Sony Alpha A7S

The A7S Alpha is equipped with a sensor full 12 Mpix format that goes up to 400,000 ISO, which manages 4K TV (UHD).

Sony had already surprised the world of photography with the A7 and A7R, two hybrids in very compact format equipped with a sensor full-format (full frame, 24 x 36 mm). The new A7S takes up exactly the same (small) chassis, the same design, the same mount E-FE but is given a 12 Mpix sensor. This could seem iconoclastic when you know that the A7R displays 36 Mpix to the meter: so what is the interest to offer a device with fewer pixels when there already exists the A7 with its 24 Mpix? Simply to target another market, namely that of the video.

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Yamaha RX-V 861

A stereophilic multi channel artists

  1. Yamaha RX-V 861
  2. Data sheet

The RX-V 861 by Yamaha (900 euros) shows his stereophile inclination on the front: with the “pure direct”-button. Thus all circuits turn off that are not needed for immediate playback of stereo signals, so display, video board and also DSP. The result is clearly articulated than with the periphery. That is not enough and who the world on top of that has the appropriate terminals on its boxes, which can persuade the 861 also blessed with seven power amplifiers for bi-Amping. The amplifiers for the surround back channels take care of, for example, only the midrange, while the front channels dedicated to the bass – a separation of powers established for stereo signals. Continue reading “Yamaha RX-V 861″

Speakers Monitor Audio Silver RX 6

The monitor audio silver RX 6 (1030 EUR the pair) the ramified structures the Yello sound boffins could best shine through and nurture with the greatest purity to days.

  1. Speakers monitor audio silver RX 6
  2. Data sheet

Monitor audio has like many traditional loudspeaker manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom. Where ever the new silver RX 6 in detail is made, one could pin easily a “made in Germany” on the chest you, because what discover eyes and hands, seems so unusual class solid, that for decades grown class standards get shaken. Continue reading “Speakers Monitor Audio Silver RX 6″

Speakers Magico V 2

Magico builds the world’s best and most expensive boxes. Even the entry-level model Magico V 2 (20000 euro) is the world’s elite behind him.

  1. Speakers Magico V 2
  2. stereoplay service: screw-down precision
  3. Data sheet

Munich, may 2009: everywhere on the high end there is the usual hectic short pure listening and again go. But in Room D 119 visitors as tied up sit upstream of the system. Perhaps, because hardly a music (we’re talking of course about canning) is ever so naturally and rousing-plastic like with these speakers Magico had M 5. Probably, because here so clearly was, Hi-Fi can be beautiful. And although everyone knew that it was a fairly expensive fun, they listened as the (5 M euros 100_000), the response was euphoric. I have never experienced it in over 20 years, in which I now visit the high end, that a demonstration across all storage so unanimously to the “best sound of the show” was chosen. Continue reading “Speakers Magico V 2″

Avorio Transrotor Turntable + 2500 Gold Ring

The reference scanner Lyra Titan i the Transrotor Avorio (2740 euros) with the stereoplay highlight Pro-Ject PerspeX (4/08) could catch up with

  1. Avorio Transrotor turntable + 2500 gold ring
  2. Data sheet

Transrotor was always a manufacturer who could offer priced subsidised solutions – thanks to its lush modular system and the fact that Chief Jochen Rake has also the gold ring systems in distribution. For this test, he has the Avorio 25/60 in addition to engine electronics constant Studio with the tonearm TR 2500 married Goldring 800s and the pickup and attached to a weight of plates. Rake makes even more interesting the whole thus dropping the price instead of the sum of the parts of 3125 euros in a bundle of 2740 euros. Continue reading “Avorio Transrotor Turntable + 2500 Gold Ring”

Cartridge Replacement

When the adjustment of the pickup you should aim visually whether the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up the stencil.

