What to Wear for Music Festivals

The 2016 Edition of the Planet Atlantis, the largest music festival in the South of the country, begins on Friday. With artists like the American rapper Wiz Khalifa and funkeira Pip in the line up, thousands of people are expected at the headquarters of Saba, in the beach of Atlantis. And nobody wants to do badly in time to choose the look, right? With that in mind, we ask the fashion Consultant Patricia Pontalti, AsPatricias, and blogger Martina Ritter, who is already confirmed presence in the event, to give tips what to wear. All with a lot of style and of course, comfort.

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Grandstyles Miriam Jezek – Plus Size Fashion From Vienna

Miriam Jezek and their large size fashion met again and again – from a distance. About one and a half years ago, she had a booth at the curvy fair in Berlin and sent models with their outfits on the catwalk. On the Internet on its website and social media. A few months ago, it was then closer: an email thank you. If we would like to support a young label and wanted to put together an outfit also? Of course – we like to do both. From Vienna, later even her package with a purple ensemble – arrived a few days skirt and jacket – from her current collection.

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Fashion XXL Outfit: Marlene Pants

When it comes to fashion XXL and styling, I try out like new – Finally I can always learn something and discover something fashionable that I had so not on the screen. Since it was just chic-salhaft (the pun had to be now), that we have received the invitation for Studio untold to style something. Rujuta has already unveiled their rock styling idea and now mine.

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Top 5 Cheap Quiksilver Sweatshirts of 2017

Sweatshirts are very useful, practical and versatile, a piece that is essential in any wardrobe because of the many possibilities offered.

Quiksilver sweatshirts are synonymous with quality and, therefore, a very interesting purchase. In this comprehensive guide, we offer you 2 sections that will help you make the best choice according to your needs and budget:

  1. the best cheap Quiksilver sweatshirts of 2017
  2. what keep in mind when buying a Quiksilver Sweatshirt

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Sports Bra Chest Protector

Let’s start with a topic that concerns us all and which is often:

What sports bra choose to protect our chest?

Well Yes, although we like any run, we did not necessarily want to end up with two beautiful toilet gloves in a few years! Not to mention the problems of irritation… In short, it is a very important topic for us women, subject which unfortunately tends to neglect!

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Elle Fanning Style Guide

Welcome guest in the front row, model for Miu Miu, playing side by side with the biggest stars in the world – and that with 16 years. No question, Elle fanning is anything other than an ordinary teenager. Especially the style of charming In her role as Aurora in the Disney film “Maleficent – the dark fairy” she wears mainly Princess dresses. The particularly good for you, not even surprised us, finally, it inspires even on the red carpet regularly in magical robes.

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How to Choose Children’s Pajamas

In this guide we explain how to choose the best children’s pajamas.

In all the years of growing even a simple Pajama for baby undergoes many changes just like day by day growth of our children. Let’s watch together what characteristics should possess a good Pajamas for baby to meet your needs and make sure that you have chosen well.

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Bowie t-Shirt Plus Size

Think that I wrote the whole post, everything was ready and when I click “publish” my Google Chrome crashed and I lost everything? For some bizarre reason my WordPress didn’t save the draft post and now I am here, wanting to cry over having to write all over again! But let’s talk about Bowie t-shirt plus size that the ChicaBolacha released in your new collection “Cosmopolitan”.

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British Dandy Fashion

This week’s outfit was a little down on Manolo. Now is our article series back, this week, inspired by the British the dandy. For although the British style is primarily associated with mossy tweedkavajer in a rainy Sussex mastered even British manufacturer art of sew stylish and casual clothes as fitting for a martini at Riviera as a krockettmatch at the mansion. Much of the inspiration comes from Gieves & Hawkes and Pringle of Scotland Spring collections, which we also previously noted.

