The Bucket Bag – the It-Piece of the Season

Earlier, he was anything but a trend. He was the unpopular second bag, which we took with the school and forgot also likes staying home with nice regularity, the accessory that none wanted to have but everyone had. Is the talk of the gym bag. But the negative image is long passé as simple, jewelry loose fabric bag. Continue reading “The Bucket Bag – the It-Piece of the Season”

The Best Backpack For Laptop

I know that you should not speak of a product in particular in this forum, even corporate, as they may other places are best for that. I know that direct mail is the best way to achieve that she is not read these lines. I know I break any of the digital marketing guidelines. But let me, by this time, skip the rules and tell you my happiness and my enthusiasm to have found, at last, a backpack that is also portaportatiles (Go word, the SAR does not recognize it but I’m going to use), travel bag, and backpack. Continue reading “The Best Backpack For Laptop”

Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test

On the weekend, we could our newly acquired carrier, that test Deuter Kid Comfort III for the first time. At best autumn weather, it was once again time to look for a cache, especially on Sunday (10.10.10) worldwide geocacher tried a New log record to set up. A 2 hours and 5 km long multi cache, we could thus test the kids backpack. Continue reading “Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test”

New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David

Under the motto of ‘Striking bags for strong types’ bag department store welcomes the successful men’s brand Camp David new in the assortment. Future bags, backpacks and travel bags of various series and collections will be available, which are the fashion-conscious, sporty man perfect in leisure or business to the page. Continue reading “New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David”

Gift Ideas And For Gentleman: Bags For Men By UNDSCVRD

In fashion by to talk correctly or incorrectly is difficult, finally the tastes are different as we know. Nevertheless, there are some recognized fashion sins for men. This includes, that you leave the backpack at home is not just a bike Messenger or lingers on trekking holidays in Norway. To act serious, stylish and manly, one should wear depending on the type and job instead suitcase, briefcase or Messenger bag. Gift idea for gentlemen we recommend therefore bags by UNDSCVRD.

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How to Unlock a Samsonite Suitcase

Samsonite is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of travel bags and bags. Among its product lines are suitcases that contain a combination lock or padlock. These small locks provide a barrier to prevent theft. The locks that quickly lock and unlock the suitcase are ideal for travel. To unlock them you must use a combination or the padlock key. Continue reading this article from Our site and find out how to unlock a Samsonite bag.

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Herschel Little America Backpack

Many wonder: what carry-on choose to what destination? On the market, the choices are wide: bag or suitcase, hard or soft, cabin, or XXL, trolley or without castors… Simply choose the one that seems most convenient. Remember that for travel to the United States, the presence of a padlock approved TSA on your luggage is essential.

If you plan to do trekking, mountaineering or hiking for your next outing for the weekend, fall for the Little America of Herschel backpack. Practical and elegant, the leading brand of the backpack Herschel showed its true

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Handbags From The Carmim Summer 2015 Collection

Carmim is one of the main Brazilian brands of clothes, footwear, bags and accessories. In this phase of collections launches, the brand has been doing a lot of events all over the country, announcing the news for spring and summer 2015. Besides the clothes, one of the highlights of the new collection are the bags, which are also very successful among consumers of brand. See the models that are coming to the stores:

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Disney Backpacks for School

Disney backpacks

Disney models for girl

In general, girls often opt for pink backpacks or simply feminine color. Disney backpacks for daughter usually display the image of the famous Disney heroines.

You will find different styles of backpacks for girl like such as Tinkerbell Disney school bags, Violetta, Minnie and many others still.

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Burberry Prorsum Spring Bags

Today we present the bags Burberry Prorsum Spring Summer 2011 collection, in reality it is a preview but it is quite consistent, so it will be a pleasure to browse our photo gallery and dream through these beautiful bags. The Burberry Prorsum collection for spring summer 2011 we saw together a few months ago during London Fashion Week, now in the London fashion house curated by Christopher Bailey, shows us closely the new, colorful bags, fashion and beautiful, a must have! Continue reading “Burberry Prorsum Spring Bags”

Azzaro Paris Bags

Even Azzaro celebrates with us Christmas and New Year and proposes a number of really great bags and accessories, bright, glamorous and glitzy perfect for those looking for something special to show off at parties or during a few evenings in the disco! Azzaro presents a wide range of bags and small accessories that could be a good starting point for your Christmas gifts in this case, however, become “regaloni” especially if you decide to lean towards the bags! Continue reading “Azzaro Paris Bags”

Isabella Lorusso Bags

I propose today the spring / summer 2011 collection of bags signed Isabella Lorusso, whose brand perhaps you will be more familiar as Islo, bolognese relatively new brand, born in 2005, which also offers lines of handbags, shoes and accessories very interesting. In keeping with the provisions and the most glamorous fashion trends of the season, the collection of Islo handbags for spring / summer 2011, aims in fact on the bright color and lively to the limit with the fluorescent, the more fresh and youthful floral motifs, but also on evergreen like black, white, beige and powder, to meet the needs of a little ‘all its customers. Continue reading “Isabella Lorusso Bags”

Chloe Spring Summer Bags

Even Chloe misses no opportunity to present its new and elegant collection of accessories for the season spring / summer 2011, focusing mainly on leathers and on the bags, but by emphasizing its line with other articles: wallets, loose change brings, shoes and scarves paired with each article, to complete the outfits of his clients with everything you need to address a nice day out. The proposal by Chloe line for the hot weather is especially geared to the idea of elegance and refinement, but there are more casual and playful pieces. Let’s see them.

