Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany

Platinum and 587 125 Carat diamonds: Jean Schlumbergers “Stars and Moons” – chain, is a stunning one of a kind – like all other pieces of the Tiffany anniversary collection.

The classy jewelry company Tiffany & co. is an American institution for 175 years – already Abraham Lincoln went personally to Tiffany, to buy a story for his wife. Today, world’s 260 shops belong to the Tiffany Empire. The new collection of 2012 celebrates the anniversary with exquisite creations made from high-quality gems. Continue reading “Legendary Jewelry Gem from Tiffany”

How to Measure an Ankle Bracelet

Ankle bracelets are jewelry normally worn around the ankle. Bracelets can come as a string, beads, gemstones and beads or charms hanging from them. They are usually worn in the summer with shorts and sandals or a swimsuit. Getting the right size for an ankle bracelet ensures that it will be comfortable to wear for walking or swimming. Measuring your ankle is the first step to determine what size you need ankle.

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Tricks For Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry in a woman’s life.

Because he is finally not any piece of jewelry, he is the piece of jewelry! Almost every woman dreams of her proposal and the wedding already since she was a small child. How should the ideas and dreams of course the engagement ring so dreamy, followed by a fabulous application.

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Functional Man Jewelry: Cuff Links

Also stylish cuff links belong to the perfect appearance of an elegant gentleman – in addition to a suit and matching shirt made of high-quality materials -. The forms are as varied as the materials: whether rectangular or round, stainless steel, aluminium, leather or metal.

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Two New 3D

Player available from the end of the year and television produce the image of the current 3D-Kinoqualität comparable with correct colors and without headaches.

3D is coming! The 3D-Standard for Blu-ray was set in December after the interface is already defined in the autumn with HDMI 1.4. However: With available 3D images with anaglyphischer color coding and the consequent headache has the new standard to do absolutely nothing. Player available from the end of the year and television produce the image of the current 3D-Kinoqualität comparable with correct colors and without headaches. Continue reading “Two New 3D”

Engagement Rings: Where To Buy Them in Mexico

Is already decided: know what the woman of your life and like to give an engagement ring to prove it. But where to start? Should you visit each and every one of the jewelry in your city?Throw you a nailing on the internet? We know that choosing a ring can be overwhelming, so we will help you with this task. Read on to find out what are the most prestigious jewelry in the country, as well as some tips when it comes to shopping. Continue reading “Engagement Rings: Where To Buy Them in Mexico”

Recognize a Real Pearl

Cultured Pearls

Among the cultured pearls, the most known and used are definitely Akoya pearls, produced for the first time in Japan and, for more than a century, unique among those cultivated. The diameter of these pearls range from 2 to 9 mm, with peaks of 10 for those of particular value and rarity. They are obtained by the introduction of specific nuclei within the Akoya oyster, which is found in abundance in the temperate eastern sea country. The natural color of these is the cream or yellow-green but with appropriate treatments you can get white, champagne, silver and pink. Also the forms may be changing, although the most common are those spherical. In some cases, you can get the twin pearls, since it is not uncommon to introduce two or more nuclei within the same shell. Over 90% of cultured pearls on the market belong to this variety.

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Omega Speedmaster Watch

Prestige brands have bet on increasing market presence. Examples are Omega, Swiss watchmaking firm which recently expanded its spectrum in the country with the opening of two new exclusive shop in shops within the EVE of Paseo Alcorta and Puerto Madero jewelry.

This premium watch has an expansion plan. “We will continue ampliándonos in a strategy based on a network of points of sale to show fully the creativity of our models and technological development,” explained Hernan Diaz, commercial director of Chronex Group, official representative in Argentina of Omega.

The cost of each shop in shop is around $ 50,000, while for a boutique investment exceeds $ 250,000.

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Jewelry Creative Multifunction

The jewels are of very glamorous accessories that adorn gorgeous clothes and make our different look, eye-catching and sexy. Sources of inspiration for fashion this season, are the jewels in ethnic style with color and Moroccan atmospheres combinations, designed to evoke the colors and costumes of Africa. Or the wonderful world of high fashion, the protagonists become precious pendants, bangles with giant pearls, necklaces and earrings with plexiglass chain powder pink, perfectly balanced and chic.

What’s more, we discovered fact some craft ideas, original and creative, designed for every woman and for every need, do not expect the usual little ones jewelry and inconspicuous, these sensational bijoux are flashy, futuristic details and eye-catching, to which you can not do without, and then will be perfect always show off, in all seasons. I myself I fell in love at first sight, are original and trendy as ever!

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Tips for Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a key detail of the wedding, full of meaning and value. They must be chosen carefully, based on the personal tastes of the bride and groom, try and, if necessary, create customized. Here are some tips for choosing the best way possible the fateful wedding rings!


Wedding rings are critical and, since the eye wants its part, must be chosen with care and according to your personal taste. If what you find in jewelry does not satisfy you, keep looking: the faiths are a crucial detail and should like it and please aesthetically.

