Nails of Leather, Suede and Snakeskin Winter Trend

Nails Of Leather, Suede And Snakeskin Trend Fall/Winter

Decorated or artistic nails are at an all-time high. With the arrival of autumn/winter nail decoration follow the thicker fabric, fluffy and warm. So far this season nails are nails, leather suede and nail nails that resemble snake skin. Continue reading “Nails of Leather, Suede and Snakeskin Winter Trend”

Meet Three Stretches of Eyelashes

Darling among women, the increased eyelashes WINS hundreds of new devotees every day in Brazil. Quick and affordable application, Eyelash lengthening lets look similar to a doll, but in a natural way. According to Lucia Costa, esthetician with over 10 years of experience and founder of Sóbrancelhas, network specializes in beautifying the eyes and the face, demand for eyelashes fired in recent months. “In the first five months of the year had a 40% greater demand for eyelashes, compared to the same period last year. Continue reading “Meet Three Stretches of Eyelashes”

How to Make Eyelashes Grow

Eye drops to grow eyelashes-how it works?

What does a look be seductive and powerful? Certainly are the Cilia, isn’t it? So, more and more brands of masks and cosmetic Eyelash invest in technology, seeking the strengthening of these, higher growth and even more volume. There are ways to get a look much more beautiful with towering lashes. Continue reading “How to Make Eyelashes Grow”

7th Edition of Beauty Week

The next Beauty Week already has date set. The first and largest event of the democratisation of beauty in the Country will be presented for the GA. MA Italy and it’s your 7th Edition, bringing together the most famous halls of the Country from August 14, with exclusive discounts to the general public. Among the participants are the darlings of celebrities and bloggers as the MG Hair, Marcos Proença, c. Kamura, 1838, Laces and Hair Salon, Eron Araújo, space Be, Red Door, Jacques Janine, Rajeev, among others. Continue reading “7th Edition of Beauty Week”

Behind the Lenses: Five Ideas for Combining Eyeglasses and Makeup

Inspire yourself by suggestions that link style to beauty

Considered enemies of makeup, the degree glasses are gaining importance at the time of composing the look. As you can see from the September Vogue pages, we’ve put together five good ideas to solve the equation frame + make. See the ideas below. Continue reading “Behind the Lenses: Five Ideas for Combining Eyeglasses and Makeup”

Lancome French Ballerine Collection Spring

Pink dominates the new make up of the French fashion house collection, which draws inspiration from the world of dance and its colors.

French Ballet is the new make-up collection of Lancôme for spring 2014. A tribute to the colors and atmospheres of the universe of dance, available in pearly shades and pastel colors, the predominantly pink makeup in its various shades, reading and both brilliant.

Continue reading “Lancome French Ballerine Collection Spring”

Romantic Collection – Enamels Impala Winter

The Impala is one of the leading national brands of glazes. That’s why every time there’s a new season, a collection is also released, bringing many new features to the nails of consumers. And to match the winter climate, the Impala Ii brings new collection Romantic, inspired by best feelings and actions of people in love. Continue reading “Romantic Collection – Enamels Impala Winter”

Mac Cosmetics Honors Customers in Exchange for Used Packaging

Not everyone knows, but the M.A. C Cosmetics-world authority on makeup – has a program of commitment with the environment that rewards customers with a branded product in Exchange for empty containers. Dubbed “Back to m· The · (C) “, the action works as follows: to bring 6 empty original packaging, glass or plastic, in one of the physical stores, consumers are presented with 1 lipstick your new choice. Continue reading “Mac Cosmetics Honors Customers in Exchange for Used Packaging”

Facial Gymnastics Exercises Against a Double Chin

Here are some simple facial exercises explained step by step by the neck to prevent double chin and wrinkles.

Stress, dehydration, bad habits of life, the years go and maybe some extra pounds too are all factors that can accelerate aging of the face causing the wrinkles and the loss of elasticity of the skin.

If the facial skin is inelastic tends to become run down, especially in the areas of the neck and Chin where can occur the odious problem of double chin. Continue reading “Facial Gymnastics Exercises Against a Double Chin”

Types of Makeup

A woman who works out special attention deserves in makeup, a woman who goes to a party must go good makeup, a woman I go to dinner with your sweetheart extra makeup that’s so important a makeup she’s every woman’s life and it’s not for you to stay out of it. We need to have some understanding of makeup than the rest we turn there are types of makeup that we should take as the basis for our daily lives. The makeup for the day’s work, for the night or for parties follow some step by step so that you can learn a little more. Continue reading “Types of Makeup”

Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup

Wedding column-Fanny and Daniel have taken the first step towards a common future and will report regularly on now by planning their wedding. Today: Registrar’s Office, Church, or both? Read here how the two – choosing and why Julia Roberts is suddenly bursts in Fanny’s preparations,

Continue reading “Julia Roberts Helped Me in the Makeup”

Catrice 3 Step Nail System & Amp

From Catrice, there have been some new products since January and I have been keeping an eye on the nail polish and the new Revolutionary 3 Step Nail System. Diana had the great pleasure to go to the Catrice Event in Munich and to try out the new range already there. Afterwards, I was able to choose a few pieces from their goodies to test them for you. Almost at the same time, we both got a very special surprise, each one could choose a watch from Daniel Wellington. Which Diana selected has already betrayed in your week retrospect, mine you find here in the Post In the selection of the nail varnish I have adapted colorfully to this piece of jewelry and practical it were also exactly the varnish, which I in other reviews already than bookable would have.

Continue reading “Catrice 3 Step Nail System & Amp”

Sunglasses: What Are the Ideals for Your Face Shape

Want to buy sunglasses and is undecided with so many models to choose from? Consider some details. First, they should not move when laughing and second detail, should take into account their face lines and which of them want to highlight or soften.

There are options on the market for all tastes, from the simplest to the most extravagant, with discreet or colorful frames, sunglasses are a key piece in any look.

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