Light Far Beyond Lighting

On a visit to Brazil, head of Philips design Announces lighting trends

Humanizing the lighting, custom projects , influence the mood of the people through the light. These were some of the major trends presented in the sixth edition of the Light + Building, one of the leading world fairs, held in mid-April, in Frankfurt, Germany. Continue reading “Light Far Beyond Lighting”

3 Months Baby Toys

At 3 months, most babies begin to understand that it is part of a huge world that can make things happen, whether with crying, a smile, a touch of hands or feet.They see around them and recognize the faces of the mother, the father and the people most present in their short life.To develop this important phase for your child’s motor coordination and language, buy toys for that age. Continue reading “3 Months Baby Toys”

Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies

Check out the tips from Professor of Interior Design course of SFTP Silvana Souza to make the environment more organized and beautiful study

Have an organized and well decorated environment makes all the difference in the time to focus the energies to study. So the teacher Silvana Souza, the Interior Design course Tuiuti University highlighted some tips of colors, furniture and lighting to make your hobby room cozier. Check out! Continue reading “Tips to Organize and Decorate the Room of Studies”

Vintage Loft with Natural Touches

Creative reform couple apartment in NY
It would be almost a sin to mischaracterize the architectural detailsof a apartamentocomo the couple James Ramsey and Jennifer Blumin. Located in the New York neighborhood of TriBeCa, the loft built in the 1830 ‘s full of charming details: old Windows, apparent brick walls and a roof all worked on Tin plates. Virtually time travel until 19 century. Continue reading “Vintage Loft with Natural Touches”

Illuminated Garden

With the proper light, the gardens are transformed during the night and are even more beautiful than in full sunlight

Enjoy a night Garden is a rare pleasure. With the arrival of the warm days of summer, the temperature gets cooler at night and the illuminated Garden makes an irresistible invitation to the external area. At sunset, you can gather friends to talk, dine al fresco or simply get carried away by the contemplation of silence and perfumes which some species exude only at these times of the day, but for a garden to be enjoyed and used at night, some rules need to be followed in order to determine the safety and effectiveness of external areas In addition to valuing them aesthetically. Continue reading “Illuminated Garden”

October Pink

Today is the debut of a new contributor here-the Juliana Daidone. Friend and owner of a good taste can’t be beat and the name behind the Superstore of decor Design Room. Here the Ju will show a little in the world of decoration, with beautiful ideas to inspire us. But it’s not a rule. If she wants to, will write (very well, I bet!) on any topic that’s worth the tip. Read all about it here. I hope you enjoy and that give affection!  Continue reading “October Pink”

Smart Watches Can Reach the Wall of Home

Smart watches may not have completely conquered the consumer, but a company wants to try a new application of these devices:people’s houses. Glance Clock is a smart wall clock that can connect to the user’s smartphone and display notifications and appointments, weather alerts, and incoming calls. Continue reading “Smart Watches Can Reach the Wall of Home”

13 Ideas to Renovate the Headboards of the Beds

With the Easter holidays we had a little abandoned our offers search section but today we return it with 13 ideas to renovate the children’s bedroom headboard. There are options for the kids of the House and also to the already not so kids that need to move from the child’s bedroom one more youthful and relevant to your tastes and interests. Continue reading “13 Ideas to Renovate the Headboards of the Beds”

Tips for Small Apartments

The apartment is small, there’s no way, right? We know it’s impossible to increase space, but we can make it look bigger! Here are some tips:

In all environments: Use lightweight, simple, low volume furniture. Use mirrors, mirrored furniture (do not overdo it), niches and shelves. Simplify. Continue reading “Tips for Small Apartments”

Watch Captures Energy from the Soil to Work

Already shown here several ways to create energy. Sun, sea, wind and evengarbage ever served raw materials capable of providing power to the machines created by man. But the Dutch designer Marieke Staps innovated further. She has developed a watch capable of generating electricity from the ground. Continue reading “Watch Captures Energy from the Soil to Work”

Best Bath Mats: Opinions and Prices

In this guide we provide some useful tips on how to choose the best bath mats for your needs.

A home that is truly beautiful, elegant and modern, cannot be overlooked in detail and furnishing accessories.
Every room needs to be welcoming, including the bathroom, which is not a simple service environment but a corner to be on full rest.
That’s why the choice of bath mats has a secondary role, they are mainly of some use, but are also placed in plain sight and shown to everyone who comes into the room, so it is good to buy them carefully, making sure they’re OK with the furnishings and context in General. Continue reading “Best Bath Mats: Opinions and Prices”

Viewing Security Cameras Online

Security camera pictures that you can see online provide additional peace of mind when you are on vacation or away for a long period. Internet protocol or IP-based cameras allow you to call a browser to see what the camera sees, with many drives letting you record what the camera observes. The camera sends these feeds to a computer via wireless feeds, Ethernet, or standard video cables, chosen based largely on the environment where you install the devices. From the computer, the images are Sent To The Internet When You Can Access Them. Continue reading “Viewing Security Cameras Online”