Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on freundin.de now by planning their wedding. Today: Registrar’s Office, Church, or both? Read here how the two – choosing and why Julia Roberts is suddenly bursts in Fanny’s preparations,

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Catrice 3 Step Nail System & Amp

From Catrice, there have been some new products since January and I have been keeping an eye on the nail polish and the new Revolutionary 3 Step Nail System. Diana had the great pleasure to go to the Catrice Event in Munich and to try out the new range already there. Afterwards, I was able to choose a few pieces from their goodies to test them for you. Almost at the same time, we both got a very special surprise, each one could choose a watch from Daniel Wellington. Which Diana selected has already betrayed in your week retrospect, mine you find here in the Post In the selection of the nail varnish I have adapted colorfully to this piece of jewelry and practical it were also exactly the varnish, which I in other reviews already than bookable would have.

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Sunglasses: What Are the Ideals for Your Face Shape

Want to buy sunglasses and is undecided with so many models to choose from? Consider some details. First, they should not move when laughing and second detail, should take into account their face lines and which of them want to highlight or soften.

There are options on the market for all tastes, from the simplest to the most extravagant, with discreet or colorful frames, sunglasses are a key piece in any look.

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P2 Nail’tini Le – Cocktail for the Nails

Do not feel like winter? The current p2 nail care LE “Nail’Tini”, which since 06.03. In selected dm markets, makes with its colorful design lust for spring. I ran this week in the dm coincidentally the installer across the way and reminded me of my little test pack, which I had received some time ago. The “Nail-Tini” -LE includes all sorts of products for beautiful and well-groomed hands and nails, but also some more sophisticated products like Nagelsticker and Glass Marker.

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5 Tips to Combine Makeup and Goggles

For females, eyeglasses can be considered enemies of make-up.  Depending on your style of prescription glasses you can make the most of makeup. Here are 5 tips for combining eyeglasses and makeup and always be at your best. Continue reading “5 Tips to Combine Makeup and Goggles”

The Beauty in the 3rd Day

The 3rd day of parades of Minas Trend Preview shook the city of Belo Horizonte and challenged reporters and invited to face, once again, the traffic of our city in peak hours. But the performances compensated for the effort. Lucas Magalhães, Jardin, 03 Apartment and Plural showed a diverse winter, each one in your profile.

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Beauty in the 3rd Day of Fashion Rio

The Jockey Club of Rio de Janeiro remains busy. The Fashion Rio attracts people and a lot of looks interested in who will be hit next season. After Taha and Nica Kessler, it’s time to check out what Maria Bonita Extra, Coven and Coca-Cola Clothing created for the summer.

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Beauty on the Second Day of Fashion Rio

And Rio fashion week continues hectic! Now you can see the first part of our compact everything last night and learn what’s new in beauty item for next season! Let’s see what Daughters of Gaia, Totem and Melk Z-paraded.

Daughters of Gaia
The brand has brought some bets already known to the next station: cigarettes, high waist, midi skirt, fluidity and transparencies. The colors, the Orange was with the turquoise, as well as gray was white’s partner. Those who like to keep up with the fashion weeks have probably realized that simple has been more on beauty. The tail down and Coke have prevailed and are super easy to do hairstyles!

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Cheapskate Tip Brush Cleaner

There are people who find me cheap. I find myself price conscious and save where it doesn’t bother me. Other people find wasteful to me. I can not deny that, as in other parts of my life, I rather deal with consumption. I am one of the people who have everything in the household by Aldi by Prada – always so, as it is consistent just for me. Now miser or Schwendrian – useless consumed (and therefore also paid and zugemutete the environment) products always annoy me. Therefore, I try products no matter what kind to use sparingly. This saves money, protects the environment and delays the need to buy time. Continue reading “Cheapskate Tip Brush Cleaner”

How to Use the Concealer

Concealer camouflages dark circles and small skin imperfections, so it is essential to always have it in the cosmetic bag and purse. There are more than correctors variants: the stick indicated for those who have a youthful skin, the liquid suitable for the more mature skin and with some rughetta more, or the powder, even in the mineral version, suitable for the most oily skin and to cover dark circles not too obvious. But not only that, the checker also has many other uses that affect the make up, such as giving light to the face, make it lit a lipstick or eyeliner to correct the line. 

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Fashionable Hairstyles For Summer 2016

In the summer of 2016, we will see some hairstyles for men, which can be described as a newly interpreted version of well-known classics. So you can be sure that for different hair types, colors and lengths interesting styles from the past are re-lived. Some of these men’s hairdressers I had presented to you in the past, I did not know others until the research for this article. Therefore, let’s surprise you to see what the hairstyles are for the summer of 2016.

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5 Nails Decorated for 2016


1 – Nails for the World Cup 2016

2 – Leopard nails

3 – Prints vintages

4 – Colored newspaper Nails

5 – Nails with metallic effects

Decorated nails are the new fashion in enameling and neither are complicated to make and not so expensive. Popular halls come to charge only $1 per nail art and home, you spend on average 10 minutes depending on your skill in decorating the hands of simple and practical way. You do not have to spend a lot of time and you can have beautiful nails and new visually every day. For those who want to be fashionable, we have five models legal nails that are pumping nails and salons in the coming months.

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Catrice Geometrix Spring-Summer 2013 Collection

Among the wonders of the Cosmoprof 2013 and the world Cosnova we had the opportunity to preview the next trend edition Catrice Cosmetics, make up the collection Geometrix.

A colored line and super inspired neon classicism and the works of Mondrian in which dominated the geometric shapes and strong colors such as red, blue and yellow, all of which Catrice wanted to combine together in Geometrix Collection.

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