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Handbags

If there is one thing that pleases all in women are the bags! An essential accessory for every woman and also an object of the most desired. It is the normal shopper day, evening clutch or the top box, there are a thousand models for every need and preference. Every year, in fact, the designers create new beautiful bags but only some models are getting through fashions and seasons and become real it-bag: icon bags that never go out of style and that every woman would want in your wardrobe! Unfortunately it is not always possible because these icon bags have a price within the reach of all but dreaming does not cost anything!

So let’s see what are the 10 most beautiful and beloved vintage handbags of VintageWill who have made history:

1. Birkin bag

The bag icon to eccellezza is undoubtedly the Birkin bag by Hermès, a large bag from boho-chic flavor that is named Jane Birkin. The actress says she met the designer of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas during a Paris-London flight, and that these, seeing that Ms. Birkin could not put all his things in his bag Hermès, asked her to be able to borrow to make some changes.The bag was modified with the addition of a pocket and took the name Birkin bag  becoming one of the it-bag most desired of all time! The price varies depending on the model and the type of skin and ranges from a minimum of $ 6,000 up to $ 38,000. Continue reading “Top 10 Most Beautiful Handbags”

Good Backpack for Travel

In recent years, airlines have had an increase in the number of flights and an expansion of routes really impressive: today travel, see the world and move quickly is really very easy, and most importantly no longer ridiculously expensive as it once was.

By booking in advance some destinations, you can treat yourself to beautiful trips with minimal effort. One of the elements that normally increases the price of the ticket is the presence of a baggage from 15/20 kg to be loaded into the hold and then withdraw to their destination.

If you make short trips, maybe like the classic long weekend, the advice is to opt for a simple hand baggage to check in with us on the plane for free and insert into the slots in the overhead lockers for the duration of the flight.

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Tips For Buying a Travel Backpack

A couple of weeks ago I was traveling in Denmark and I met this guy. I was petrified to see how wearing the backpack. With a disposition-without belt, maximum weight at the top and other Follies – any ventures to take long walks. You just suffering both in your travel backpackers who you petrificas in a resort and rest to the next break. A backpack must be designed and assembled to be our companion on trips and not an enemy of the neck.

With the provision of weight that this guy has been in the backpack, instead of discovering the world of a place another avoiding taxis and without back pain, one just from hostel to hostel, or rather, door-to-door because it is impossible to lift that weight on your back and keep it for a long time.

An good organization of the backpack is essential as well as the choice at the time of purchase.

Today technology has evolved a lot in the world of backpacks see Anyway the prices soar in many models and it is not precisely because of fundamentals but by accessories often irrelevant.

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Handbag Collection 2016

Selected materials and color combinations, timeless design and the newly developed variable strap system transform Any Di in multi-tasking-evergreens and glamorous pieces for those who do not want to choose between beauty and comfort.

The “my life collection 2016″ is the first collection of the German designer Anne Dan Magnus and the setting is to combine ambition with the joy of life. So Any Di is the result of years of visions of the optimal mix of everything that is important to the young designer. Timeless it should be suitable for every situation, but also a collector’s item with some glamour.

The first collection includes two different bag models in cowhide leather quality and various, beautiful colors.

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Business Bags & Laptop Bags for Men

The transport of important work items such as files or notebooks in functional and beautifully designed men’s business bags and laptop bags facilitates everyday work considerably and ensures a stylish appearance. Practically arranged subjects offer with plenty of storage space and a good overview. Not only do notebook bags optimally protect their sensitive content from getting wet thanks to a built-in padding, but also impacts are mitigated. The high-quality bags in the online-shop convince also lightweight, adjustable carrying and shoulder strap and top-quality fasteners.

Men's Faux Leather Shoulder Bag Front Checkerboard Pattern Crossbody Bag

The right bag for each clothing style

Not only are the men’s business cases and laptop bags on this web url functional companions at work, but also the classic or modern design accents skillfully round off each outfit, no matter whether conservative or casual. We carry fine leather bags in the extensive product range as particularly robust products made of plastic. Several color variants provide many models that addressed different clothing styles, or taste preferences.

Decide now for men business bags and laptop bags from the online shop and benefit from high-quality processing and stylish appearance.


Men's Cowhide Messenger Bag Front Pockets Zipper Closure Detachable Strap