Timberland Boots-Three Models-Three Styles

Inspired by the cool, partly frosty weather, I decided to present toyou and the other readers three styles with Timberland Bootstogether with Schuh-Lueke.de. With this I would like to show you how wonderfully flexible the boots can be put into your daily outfits. In addition, I find that these also fit perfectly to the cool, fresh season. After all, you should take care that your feet are kept warm. You can also use Style as you see below.

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Skechers Gorun 5:Lightweight, Flexible and Reactive in One Sneaker

Perfect for training and competition for athletes looking for light weight, speed and good cushioning, the new Skechers sneaker is a refreshed version of the most iconic model of the brand, GOrun 4, considered the best sneaker of 2016 by Runner’s World magazine.

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High Heels, Improper Bra Sizes And Textile Chemistry Make Life Difficult

Who wants to be beautiful must suffer? If clothing makes sick

Karl Lagerfeld is not only for its famous collections, but also for a stylistically momentous statement: “who wears jogging pants, has lost control of his life.” Now, it can be about taste is known to not fight, even if it must be painful for the eyes or the ego of the Couturier. That however many garments from different reasons make you sick, cannot be denied even a Lagerfeld.

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Fashionable Rain Boots

Enjoy The Fall With Boots Sorel Womens

Cold, wet, gray spring months turn off some people. Not me. Dress accordingly and they can be as pleasant as a soft summer evening. All you need is an umbrella, a good pair of rain boots, and I grant you, maybe also a good cup of coffee to chase away the cold.

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Fabulous Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

The Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo in 1956.

“The wondrous Shoemaker – fairy tales and legends about shoes and shoe maker” (Regulation) is a new exhibition at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Until March 31, 2014, enchanting large and small visitors in Florence and wants to seduce her to dream. Shows not only around 100 pairs of fabulous shoes from the fund us by Ferragamo, which to this day pastry women’s hearts beat faster. Also lots of surprises around Ferragamo’s fabulous footwear models are among the exhibits: from magical marvels from the realm of fairy tales, myths and legends to historical as contemporary art works. Continue reading “Fabulous Shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo”

White Sneakers Is On The Rise In Men’s Fashion

The First Time We Put A White Sneakers On Your Foot Is Weird, But Soon Get Used To It And Then It’s Almost Impossible To Imagine A Dark Sneakers, As Blacks. If You Too Are Those Men, I Have Great News: They Are Fashionable.

Since the end of last year, the white sneakers of all styles come taking the catwalks and urban fashion. Their success is growing a lot and it’s time to take to abuse. If you’ve never used, try!

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Hybrid Shoes by Prada

Top fine leather shoe, bottom transparent shoe sole: The new levitate collection by Prada is a crossover catcher.

Sporty – this look is so popular that even the new shoe intersection of Prada is certainly many fans: levitate collection of the Italian fashion house combines classic men’s shoes like Budapest with a transparent sole of the sneaker in the “Nike Air Max”-look. Continue reading “Hybrid Shoes by Prada”

JUJU Shoes Trend

The rubber sandals, for the sea and not only are the new trend of ‘Summer 2014, models have also appeared in the most unexpected collections. In view of the beautiful season, the brand specialized in luxury accessories and low cost brands have added to their summer line of shoes many models of open-toe sandals, flip flops and sandals with heels even colored rubber, saucy items perfect to show off cities but above all to put in the suitcase for vacation. Continue reading “JUJU Shoes Trend”

Are Pointy Shoes in Style

The shoes have become a must-have in recent months from which no fashion victim can no longer undisputed protagonists of all regardless, spring-summer 2013. Whether it’s more classic form dècolletès, with high, medium, or high heel slingback kitten, with rubber band or strap behind the heel, ballerinas or slippers, narrow style 50 tips are doing their comeback in all proposals for the summer, than those of luxury brands, to economic ones. Let’s take a look together at the most interesting models.

Fashionistas and celebrities love shoes with narrow toeline, innate elegance of this kind of model that has for decades been synonymous with style and elegance. Of course, in modern collections more often narrow tips were adapted in templates quite eccentric, just have a look at the Prada spring/summer 2013 or shoe-wiki to understand what we’re talking about, but the basic form remains almost always bon ton and refined, as we will show images from our photo gallery. Continue reading “Are Pointy Shoes in Style”

Fashion Footwear-Skate Shoes

Your Skate Shoes are the link between your feet and your skateboard. The best setup so bring you nothing if you can not rely one hundred percent on your shoes you. Since the birth of the skateboarding brands trying to establish ever new technologies: Vans (1966) was one of the first brands that enriched the market with innovations.

Sk8-High or Half-Cab are terms that are closely associated with skate shoes since the early 80s. The skate boom continued and today’s global players such as Globe (1984) Etnies (1986) or DC Shoes (1993), made a name with its ankle Skate Shoes.


Skate shoes by Vans, Adidas and Emerica

What distinguishes a skate shoe actually from a commercial sneaker?

Quite simply manipulate ‘want to give you with sandals on your skateboard and you’ll never again on your Skate Shoes!

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Comfortable Everyday Sneakers for Multi-use

Sneakers on asphalt

Life without sneakers? Simply impossible! In any situation, on any occasion and every season they just belong to the basic equipment. The selection is just as great as offering different styles and technologies that brands like Vans, Nike and Co. One thing all have in common: Trainers are comfortable and a must-have for all fashionistas and sports enthusiasts among you!

Comfortable Everyday Sneakers for Multi-use

The 80s stamped as the epoch of fashionable missteps and absolute no-go’s would be fatal. After all broke at that time real sports euphoria! People flocked to gyms, began with jogging and aerobics and suddenly attached importance to a healthy lifestyle – the birth of sneakers! Even today, inspired streetwear manufacturer are the trends and styles of athletic shoes.

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