How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure

Most People Have Thought Once In A Lifetime To Get It Pierced. It’s Because You Saw How It Looks Beautiful In A Friend Or Saw A Celebrity Take A Look With The Accessory (Who Does Not Remember The Nipple Ring Of Kendall Jenner, Kardashian Family, Which Drew The Attention Of All […] Continue reading “How to Rock the Look with Piercings Pressure”

Gifting Makes You Happy

Making the gift happy, is even scientifically proven.In the meantime, many studies have already focused on the question of how to make a happy life.We do not need all of these studies. After all, we know how this feeling can be felt.On the other hand, what we often need more urgently is a guide, which shows us the way to a suitable gift.But, I am quite sure, the ultimate guide to it, there will not be.At the same time also somehow reassuring to know.For who wants to be so transparent or can only be forced into certain patterns?So I at least not.And certainly not. Continue reading “Gifting Makes You Happy”

Sex and the City 3: They Came Back with All

The Fans Of The Series Sex And The City Are In The Party. Recently It Was Confirmed That The Third Film In The Franchise Is Going To Come Out, According To The Website “Radar Online. The Main Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon And Kristin Davis (Carrie, Samantha, Miranda And Charlotte, Respectively) Have Already Signed The Contract To Star In The Feature. E […] Continue reading “Sex and the City 3: They Came Back with All”

Collezione Ops Object

For winter 2015 Ooops! Objects presented the new collection of watches and bracelets with stones and glittering crystals, all in new color versions for illuminating the cold season.

Ooops! Objects, known brand of fashion designer born in 2010, has won the domestic and international market with watches, accessories and jewelry, and ultra glam.

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Fofurices Fashion!!!

Oiiiiiii personal, palpitinho today for those who love investing in the power of a laidback, cool and fashion, without leaving aside the feminine delicacy. It is with great pride that we present here athunch Luxury the new collection of MyGloss… We speak very proud because, for those who don’t know, MyGloss is a company of Mato Grosso do Sul, established in 2010 by Rodrigo Stocco and Katia Stocco. The MyGloss started on the internet sharing tips and fashion trends, and was one of the pioneers in using Facebook as a channel of communication with its readers. Success is so great that today the MyGloss have the largest Fan Page of Brazil…. uauuuuuu… are more than 820,000 fans!!! Continue reading “Fofurices Fashion!!!”

Jungle Prints in Summer

Do you already feel the attraction to the wild and the mysterious? This summer comes wrapped in a halo of mystery and exoticism… The jungle prints fill all the garments of vivid colors for a summer in which there is no place for boring clothes!
And, of course, in Taille Plus we already have large size clothing ready for the coming months, did you think we would forget the jungle prints?

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Viola Milan Launches Slipskollektion

Viola Milano has in recent seasons been the market for bangles by storm and has been seen on numerous well-dressed men at both Pitti Uomo that around in the blogosphere. The next step in the company’s development is that the week launched its own slipskollektion consisting of a series of kashmir and grenadineslipsar. Continue reading “Viola Milan Launches Slipskollektion”

Coming Soon:September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair

The September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, one of the 3 largest fairs in the world in jewelry and gems, celebrates your Edition 35. The event, lasting 6 days (13 to 19 September), will take place once again at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE) and at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) and is organized by UBM Asia. Continue reading “Coming Soon:September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair”

Collection Winter Arezzo

Arezzo Collection Autumn/Winter 2013-Trends

Most brands of footwear and accessories sector is already promoting the launch of their new collections. Among them is the Arezzo, one of the leading national brands in this segment. For the autumn/winter of 2013, the brand comes with many new features and amazing pieces. Check out what are the stakes and trends covered in the new collection: Continue reading “Collection Winter Arezzo”