A pickup adjustment although isn’t rocket science, but required accessories and experience. Therefore, it is generally useful to leave the Abbot Aster installation the dealer. If you would like to try it yourself, a template and a pickup scale are a must. First should be screwed in the pickup in the headshell, mN a low tracking force of 15 (equivalent to 1.5 grams) and be set the anti-skate to zero. Then, to align the sound box with the template. You should not watch on the system body, but on the fact that the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up. Continue reading “Cartridge Replacement”

Pickup 2500 Gold Ring

Sonically the gold ring of 2500 (360 euros) showed something more powerful than his brother, 1042 (8/01) and open in the heights as well as fine in the bass.

  1. Pickup 2500 gold ring
  2. Data sheet

The 2500 is designed for MM inputs, but not a high-output MC or a MM system. He belongs to the rare species of the moving iron pickup (MI). Both coil and magnet in the body are firmly installed in this form of construction. On the cantilever, is a piece of metal and is moved by the movement of the grooves in the magnetic circuit, what changed, this leads to an induction in the coil and thus a signal voltage. Continue reading “Pickup 2500 Gold Ring”

Clearaudio Concept Turntable + Concept

The Clearaudio concept (1000 Euro) with more stability and geschmeidigerer fine resolution, countered the deeper bass and minimal more agile appearance of the Pro-Ject Xperience (12/06).

  1. Clearaudio concept turntable + concept
  2. Data sheet

That Clearaudio consistently relies on the idea of the system and wants to sweeten the purchase above all also very benighted turntable customers, shows during the unpacking of the beautiful building haeuslerisch acting concepts. The analog newcomer must not even adjust the tracking force, because ships the tonearm with counterweight is adjusted. Continue reading “Clearaudio Concept Turntable + Concept”

Blu-Ray Player Denon DBP-1610

Denons of smallest Blu-rayer, the DBP 1610 (500 euro) offers bombastic processing and good facilities – just the usual quality of Denon.

  1. Blu-ray player Denon DBP-1610
  2. Data sheet

First, it stumbles at Denon name, turn the usual letters to DBP but the Japanese. The 1610 is a robust, high-quality impression with its massive aluminium front, whose noble impression reinforce the keys with precise pressure point. Only those who even wobbles on the open drawer, which notes that the mechanism is not the top models. A SD card reader for photo -, video – and music tape, which serves the buffer of BD-live content from the Internet but also with a (hopefully freshly formatted) SD card sits next to the crystal clear display. The back is decorated with a standard arrangement of analog and digital book by a LAN connection through HDMI, coax digital up to stereo RCA outputs. Continue reading “Blu-Ray Player Denon DBP-1610″

Blu-Ray Player Philips BDP 7500

The Philips BDP 7500 (300 Euro) offers the prallste connectivity in the test field and plays mainly with speed forward.

  1. Blu-ray player Philips BDP 7500
  2. Data sheet

The BDP 7500 represents the second Blu-ray generation of its own player development of the Dutch initially also accessing OEM types from distant Asia. The drive keys, which are actually only glowing icons that respond to gentle touch are pleasant on the front. The small sliding door that conceals the USB port is chic intended, but unfortunately something cheaply made. That you can plug just slide and then insert it. Again, a spring closes the socket when not in use. Back is the Philips as the richest equipped, offers a 7.1-channel analog audio output as one Toslink plus RCA digital audio port and in addition to the two-channel stereo. Continue reading “Blu-Ray Player Philips BDP 7500″

Blu-Ray Player Pioneer BDP 120

The low-cost brand player Pioneer BDP 120 (200 euros) is the Benjamin pioneers Blu-ray portfolio and offers BD-live all interesting features.

  1. Blu-ray player Pioneer BDP 120
  2. Data sheet

The cheapest player in the test comes precisely from pioneer, which offered long even no really cheap model, instead preferring their quality image used – maybe not a bad way. BDP 120 falls in the current program of Japanese anyway, not only with its extremely low price from the role.

Its remote control shows some other buttons and the menu looks significantly different than at the larger players. It is not so clear, is obviously scaled, but readable. Continue reading “Blu-Ray Player Pioneer BDP 120″

Blu-Ray Player Sony PS 3 Slim 120 GB

The Swiss army knife of the Blu-ray devices. Somewhat limited connectivity makes the Sony PS 3 slim 120 GB (300 Euro) locker with feature diversity again betting.

