users, generating a traffic of over 500 million dollars in the first 6 months of service, despite the initial broadcast confined exclusively to the United States and South Korea.

The 2016 will be the year when Samsung Pay will aim to expand into markets, although there may be some negative news regarding Italy, since our Country doesn’t seem to fall in the next wave. In fact, according to what emerged from the statements of Samsung, countries that in 2016 will be involved by Samsung Pay are, in order, China, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Spain and the UK. To these we add the Canada, still waiting for an official confirmation. Continue reading “Samsung Pay Exceeds 5 Million Users”

Best Makeup for Tropical Vacation

Small tips for a perfect look during the holidays.

Every year more and the same question, as I prepare for the holidays? As for the look, I refer to the article of my very good colleague, while for make-up here I am ready to reveal some little secret of the trade. First we need to get a view that the holidays are real physical endurance tests, so our makeup has to be ready for any eventuality. So definitely I recommend a foundation long lasting, that can take up to whack ‘bitter.

A must have for the holidays in my opinion are the glitter. Many women consider them tacky, but when you can sfoggiarli except in a sbrilluccicosa occasion such as Christmas / New Year?? Is it enough emphasizes a hairline lash line , a volumizing and curling mascara to eyelashes from real cat and bare lips, a flesh-colored, or just a gloss. We concentrated on the eyes do not want to look like mica Platinette!!! Continue reading “Best Makeup for Tropical Vacation”

What Makeup Does Kim Kardashian Use

Ehealthfacts: its symmetrical face and super sculpted, his eyes sexy and magnetic, massive and flawless lips. Here’s how to make a make-up to her inspired.

Perfectly symmetrical face, classic sexy doe eyes, full lips and flawless make-up: This is Kim Kardashian, famous in America, not in Italy. Not having the symmetrical face and doe eyes sexy I tried to steal the only thing I could: the make up!
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Makeup Facebook Pages

Now that the different social networks have taken importance in our lives as much as the cool water, everyone makes the most different uses. For those who share their passions and interests,”easier” forum are born to manage and even those who use it to gain publicity.

For example the last point we speak on health-beauty-guides. The more it goes on, the more there is the need to advertise in many different ways, because the usual TV ads, posters or large around the city, now do not attract nearly as. And why not do it through social networks? Continue reading “Makeup Facebook Pages”

Makeup Color Trends Summer

You love natural makeup or whatever decided, here’s how to have beautiful lips and fashionable.
This spring, the makeup artist there offering all the colors!

We are talking about the lips, of course.

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