Vivien Feisthauer Launches Collection Sum

Entitled SUM, the collection gathers 30 jewelry, including rings, necklaces and earrings, crafted, one by one, making them unique. Gold, silver, white gold, and precious stones made of electro, forming jewelry. However, the process of creating this work arose by the desire of joining methods already incorporated normally by Vivien enchantment with a Korean technique: cold forge joined Keum-Boo, giving rise to the sum. Continue reading “Vivien Feisthauer Launches Collection Sum”

Different Types of Headbands and How to Wear Them

A major concern for most women to get ready for a commitment is what to do with the hair: let loose, hold or use an accessory? There is a range of accessories for use on the hair, but the thought of a big wild card and can fit several occasions without doubt the headband can be a good choice

The first indications of headbands began to appear in ancient Greece, where women wore crowns of flowers that later evolved into tiaras jewelry.

The headband is a timeless piece that is always in fashion because of the thousands of options. It can be found from the simplest model of thinner elastic strip even the most exquisite models with chains and jewelry.

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Special Selection Tiffany for Father’s Day

Tiffany & co. introduces selection of special gifts for father’s day that promises to suit all styles. Watches, jewelry and cufflinks, which belong to iconic collections of jewelry and made with materials more noble, are ideal options for gift giving on this date. Continue reading “Special Selection Tiffany for Father’s Day”

Silver Jewelery: the Precious Precious Metal in the Portrait

In addition to gold, silver is among the most popular and most frequently processed precious metals in the world.

Finely crafted jewels from the shiny metal are found in every well-sorted collection of jewels.

But did you already know what the term “Sterling” stands for and what the engraved numbers mean on your favorite silver jewelery?

Now, in the first part of this new series about the most popular jewelery materials, you will find all the knowledge you need about this wonderful precious metal in the detailed portrait! Continue reading “Silver Jewelery: the Precious Precious Metal in the Portrait”

The Cheek of Punky Bodymoded Reamers

This year saw a photo that made me curious. In this picture I saw a kid with big cheek reamers (Big Cheeks) newly placed. At the time I thought a lot about the procedure. The photo in question was possible to see that it was done through the scalp and it seemed great because it has always been the way I thought it would be more practical and less taxing on reamers, cheeks but still wondered about the recovery and if the big jewelry could disrupt the day-to-day -day somehow. Continue reading “The Cheek of Punky Bodymoded Reamers”

Is It Good to Invest in Youthful Content?

Hello, hello dear readers and passionate about jewelry! I was doing a research to write today’s article for you and the theme was the rings . I researched for new designs, brands, models, anyway, and I did not find much of a subject to talk about. Suddenly a snap: why not take a look to see if you find jewelry – rings, more specifically speaking – inspired by famous movies? Continue reading “Is It Good to Invest in Youthful Content?”

Jaeger – Lecoultre Has the Ideal Suggestion for a Gift

The watch Rendez-Vous Night & Day of Jaeger-LeCoultre enables women switch or buckle strap according to your will, without any tool. Versatile, the piece is the perfect option for those who are in doubt about what a gift on mother’s day. Being able to choose which bracelet use the day, your mother will have total freedom of use on several occasions, since women love change of accessories to match the look of the day. Continue reading “Jaeger – Lecoultre Has the Ideal Suggestion for a Gift”

Saman Amel – Handmade in Stockholm

We become happy, really happy that there are people with such interest and enthusiasm that the young designer and entrepenören Saman Amel. Only 19 years old, he runs his own label under his own name whose focus is handmade ties. We mean really handmade according to the rules then Saman handsyr as well as draws all the patterns in place in Stockholm. Continue reading “Saman Amel – Handmade in Stockholm”

The 13 Best Bracelets for Us, Men

They are the? bracelets and the jewelry thing only women? Radically no. Every day we find one greater around the male plug-ins offer and bracelets are one of the most demanded. Original very masculine bracelets that can complete any look simple and sober, from jewellery to jewelry to fur and leather, 11 proposals really interesting. Continue reading “The 13 Best Bracelets for Us, Men”