Light Far Beyond Lighting

On a visit to Brazil, head of Philips design Announces lighting trends

Humanizing the lighting, custom projects , influence the mood of the people through the light. These were some of the major trends presented in the sixth edition of the Light + Building, one of the leading world fairs, held in mid-April, in Frankfurt, Germany. Continue reading “Light Far Beyond Lighting”

Illuminated Garden

With the proper light, the gardens are transformed during the night and are even more beautiful than in full sunlight

Enjoy a night Garden is a rare pleasure. With the arrival of the warm days of summer, the temperature gets cooler at night and the illuminated Garden makes an irresistible invitation to the external area. At sunset, you can gather friends to talk, dine al fresco or simply get carried away by the contemplation of silence and perfumes which some species exude only at these times of the day, but for a garden to be enjoyed and used at night, some rules need to be followed in order to determine the safety and effectiveness of external areas In addition to valuing them aesthetically. Continue reading “Illuminated Garden”

How Much Would You Spend with Lamps in 14 Years?

The LED is expensive, (almost) everyone knows. Now you have no idea how much it can cost if you buy an LED now and just swap it for the next 14 years. Create an illustration to show the economy with consumption and maintenance of LED can compensate for the long term, compared with traditional technologies. Continue reading “How Much Would You Spend with Lamps in 14 Years?”

14 Lighting Projects to Transform the Atmosphere

The living room decor may be the most beautiful in the world, but if you do not also think about the lighting, you will miss out on the chance to create a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming environment or even a more dramatic and amazing environment.

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Cast Lighting: How is Made? How Much Does It Cost?

Get to know the main types of lighting in a cast and learn more details about the prices charged to put this form of practical finish.

On illumination with plaster, the points of light are installed in strategic locations and at the right time. The goal is to enhance the space, natural lighting, decoration and ensure that the interior of the House or apartment, is a refined and cosy environment.

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Adequate Lighting for Every Seat in the House

Learn how to plan the lighting of each room in the residence, thinking in functionality and aesthetics.

Lighting is one of the most important elements in time to build a House. Whether natural or artificial, the light needs to recognize the needs of the environment, taking practical and decorative paper.

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How to Install a Tape LED

Versatile light source, the tape changed the way LED lighting installation. To exploit the full potential of this solid state semiconductor which converts electricity directly into light, they require specific care. Thinking that the Golden Lamps, which in December 2011 released in tape format LED, suggests the step by step installation IP 20 model. The initiative aims to take consumer doubts about the operation and installation of this product, which demand a suitable power driver. You can never be too careful to avoid that the product burn and ensure high service life, efficiency, economy and sustainability provided by the manufacturer. Track down one of the forms of installation, which eliminates the use of solder.

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International Year of Light and the Importance of Lighting

On 20 December 2013, the UN proclaimed that 2015 would be the international year of the light. More than a symbolic nomination, is in this year that the world will have events that promote the importance and development of light, not only as a technology of artificial lighting, but since the glow emitted by the stars to the optical fiber, which transmits information worldwide.

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Knog Blinder V4 Review

No Ordinary Night, No Ordinary Light.

Being curious by nature, it is during my visit to the village of the Roc d’Azur that my gaze on an aquarium placed on a table. Inside are a dozen lighting that work despite the fact that they are immersed… I love the idea…  Let’s go further by testing these famous brand Knog products…

After a great contact with officials of the stand, go for kilometres of fixie tests (and somewhat in ATV) Blinder V4 version.

The brand…

Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, KNOG is a brand of cycling accessories based in Australia. They currently export in more than 46 different countries. Knog, is fun! The creation of
the name comes from an English expression transformed using (to simplify) a contraction between Noggin (Noggin) and kick K (impact!).

As they claim themselves, they draw their inspiration all over the world. All urban cultures themselves in their ranges of accessories with designs very original.

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Virtual Sky Ceiling Lighting Brings The Sky In The Office

With the virtual sky light blanket, the dream of working in the open air can come true, if only virtually. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering IAO have developed the concept of the luminous ceiling together with colleagues of the LEiDs GmbH providing by means of LEDs, the feeling of working under the open sky, in the offices. Continue reading “Virtual Sky Ceiling Lighting Brings The Sky In The Office”

LED Suspension Lights

On the market now are offered extremely low energy consumption lighting systems.

Pendant lighting systems also allow you to further optimize energy consumption, bringing in safety lighting elements precisely where they are actually needed, avoiding waste and poor light distribution, and minimising plant jobs due to the creation of new channels and existing points of light shifts, ensuring a further cost savings and time.

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Tools – Energizer Flashlight Review ATEX Headlight

So today in test-led flashlight the Energizer – ATEX PRO Headlight.Lantern given as взрыво/ignition protection intrinsically safe, respectively, is intended primarily for the purpose of job-worker peer into areas with greater взрывоопасностью.  Continue reading “Tools – Energizer Flashlight Review ATEX Headlight”

Lighting In The Baby’s Room

We continue with the special decoration of the baby’s room, and today we are going to talk about lighting.There is no doubt that the ideal in a children’s bedroom and generally in any room is that it receives a lot of natural light, outdoor bedrooms with large windows and well-oriented are the most we like. Continue reading “Lighting In The Baby’s Room”

Shed Light LED

The lighting of a House plays an essential role. A lighting system made of details will give an edge to your home, creating the right atmosphere for any occasion, allowing you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Correct illumination from a touch of distinctive style that makes your home. If you bought your furniture covering almost the entire surface of the House is preferable to install the great chandeliers of glass or metal with powerful lamps. At the same time right place also floor lamps to focus the light points in multiple areas of the room. With these simple tricks looks bigger and airy environment.

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