The Environmental Advantages Of LED Lamps

Nearly 20 percent of global electricity consumption used for lighting purposes currently alone. The Federal Ministry for research (BMBF) in an investigation came to this conclusion. All private households on low energy light bulbs would get only in Germany, the power consumption could be to an annual 7.5 billion kilowatt hours reduce calculations according to the European Commission.

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Advantages of LED Lighting

Basic Principle of LED (Light Emitting Diode)

A light emission diode consists of multiple layers of semiconductor material. When the diode is being used with direct current, the light is a product in the active layer. The light produced is separated directly in or by the reflectors. In contrast with the incandescent reflector lamps, which emit a continuous spectrum, an LED emits light in a specific color. The color of the light depends on the semiconductor material used. Two material systems are used mainly to produce LEDs with high brightness in all colors from blue to red and, through luminescence conversion, also in white. Different voltages are required to operate the diode on direct bias.

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Advanced LED Technology

Advanced LED technology that we are seeing currently is without doubt the greatest revolution for several decades in the lighting technology. Delta Light® plays a major role in the deployment of this new technology, with the design and manufacturing of its own LED lamps and LED innovative products and development of made-to-measure solutions, allowing the designers and users to learn to the best of the lighting possibilities that they could not even imagine in the past.

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How to Make a Flashlight

Tip 1: How to make a flashlight

Paper lanterns have always been simple and bright Christmas decorations in all nations. Make your own lantern is quite simple. Consider a simple but interesting models.

July Toy “flashlight” to be graceful and light. For their manufacture take color paper, PVA glue and scissor. Cut a rectangle of colored paper width of 150 mm and a length of 200 mm and gluing the side length of 150 mm.Den resulting cylinder put on colored paper bottom circular circumference of the cylinder and cut the two is the same. The two free edges of our design, we will cut the strips to a depth of 5 mm. Bend results bangs inside, smear it with glue and glue the cut circles. From elegant strings do loop and glue to the underside of work piece. For this thread we will hang on the Christmas tree lantern. The remains to decorate, pasted shiny glitter, stars, or other details,garlands to produce more complex flashlight. Prepare two sheets of double-sided colored paper. One rectangle of 150 mm by 200 mm and a square of 200 mm.Vi glue the response rectangle with cylindrical shape, height 150 mm. On square piece top and bottom draw a line at a distance of one centimeter from edge. Lay to the square in half we cut the sheet into strips, from the fold before line. Expanding list, not secure cut square of the upper and lower edge of the cylindrical work piece. Fixed eyelet to the flashlight could hang and decorate it with threads, beads and confetti.The square the flashlight can not cut bangs, and looted an openwork pattern.

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Future of LED Lighting Technology

Nowadays the world is used LED lighting, which also is beautiful and very economical. In large countries, the use of LED lights is massive and this is completely normal. Of course, at home things were not late too much and now significant number of households buy LED Bulbs to economize electricity and to feel comfortable in their homes.

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Inauguration LED Lighting Store In Cantabria

Since December 11, our network of franchises has a new official sales point located in the town of Torrelavega, Cantabriaprovince. A place where both the final usersis as professional users can now discover our range of LED products in the hands of qualified staff, who will offer you personalized attention and they give your existing facilities with new LED technology.

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LED Wall Lights Guide

The light is an essential factor to feel comfortable and safe, as it is the natural rhythm of passage of light to the darkness. To keep that feeling of security and tranquility in the dark, there is a wide variety of lights and lamps that project an artificial lighting whenever we need, such as ceiling lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces.

As the name suggests, wall sconces are responsible for issuing a lighting indirect projected from the wall stay, combining style and design variables of each model. Wall sconces differ in size, style, appearance and type of lighting.

The ceiling lamps, like wall sconces provide an indirect and general lighting throughout the room, with the difference that wall sconces can be easily viewed from any angle, so that your look should care more than the ceiling lamps, they spend more unnoticed to not be at the level of the eyes.

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