Individuality and Character to the Matching Shoe!

Since 2008, Tamaris offers the fashion-conscious customers in addition to its highly successful shoe collections under the name Tamaris Accessories GmbH now also the matching bags. Casual bag shapes of cleverly interwoven synthetic leather strips up to bizarre Fellapplikationen, Tamaris bags have their own distinctive character. And women can also proudly present this. Continue reading “Individuality and Character to the Matching Shoe!”

What Should Take into Account When Purchasing a New Suitcase

The suitcase is an indispensable accessory to any woman, but we know it’s not always easy to find the perfect suitcase. If you are looking for a versatile model that gives for various occasions and styles, see our tips to know all the points you should analyze when looking for a suitcase for you. Continue reading “What Should Take into Account When Purchasing a New Suitcase”

New Year Golden Stops and Starts Shiny

No matter, whether you still the right bag for the new year’s Eve dinner is looking for or look around you after the latest models for next year, with bags of gold and silver you wrong definitely. Because in the new year, the bag designer set to shimmering metallic shades that blend beautifully with the nude – and pastels in the spring. The small clutch, the evening bag to go out or the large shopper for everyday, 2015 will shine the streets in front of metallic colours. Our favorite is suede love child the Carol Fringe metallic, because she can store all our stuff just fine in their spacious main compartment and to the leather jacket looks as well as for the Cardigan. Continue reading “New Year Golden Stops and Starts Shiny”

5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel

In one of the last episodes of the fourth season of Friends, when all are preparing to go to Ross ‘ wedding in London, Monica recites a list of things to take and says check to check that each one of them is in the trunk. We know that Monica is controller and methodical, but nothing like a good list before storing the bag for anything to stand back and few hassles are avoided. So here we go. Continue reading “5 Tips to Get Your Backpack Before You Travel”

Women’s Modern Backpacks and Lined Up Are Up

Nothing is more practical and functional than female backpacks, items that ship with millions of women daily. Formerly, the Backpack was considered an item exclusively referred to us or sports high school. Over time, the concept of the backpacks expanded, currently, there are several models: sophisticated, relaxed, social, embossed, sober or Basic. Continue reading “Women’s Modern Backpacks and Lined Up Are Up”

How to Use: Tote Bag

The tote bag is a bag – often open, with no zippers on the clasp – with short parallel straps on both sides. Here in Brazil, sometimes we call it a purse bag. There are 17th century records of the term “tote” or “tate,” which means to carry, but was not used for purses until 1900. It was in 1940 that it came into being, with the launch of LL Bean’s Boat Bag, being a more practice to take enough thing.It was in 1960 that it officially became a basic item in the closet. Continue reading “How to Use: Tote Bag”

Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy

Casual fashion always relaunches styles that were used many years ago, but with a modern twist and super estíloso, which soon spreads through all corners. So many people dress casually, because the casual style exist in several versions, but they are usually simple, but mponentes and always harmonics. Colors that refer are very used to compose a casual fashion, for example: Brown and yellow, blue and purple, neutral with pastels, etc. Continue reading “Leather Backpacks: Tips How to Use, Where to Buy”

The Bucket Bag – the It-Piece of the Season

Earlier, he was anything but a trend. He was the unpopular second bag, which we took with the school and forgot also likes staying home with nice regularity, the accessory that none wanted to have but everyone had. Is the talk of the gym bag. But the negative image is long passé as simple, jewelry loose fabric bag. Continue reading “The Bucket Bag – the It-Piece of the Season”

The Best Backpack For Laptop

I know that you should not speak of a product in particular in this forum, even corporate, as they may other places are best for that. I know that direct mail is the best way to achieve that she is not read these lines. I know I break any of the digital marketing guidelines. But let me, by this time, skip the rules and tell you my happiness and my enthusiasm to have found, at last, a backpack that is also portaportatiles (Go word, the SAR does not recognize it but I’m going to use), travel bag, and backpack. Continue reading “The Best Backpack For Laptop”

Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test

On the weekend, we could our newly acquired carrier, that test Deuter Kid Comfort III for the first time. At best autumn weather, it was once again time to look for a cache, especially on Sunday (10.10.10) worldwide geocacher tried a New log record to set up. A 2 hours and 5 km long multi cache, we could thus test the kids backpack. Continue reading “Deuter Kid Comfort III in the Test”

New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David

Under the motto of ‘Striking bags for strong types’ bag department store welcomes the successful men’s brand Camp David new in the assortment. Future bags, backpacks and travel bags of various series and collections will be available, which are the fashion-conscious, sporty man perfect in leisure or business to the page. Continue reading “New in the Bag Department: Mr Mark Camp David”

Gift Ideas And For Gentleman: Bags For Men By UNDSCVRD

In fashion by to talk correctly or incorrectly is difficult, finally the tastes are different as we know. Nevertheless, there are some recognized fashion sins for men. This includes, that you leave the backpack at home is not just a bike Messenger or lingers on trekking holidays in Norway. To act serious, stylish and manly, one should wear depending on the type and job instead suitcase, briefcase or Messenger bag. Gift idea for gentlemen we recommend therefore bags by UNDSCVRD.

Continue reading “Gift Ideas And For Gentleman: Bags For Men By UNDSCVRD”