Fur Fall Winter

Among the trends of the cold season, could not certainly miss the fur, the return of one of the most controversial leaders, but also the one of the most beloved winter.

Dictated by the greatest fashion houses around the world, the furs are you come back on the catwalks of the last Fashion Week and, despite numerous discussions on those who prefer real or at least “natural”, if you can define it, and those who dare with ecological patterns and multicolor, in bold colors or shades evergreen , it will be really impossible to resist. Continue reading “Fur Fall Winter”

Tour de France Final Stage Champs Elysées

Road: 137.5 kilometers from Evry to the Champs-Elysées in Paris. Three week contestants are over and now awaits the big award ceremony and the final dividend of the jerseys. But first a last spurt settlement. And before its women’s race La Course with three Swedes to start.v

Since 1975, the Tour de France finished at Paris’s main parade Street; The Champs Elysées.
The stage usually begins with relaxed driving and celebration and then turn into bloody seriously when it reaches the closing lap in the capital.  Continue reading “Tour de France Final Stage Champs Elysées”

Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail

Yuuupppiii … weekend arrived and we just want to know one thing: comfort! Is there anything better than enjoy the days of furloughs with a look well stripped, total relaxation, as for example a jeans and a t-shirt? This is an addiction fashion that we don’t open hand! Before the shirts were already considered basic in the female wardrobe item, today are necessary items for a stylish look. The famous “tees”, as it has been called, are so high that mark presence even when the costume requires a little more sophistication. Can you imagine a ballad composed by t-shirt + skirt with sequins, for example? Ready, a chic and unpretentious production, without effort. We love!!! And was futricando on Instagram we discovered a shop specializing in wholesale and retail fashion t-shirts: LADIES t-shirts! It was love at first sight! Continue reading “Ladies T-shirts: Fashion Wholesale and Retail”

More Sustainable Cotton Is Featured in Collection of C & A

To give continuity to the C & A’s commitment to produce sets with positive impact, 68% of the pieces from the new collection of the network, Original Jeans, were produced with more sustainable cotton, which reduces environmental impacts and use water more efficiently. Continue reading “More Sustainable Cotton Is Featured in Collection of C & A”

White Floral Dress

Check Out Floral White Dress Options TainÁ MÜLler, Romantic Dresses Ideal For You!

Tainá Müller is a brazilian actress, which has been firming on career, mainly due to your character in the novel, the Family photographer Marina. In a photo shoot, Tainá Müller razed by using a floral white dresswith waist and shoulders. Romantic floral dress proved to be suitable for Taina Muller, who is a woman of strong personality. Inspired by this white dress, this post brings up some options of floral white dress. Check out and kill you too! Continue reading “White Floral Dress”

10 Tips for Dressing Well

Elegance In First Place

Elegance is not on the label of the clothing you wear, but the way in which you compose your looks. There are parts that don’t allow you to make mistakes because they are classic and will always look good on almost all women. To dress well, you must know how to use the pieces to enhance your body, but it doesn’t happen by using super short dresses and righteous. To achieve the title of a well dressed woman, must be elegant and demure just right. Of course everyone can wear a dress, skirt or blouse booby, but always with modesty and common sense. Continue reading “10 Tips for Dressing Well”

Chilli Beans Launches New Capsule Collection Inspired by Elvis

Chilli Beans celebrates the life and legacy of Elvis Presley with the launch of a new capsule collection. Inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll ™, the capsule collection includes glasses and watches designed to accurately represent the iconic style of Elvis. The collection is available at all points of sale of Chilli Beans in Brazil and abroad. Continue reading “Chilli Beans Launches New Capsule Collection Inspired by Elvis”

How to Choose the Bra According to Your Type

It is foolish to think that there are only two types of breasts, the small and the large. In fact, they differ greatly in format and can be classified into seven types.

Knowing what is yours can help you buy bras that best fit your breasts, valuing them and providing more comfort.

Do you want to know which one is yours? Read this post and know the seven types of breasts and their characteristics. Continue reading “How to Choose the Bra According to Your Type”

Here’s How to Buy Lingerie on the Internet

With incredible offers, surprising conditions and tempting news, the online world always reserves great surprises for those in love with intimate pieces. That is why learning how to buy lingerie on the internet is so important.

Next, check out how to take full advantage of Le Style. As a matter of fact, see the questions and answers that will make your purchases easier on Le Lingerie. Continue reading “Here’s How to Buy Lingerie on the Internet”

Men’s Jackets

After a few years when the Blazers dominated the winter arrives in time for men’s jackets appear as the moment for those who want to be well-dressed and gotten. The trucker jacket in denim won the spotlight this year, but there are still other classic models that can fall like a glove in your wardrobe, everything will depend on your style or your versatility. Continue reading “Men’s Jackets”

Summer Ideas: Tips for Using Bermuda

Summer has already passed most of the year, in at least half of our country, that does not make much difference, does it?  Yes, even with the arrival of autumn, the heat does not give a truce, and with this the shorter and more bare pieces remain firmly in our daily life. Continue reading “Summer Ideas: Tips for Using Bermuda”

Shirts Spring / Summer: the Must Head to Look

Shirts Spring / Summer 2014: the must head to look (not too) authoritative.That white is a classic, one that every person has in their wardrobe, or at least should. There are cotton, silk, chiffon and denim, among the most popular in recent seasons. The women’s shirts are real evergreen, ideal to produce authoritative and rigorous look, perfect for going to work or attend daily errands, but also to develop delicious outfits, trendy and even intriguing. It is a leader who is well suited to many occasions but we must, of course, pay attention to style, cut, colors and above all to materials. Continue reading “Shirts Spring / Summer: the Must Head to Look”

Discovered: Our Site, Slow Fashion

The drive to expression “Slow Fashion” is becoming increasingly buoyancy lately. Our blog we have founded two detectives over three years ago because we wanted to release more flea market – and Second hand content on the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, there are many blogs that revolve around this issue also and great people who have taken the step to a sustainable independence. Continue reading “Discovered: Our Site, Slow Fashion”

Feminine Floral Dresses from Giovanna Lancellotti

Check out beautiful feminine floral dresses 6 of Giovanna Lancellotti and get inspired!

Are you looking for a feminine dress and comfortable? This post will help you, why today I bring to you some beautiful feminine floral dresses, starting by Giovanna dress Lancellotti shown below. Check out! Continue reading “Feminine Floral Dresses from Giovanna Lancellotti”

Sets the Fitness Track and Field

Hello guys, who loves to workout, ride, run, nothing jumps rope and don’t have too lazy to move the body … today our post is especially for you! Prepare an editorial super inspiring, full of suggestions of FITNESS FASHION to give aqueeele mood in (the) lazy (the) on duty and help you choose the “look of the day” to burn off the calories with a lot of “style”. Continue reading “Sets the Fitness Track and Field”

Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models

Sunglasses are summer’s face and without a doubt is one of the most glamorous accessories and essential not only to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the Sun but also to compose the look. The sunglasses for summer 2011 bets on various models that promise to leave the most awaited season of the year with a retro touch. Continue reading “Sunglasses Summer: Photos and Models”