Wedding Clothes for Guests

Even for those who have witnessed and received many wedding invitations, the arrival of the invitation yet, Yes, can cause chill down your spine and doubt a lot of people. And there’s no shortage for men and women with fears about what not to wear on occasion, Godfather, godmother, etc, the other guests need to be equally well dressed and stylish. Continue reading “Wedding Clothes for Guests”

Pajamas Sonhart

Founded in May 1992, the Paraná brand Sonhart, comes by expanding considerably the sale of their products of excellent quality. Specializing in providing people a good night of sleep and rest, and always in tune with the market, the network has various lines of sleepwear, Nightgowns, bathrobes, slippers, accessories, linens and duvets. Continue reading “Pajamas Sonhart”

Children’s Fashion Trends Summer

With the little interested in what happens in the fashion world, the parents, who are not so linked in the fashion universe, now need to be also an eye on global trends to be able to accompany their children on time to upgrade the closet of little people. For this, we will know which colors, prints and pieces coming in for the wish list of kids in 2012: Continue reading “Children’s Fashion Trends Summer”

Irina Shayk Has Designed the New Beach Bunny Bikini Collection

Hello Hello! Irina Shayk designed the new collection of Beach Bunny bikinis and surprised everyone again.

If you designed it yourself (I want to believe it) or if it was just a brilliant marketing move, I do not know. But what is certain is that Irina Shayk continues to add points as a model and this time as a designer. Continue reading “Irina Shayk Has Designed the New Beach Bunny Bikini Collection”

Tips for Using Different Lengths and Rock That Look

Icon of feminine wardrobe, the skirt is everywhere and is a true synonym of grace and beauty for women. There are several types of cuts, different lengths and new models that arise each day. But you know how to use the piece in favor of your body and at the time right? Check out tips for your favorite skirt Cortez and discover the secrets to suit each length and model to your style.Come on? Continue reading “Tips for Using Different Lengths and Rock That Look”

Collection Sand Bank Summer

Sandbar-Collection Of Bikinis Summer 2013

What is centerpiece to make nice on the beaches during the summer? The bikinis, of course. Why they also suffer influences from fashion trends and renew each season. During the fashion weeks in Brazil we can see various collections of swimwear, among all brands was also the sandbar. See all the news from collection of designer clothing to 2013: Continue reading “Collection Sand Bank Summer”

Female Pants Saruel

Exotic, the sarouel pants-or also called sarouel-have the hook down, is adjusted at the waist and gets more legs tapered from the knee. But it’s not a rule, there are saruéis pants in various styles, colors, fabrics and modeling. Wide–with the legs straight and wide-modeling, skinny, jeans, in more social model, chess, and many others. Continue reading “Female Pants Saruel”

Swimwear for Fatties

Cherish Your Body With Hints Of Plus-Size Swimwear

The hottest season of the year is approaching, and with it comes the season to go to the beach. And you already know what to use to enhance your body and enjoy the Sun in the summer? The fashion imposed dictatorship for a long time, the bodies would have to be, necessarily, sculptural. However, currently, has seen models ‘ real ‘ on the runway, that is, women who do not follow the standard required by society and no less beautiful than the conventional stereotypes. What if you want to say is that each one is beautiful to your way. So, there’s no reason to be embarrassed at the thought of going to the beach. All can and should enjoy all the best that summer has to offer. Just need to know what is best suited for your beauty be highlighted. For this, follow the tips to swimwear below. Continue reading “Swimwear for Fatties”

How to Choose the Ideal Skirt Model

Timeless, always skirts are in fashion. Enter station, leaves the station, and they reappear in many different models and lengths. Play icon of feminine wardrobe, they leave the woman who use much more delicate, elegant and charming.However, each skirt style requires a proper silhouette and occasion to be used. To learn how to use the play the right way, see below, what are the models of existing skirt and which one suits your body type: Continue reading “How to Choose the Ideal Skirt Model”

Jeans Fashion, Jeans Pictures and Models

The jeans are always high and never goes out of style. But the models vary according to the season fashion jeans for 2010 comes clearer and detonated with greater lightness, though not new, it means a return to past of the universe of jeans and detonated. Because several seasons the jeans came more serious like a well-behaved. Continue reading “Jeans Fashion, Jeans Pictures and Models”

Clothes for Chubby

The Fatties

The right outfit for a chubby is one that comes with your self-esteem because she has to feel good with your clothes giving you comfort and feeling satisfied with the visual.

If you’re a fatty, learn some important tips so that you can compose a look “elegant” and beautiful according to your standard of beauty. Continue reading “Clothes for Chubby”

Re Exchange, Save Your Life

The automatically inflatable re room should be in the future a constant companion of every anglers and boaters. Because it can save your life in case of an emergency. We have taken the inflatable airbag under the magnifying glass.

Small, handy, light, and in case of emergency it can save your life: the new re room! The tiny package, which you wear on the supplied high-quality belt, interfere in any situation while fishing and saves lives under certain circumstances. The sport version we tested is extremely handy and secured by a PIN in addition to accidental triggering of the lifting body.

Continue reading “Re Exchange, Save Your Life”

The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller

Who hasn’t wished for a few centimeters? Although there is no treatment to increase stature, fashion can be a great ally to create a longer silhouette and in tune. With a few tricks, and the choice of certain parts, it is possible to make the illusion work to your favor.

“One needs to look your style very well and know your body, but you can use the clothes to your favor,” says consultantMaria Elena Daniel, image Consulting tuning and style. You don’t have to give up their favorite colors or shapes, for example, but should adapt them to look more long torso. Continue reading “The Clothes Can Help You Look Taller”

Fur Fall Winter

Among the trends of the cold season, could not certainly miss the fur, the return of one of the most controversial leaders, but also the one of the most beloved winter.

Dictated by the greatest fashion houses around the world, the furs are you come back on the catwalks of the last Fashion Week and, despite numerous discussions on those who prefer real or at least “natural”, if you can define it, and those who dare with ecological patterns and multicolor, in bold colors or shades evergreen , it will be really impossible to resist. Continue reading “Fur Fall Winter”