Typically, to choose the best wedding rings, they take into account the following parameters:

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How to Choose the Anklet

The anklet is worn all year round but it is easier to see them and note them in the summer months, made countless materials, from gold to silver to ethnic ones made of wood or natural seeds. There really is something for everyone, thanks to the fact that it is becoming increasingly fashionable accessory among women of all ages. Below we offer some tips to learn how to choose the anklet.

Choose the Anklet

All jewelry, earrings on your ears to the nose, from rings to bracelets to necklaces to anklets and toe rings to have a source that dates back to the dawn of civilization, in times when they were used for specific purposes as any type of decoration was entrusted a certain symbolic or religious value rarely were seen as just tools, and often were an exhibition of power and the sign of belonging to a particular tribe or to a particular social class.

Some of these jewels, for example the anklet, have had highly successful periods centuries ago and then have fallen into disuse, to return to fashion in the following years, as is happening right now.

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How to Clean Costume Bronze Jewelry

Be seduced by the beauty and elegance of jewelry bronze. Sobriety and sophistication to embellish your look in the office or evening at happy hour. Be inspired by the collections of the most beautiful jewelry that our site chose only for you!

Jewelry bronze, precious details

Blooming flowers on bracelets and earrings, references to the world of nature, the sea or abstract forms. Fine jewelry that cannot miss in the jewelry of a woman of class, able to use precisely these exquisite details to embellish an outfit or hairstyle, giving light reflections due to the unique beauty of gorgeous jewelry bronze. Rings, bracelets or necklaces: the variety of bronze jewelry is really wide and stems from the wisdom and creativity of the master craftsmen, able to create small masterpieces, details that you do remember and remain forever in the hearts of those who give them and who they gets. A set of jewels of bronze jewelry consists of bracelet and ring, will become the perfect gift for a bachelor party or for the birthday of your best friend. Choose the bronze in its natural version, characterized by copper shades or worked with other materials in a combination of rare beauty: machined silver, leather or studded with crystals, bronze jewels are a guarantee of graceful elegance that gives a luminous effect from true princesses.

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Cheap Fashion Jewelry

Cheap jewelry or fashion jewelry has been a part of our culture for nearly 300 years. In the course of the 18th century. century began to make cheap jewelry by glass. After nearly a century, in the 19th century. century, was fashion jewelry made of half-noble materials which came on the market at the time.

The use of half-noble materials meant that the jewelry was available for ordinary people.
Cheap jewelry or fashion jewelry, junk jewelry, fake jewelry or costume jewellery emerged as a concept in the 1930s as a cheap, disposable accessory meant to be worn with a specific outfit.

They were meant to be used for a short period of time and its main feature was therefore fashion related, contrary to original and precious jewelry, then primarily considered collectible or investment. Cheap jewellery is made from less-valuable materials including base metals, glass, plastics and synthetic stones, rather than more valuable materials such as precious metals and gems.

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Jewelry Today

Today jewelry increasingly is seen as a form of artistic expression since the tools and materials used in production are becoming more and more affordable and accessible. This trend also continues to grow due to the fact that precious metals and precious stones are no longer used as a sign of wealth and social status.

Dramatic improvements in technology means that the jewelry designed by affordable and readily available resources as well as synthetic materials are able to reach the beauty of the most expensive natural gemstones and metals. These factors have contributed to a focus on design, creativity and artistic expression rather than symbolism and social status.
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Designer Jewelry

Fashion jewelry was further made popular by various designers in the middle of the 20th century. Some of the most well known names include both the high and low price brands: Crown Trifari, Dior, Chanel, Miriam Haskell, Monet, Napier, Corocraft and Coventry to name just a few.

Another significant factor in the spread of fashion jewelry was also a Hollywood movie where the leading female stars in the 1940s and 1950s often bar designer jewelry. If you admired a necklace worn by Bette Davis in “The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex”, you could buy a copy from “Joseff of Hollywood”, which produced the original. Also starred stars such as URf.eks. Vivien Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Russell in advertisements for jewelry which could be purchased at stores such as Woolworths, which made it possible for ordinary women to own and wear such jewelry.

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Jewellery and Social Rank

In hierarchical societies have often been using precious metals and gemstones in the manufacture of jewelry and thus marked a social rank and status. Early jewelry findings, metal originate from Egypt, where you already ca. 4000 f.Kr. used gold and copper into necklaces and bangles or bracelets which were the preferred jewellery types for both sexes. In the modern Western world, especially youth from the mid-1960s used new and non-traditional jewelry forms, often inspired by foreign cultures, jewellery art.

Jewelry often is considered to be finer, the more expensive they are. Why have jewelry also traditionally been used as a way to showcase wealth on. Also has jewelry also been an expression of power; the one who had the nicest Crown, or whose wife wore the most expensive jewelry, might be the most important man. Most kingdoms have a collection of Crown jewels, which is only used on special occasions. Historically, they have also served as a symbol of power and rule of the Royal family.

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