  1. Blu-ray player Sony PS 3 slim 120 GB
  2. Data sheet

“Slim” is Sony’s latest evolution of the PlayStation 3, and actually it got more depth significantly shallower, it needed it. Significantly easier processed effect casing that has little in common with the former high-gloss look. The sensor buttons were vile mechanics. Only obvious technical improvements are manifested in a larger hard drive and HDMI 1.3a – interface, which now also HD-audio stream can. Also in the firmware, nothing has changed for CD, DVD and Blu-ray, the changes mainly affect online services such as a free music video portal and a still not very richly equipped download video library for films, even in HD. Continue reading “Blu-Ray Player Sony PS 3 Slim 120 GB”

Harman HD 980 CD Player

Listening comparisons, the Harman HD 980 (300 Euro) proved a friend deep tones. He loved the heat and heavy piano chords.

  1. Harman HD 980 CD player
  2. Data sheet

The Harman displays CD-text good or at MP3-Gebranntem an ID3 tag title directory. If you have concerns that such activities could disturb the sound, HD 980 assumes like “Dim display” command.

It seems not at all ridiculous at the 300-Euro player, because he – shows how the Assembly – quite propels the musical purity on the tip. So pulses a full-blown 32-bit processor the data in the CD with a rate of 176.4 kHz complete newly to. Then the bits together with the new intermediate values such as freshly polished and without any jitter in a Wolfson DAC called WM 8740 audition, which then makes a more accurate analog conversion in his calculation precision of 24 bits. Continue reading “Harman HD 980 CD Player”

Amplifier Harman HK 980

Much like the player, also the Harman HK 980 (500 euro) endeavoured to great perspectives, where he however unilaterally took control of the heights.

  1. Amplifier Harman HK 980
  2. Data sheet

The inspection of the player led to amazement, the testers at the HK 980 no longer brought to the mouth. The Harman for the right and left channel brings two separate power amplifiers as well as very large amplifier a la Accuphase. And while not prissy. The two main Power storage cos (with twice 12_000 Microfarads capacity) in every aisle already illustrate that the Harman vehemently can strike. It also the sweaty on massive heatsinks quartets, 15-ampere fixed output transistors (2SC5242/2SA1962) leave no doubt. Continue reading “Amplifier Harman HK 980″

Amplifier Rotel RA 04 SE

Whether the LP or CD playback for the big Tammtamm the Rotel RA 04 SE (400 euro) is not suitable decidedly.

  1. Amplifier Rotel RA 04 SE
  2. Data sheet

Also the amplifier RA 04 SE resembles its predecessor without SE (10/07) on the hair. Again, there are terminals for two pairs of speakers A and B, and Rotel put two small coils B before the exit, aimed at preventing that longer capacity-rich cables, which run about in the next room, stimulate the amplifier by means of phase shifts to high-frequency oscillation. Continue reading “Amplifier Rotel RA 04 SE”

Rotel RCD-06 SE CD Player

The Rotel RCD 06 SE (600 euro) gründelte almost with delight in the lower pitches around.

  1. Rotel RCD-06 SE CD player
  2. Data sheet

Definitely a plus: the RCD 06 SE for 600 euro comes with the most stable chassis made of properly thick steel plate. That is why old Hifiisten not chalking on certainly his stressed simplicity him. There are the obvious repeat, random and scan as well as the possibility of programming a title sequence. Missing CD-text or any openness for all usual MP3 format, as already the Harman player offered, as well as the headphone jack of the Marantz. Continue reading “Rotel RCD-06 SE CD Player”

CD Player Marantz CD 6003

In the listening room, 6003 (400 euros) less with its extensive equipment as with an exquisite sound shone the Marantz CD.

  1. CD player Marantz CD 6003
  2. Data sheet

(Only the curved side extensions are made of plastic) the eye is looking for after the first viewing of the neat Marantz player with his elegant, brushed metal front involuntarily the price tag: but there is in fact no more than 400 euros.

