Knog Blinder V4 Review

No Ordinary Night, No Ordinary Light.

Being curious by nature, it is during my visit to the village of the Roc d’Azur that my gaze on an aquarium placed on a table. Inside are a dozen lighting that work despite the fact that they are immersed… I love the idea…  Let’s go further by testing these famous brand Knog products…

After a great contact with officials of the stand, go for kilometres of fixie tests (and somewhat in ATV) Blinder V4 version.

The brand…

Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, KNOG is a brand of cycling accessories based in Australia. They currently export in more than 46 different countries. Knog, is fun! The creation of
the name comes from an English expression transformed using (to simplify) a contraction between Noggin (Noggin) and kick K (impact!).

As they claim themselves, they draw their inspiration all over the world. All urban cultures themselves in their ranges of accessories with designs very original.

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Virtual Sky Ceiling Lighting Brings The Sky In The Office

With the virtual sky light blanket, the dream of working in the open air can come true, if only virtually. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO have developed the concept of the luminous ceiling together with colleagues of the LEiDs GmbH providing by means of LEDs, the feeling of working under the open sky, in the offices. Continue reading “Virtual Sky Ceiling Lighting Brings The Sky In The Office”

LED Suspension Lights

On the market now are offered extremely low energy consumption lighting systems.

Pendant lighting systems also allow you to further optimize energy consumption, bringing in safety lighting elements precisely where they are actually needed, avoiding waste and poor light distribution, and minimising plant jobs due to the creation of new channels and existing points of light shifts, ensuring a further cost savings and time.

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Tools – Energizer Flashlight Review ATEX Headlight

So today in test-led flashlight the Energizer – ATEX PRO Headlight.Lantern given as взрыво/ignition protection intrinsically safe, respectively, is intended primarily for the purpose of job-worker peer into areas with greater взрывоопасностью.  Continue reading “Tools – Energizer Flashlight Review ATEX Headlight”

Lighting In The Baby’s Room

We continue with the special decoration of the baby’s room, and today we are going to talk about lighting.There is no doubt that the ideal in a children’s bedroom and generally in any room is that it receives a lot of natural light, outdoor bedrooms with large windows and well-oriented are the most we like. Continue reading “Lighting In The Baby’s Room”

Shed Light LED

The lighting of a House plays an essential role. A lighting system made of details will give an edge to your home, creating the right atmosphere for any occasion, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Correct illumination from a touch of distinctive style that makes your home. If you bought your furniture covering almost the entire surface of the House is preferable to install the great chandeliers of glass or metal with powerful lamps. At the same time right place also floor lamps to focus the light points in multiple areas of the room. With these simple tricks looks bigger and airy environment.

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Best Lighting for Babies

Useful from a young age, pilot lights soothe baby nights. For some of them, this accessory is as indispensable as plush. One of your little bundle of joy does not match their expectations or not working? If this is the case, it may be time to think about it in another offer. How to make the right choice? The pilot offer is vast and it is quickly losing face to the great choice. To enlighten you, we tested for you the nomadic nightlight Pabobo. This model does match the baby wait? For more information, follow the guide!

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Is Blue LED Light Harmful

More and more editors of webzines and other blogs are part of their mistrust of the LED (“Light Emitting Diode”, in French “Led Electro-luminescent”), due to a certain blue light emitted by this last. What certainty do we have on this subject?

The criticisms made about the blue light (one of the components of white light, emitted by the Sun, ED) are due to its high energy concentration, and his power of ultraviolet rays.

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How to Light a Nursery

The lighting in the nursery is just as important as that of any home, if not more. Your little indeed will spend most of his day in his room, either to sleep by day or night to play. The lighting in this room must be adapted to all these activities, however always remaining sweet to respect the sensitivity of young baby eyes. We help you ask the right questions.

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