Camping Tips

For those who are not accustomed to camping, camping is synonymous with discomfort, mosquitoes, cold, heat, wet things, flying tent, endless junk, diet based on miojo, etc… In fact, those who camp passes or has experienced many of these situations , The famous “perrengues”.Some learn from perrengues, others read, research and prepare not to confront them. And sometimes they go through them anyway. In this post, I will try to clarify and guide with what I know (for research or perrengues) so that you, reader and reader of Revolteio, enjoy the camping with everything that this lifestyle offers the best.

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Well Prepared With a Caravan In The Winter Holiday

The snow season has begun. This period lasts about a half a year and is very popular with many Europeans. A week of skiing or snowboarding, and in the evening with a shot on the couch or in the pub. A holiday with plenty of action and fun atmosphere. Today, a special way of winter sports, namely in the winter holidays with a motorhome!

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Origins of tai chi Chuan

Chen style is the oldest branch of tai chi chuan. In its current form has unarmed combat technique two routines: the long chuan pao and twi, consisting of short, sharp movements. Chen style tai chi is the basis for all forms and practiced for many reasons: for health, meditation, but it is?? especially in China? is also a competitive sport, with which you can win prizes. According to many practitioners of all Tai Chi styles, Chen-style most focused on martial arts, self defense. It is not surprising, because this style derives from a time when there were no weapons and even the war was decided in hand-to-hand combat.

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Tour de France Cycling

Road: where does it happen? Who is going to attack and who can win a shirt? Together with Fredrik Kessiakoff Aike, Visbeek and Klas Johansson pilots Gabriella Ekström you through this year’s Tour de France.

This year’s Tour de France has all the ingredients required to raise an almost month-long bike fest one more level. Tempo stages longer than during last year’s contest, but not as long and flat to the pure climbers are out of the game in the same second as they straddle their tempo bikes.  Continue reading “Tour de France Cycling”

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?

The sports sunglasses Oakley carry incorporated a high quality definition technology “Higt Definition Optics” that optimize viewing quality and performance to improve the performance of professional athletes. Continue reading “Oakley Sports Sunglasses: Why Choose Them?”

Light Your Face With Polaroid Sunglasses

The collection of Polaroid sunglasses have a characteristic that sets them apart from other brands and is that they are all polarized.

Polarized Polaroid sunglasses block light rays that vibrate in a certain direction by eliminating the annoying reflections that occur on surfaces such as water, snow and road.

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MSR Guardian Water Filter Review

At the Outdoor Show 2015 of Friedrichshafen stuff show, I had the opportunity to quickly talk to you of the Guardian, the future MSR filter. This product immediately who seduces the demonstration received an Outdoor Gold Award. This isn’t a surprise to me. Until I can test it in 2016, I give you some additional information about the product.

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Reusable Plastic Bottles

Reusable Plastic Cups for Hot Drinks

Plastic Cups for Reusable

Interplast 2000 – c. Plovdiv is pleased to present its newest product – plastic cups reusable.

Plastic cups reusable are made of high quality materials and also feature with much greater strength and resistance to temperature than normal.

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Tool for Bicycle Repair

In times where the gasoline is more expensive, and the parking spaces in the city are scarce, more and more people go by bike. But here one should be prepared for certain situations and have packed for minor repairs such as a flat tire, an emergency bag. This bag is usually the back of the saddle and from time to time they should also look even know if everything is still okay.

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