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Maxima Fashion In XXL

Maxima- this brand stands for young fashion from Germany! The typical collections are striking and different, the style is unique. Everyday, business and evening wear- with Maxima, the young clothing in large sizes, no wishes remain open. The great designs for strong women- be stylish tops, jackets with elaborate patterns or pants with prints and last but not least the typical Maxima loose-fit cuts- always remember adventure. Grey, earthy and warm colors and the stylish Leo-look, which crosses many collections that contribute to this adventure feeling.

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Short Dresses For 15 Years

All dresses have a different fashion, so now I talk about photos of dresses for 15 years, which are designs that can change with the passing of time and that are also models of princesses that characterize the volume of the skirt and carved necklines. Therefore in this way, we can eoncontrar diversities of dresses for 15 years who have a style of occasion and it is crucial to look at these events glasmurosos.

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The Customs Of Beauty More Painful And Dangerous History

The beauty, and everything that surrounds the world, has been never interested. Since prehistoric times, there are cannons. They respond to the model of perfection that each age, culture or social status has considered ideal. But get a perfect image, was not always easy. Today we are a walk through the history of the world of beauty and you have 7 of the most painful and dangerous habits so surprised as much as us. Fortunately, many are gone!

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Is Zuckerbergs Hoodie the Essence of Facebook

We June 2, 2010, and Zuckerberg sweats. He wears his hoodie-he always wears his hoodie – and he’s on stage. Presenters questioned the privacy issues of Facebook. Questions or projectors? It’s hot. It is uncomfortable. He sponge his brow. He apologizes. It’s very hot.

The first hoodies, are we told, were manufactured by Champion Products in the 30s they were created for athletes and workers.

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Jeans Angel Devil Touch

Here’s a pair of jeans that can also communicate, thanks to a special USB key that allows you to exchange information and create a community.

We are in the era of ‘ ever connected ‘, always connected, after the portability of notebooks to have a tool that will allow you to connect to the internet everywhere, now you want to make sure they can exchange information using as instrument an article of clothing, and the choice fell on what is the international clothing and used by all for excellence , the jeans.

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How to Wear Boyfriend Shorts

Really seems that the fashion for wearing baggy clothes as if they were her boyfriend is pleasing the female audience, especially celebrities living being photographed with more loose shorts. It was from there that the news turned out to be a tendency among women, a new concept of fashion, clothing style “boyfriend”.

For you who likes to stay in tune with the latest news and news from the world of fashion, can use and abuse the short boyfriend, because besides being a larguinha piece that provides comfort women’s production, short boyfriend is a extremely stylish and modern. Generally, the short boyfriend is sold with a numbering greater than your usual, so are considered fairly comfortable parts.

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Women’s Plus Size Clothing Brands

Be a curvy woman isn’t always easy, the pleasure of dressing, to buy and try heads carini is often impossible because most fashion houses don’t dress over a size 44, 46 when are very generous. Over the years, however, things are a bit changing and there are many brands that specialize in apparel women’s clothing for plus sizes, although the terms best suited and contemporaries are curvy and plus size… that sound even a little better!

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Vintage Pin up Style

Hello the radiant and the female!

For a year I’m talking about vintage on my blog. And it was only this year that we see everywhere from the retro-inspired! Criticism also much this new trend by saying high and strong as the 1950s was an era of women objects, little outfits and mysogenie… yet I more or less agree with what has been said in the article of March 13 last on the site on retro photos Canoe.ca! “We invite women to identify themselves at a time when they were not considered. Is the message that to be beautiful, they dress in lingerie and they look like stereotypes”, said Martin Dufresne.

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50 Years Fashion: Retro Style And Ladylike Trend

Fashion years 50, bon ton style for many women is a real way of being, a lifestyle and fashion.

Certain styles never fade. The fashion achievement, passes and returns and re-conquest. The fashion cycle is continuous, it never stops. The fashion of the past is often reinterpreted . Designers dig into their archives to find new sources of inspiration and models of the past, dresses now fallen into disuse returning to make their appearance on the runway in new colors, fabrics, patterns and lengths. And then as you know are the Accessories to give that little bit more innovative and not waited.

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