Then the USB input is in addition to the small control knob for the headphone volume. About not only contact with appropriate memory stick produces the CD 6003, swapping WMA, AAC and WAV format with modern iPods operating and music files in MP3, while the latter allows the non-reduced digital transfer. Finally is the CD 6003 when such activities of iPods out to operate. Continue reading “CD Player Marantz CD 6003″

Amplifiers Marantz PM 6003

Wonderful, as it created not only mass the Marantz PM 6003 (400 euro) in the bass, but how alive he let it throb and pulsate.

  1. Amplifiers Marantz PM 6003
  2. Data sheet

If he looks also clearly pilfered from the PM 6002 (2/08), so that the same reasonable facilities brings new 6003, about switchable full metal clips for pairs A and B, as well as two tape loops. Again, small toroidal inductors help to keep high-frequency from the Phonoteil – clear frequency response friendly way than the usual capacitors Abblock out. As the latest Marantz (as also Harmans HK 980) brings an extra Kleintrafo, which maintains standby readiness in an efficient way. Continue reading “Amplifiers Marantz PM 6003″

Speaker Spendor ST

The spendor ST (8000 euros the pair) resisted the trend to ever-higher levels of reserves and low bass messy. They focused on plasticity, is tonally independently. Quietly, she sounds very smooth and lively.

  1. Speaker spendor ST
  2. Data sheet

While not a few boxes manufacturer with eye-catching design and great use of materials trying to chase market share from their competitors, the British boxing forge spendor apparently holds little of such maneuvers.
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Speaker of ASW Chelys

The high pitched ASW Chelys (9000 euros the pair) surrenders to Watt-frugal and appreciated amplifiers of all kinds. She sounds stressed alive in very precise imaging and high attention to detail. The listening area is scarce.

  1. Speaker of ASW Chelys
  2. Data sheet

With its lush height and numerous soft curves, the Chelys ASW is one of the visually bigger phenomena of our Sevens round. The character appearance is supported by a perfectionist way of processing with narrowest gaps and symmetrically paired veneers. Continue reading “Speaker of ASW Chelys”

Hearing Test Final ASW, Blumenhofer, Burmester, focal, Monitor Audio, Spendor, Thiel

The final hearing test was the elaboration of a ranking and the decisive for the test result allocation of sound points.

The listening test was clarity due to split in two. The first part was mainly to the basic characters of the test participants, less about comparisons with other boxes. You will find these terms sound descriptions in the respective boxes.

The second passage was the elaboration of a ranking and the decisive for the test result allocation of sound points, broken down in five individual events, which are shown in the results tables with vertical red bars. Continue reading “Hearing Test Final ASW, Blumenhofer, Burmester, focal, Monitor Audio, Spendor, Thiel”

Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE

The tailor counts as 2.4 SE (8800 euro) had among the best in their League, but the competition has become stronger. The SE version sounds somewhat rounder than the original unchanged excellent room figure.

  1. Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE
  2. Data sheet

For loyal stereoplay readers 2.4 of the American boxing legend Thiel CS is a kind of constant companion who is again seven years after appearing in slightly revised form in the race.

Flashback to the September 2003: after long months of waiting, the first available couples of then dewy CS 2.4 in the stereoplay listening room lands. A furious test follows including highlight and the rare distinction of “Favourite of editor”. Continue reading “Speaker Thiel CS 2.4 SE”

Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3

The Watt-frugal Blumenhofer Genuin FS 30 (8900 EUR the pair) opts for Dynamics and plasticity. The dry bass calls for a tends to be close to wall installation. The directivity allows listening distances.

  1. Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3
  2. Data sheet

Average citizens are likely to bring the name Blumenhofer hardly with the construction of high-quality sound transducer in connection. But in the sound system scene and for fans of tube amps small South German boxes forge enjoys cult status long ago. Company owner Thomas Blumenhofer to horns, which absorb high long with the big players in the industry stumbled about in search for more than 30 years. Continue reading “Speaker Blumenhofer Genuin FS 3″