New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises

Kate Winslet star revenge is on Fashion, film based on the novel of the same name, written by Rosalie Ham. In the feature, we see Tilly Dunnage, a mysterious seamstress that returns to your homeland (in rural Australia) to take care of your mother. Continue reading “New Movie with Vintage Aesthetics of Promises”

Costly Small Office

The Sagem WA 3050-a rock-solid Smart phone. But the combination of PDA and mobile is not exactly cheap.

Mobile phone and PDA in one device: Keep track of your appointments with a Smart phone and do the post thanks to email on the go. The WA 3050 presents itself as one of the finest in its class. Continue reading “Costly Small Office”

D/A Converter Audio Research DAC 7

Via laptop, the audio showed research DAC 7 (3500 euros) impressively which achieved sound regions with computer playback now.

  1. D/A Converter Audio Research DAC 7
  2. Data sheet

From the usual optical reluctance of his digital Guild, audio is absolutely nothing to track research at the DAC 7 from the American amplifier specialist. Dressed in a sumptuous body in the professional 19-inch format, he visibly announced: “I’m proud to be a D/A converters.” His spectacular optical appearance reminiscent of these stocked tube signal processors from the 60s, what bulb specialist audio research no doubt intended. Continue reading “D/A Converter Audio Research DAC 7”

Stereoplay – Tips & Tricks

The Mac OS X operating system automatically selects the highest sample rate and adjusts the data provided by iTunes by upsampling.

As the testers were amazed not bad as the D/A converter of a Ayre and PS signaled stoically 96 kilohertz sampling frequency audio for iTunes playback via Mac – even if the files in the/44 CD 16 have been played. The cause was quickly found: similar as computer screens connected converter inform on the USB port all their available sampling rates the computer. The Mac OS X operating system automatically selects the highest and adjusts the data provided by iTunes by upsampling. Continue reading “Stereoplay – Tips & Tricks”

AV Receiver Harman AVR 760

In the heights of carefully Bumble and untenrum powerful rich: Also in surround acted Harman AVR 760 (2,500 euros) as a sympathetic bear.

  1. AV receiver Harman AVR 760
  2. Data sheet

First of all, the new Harman introduces the HiFiisten who wants to short time connect a CD player, and “listen”, puzzles. Back to find only with “analog 1” up to “5” labeled stereo inputs and front no input selector. Then he presses without result on “Menu” and then it inevitably engages the manual. That tells him that calls these tipsters USB and Ethernet source and that he must set up CD via “AVR”. At this time, ran a monitor which shows the beautiful graphics of control should at the latest. And then there is a submenu test (while in the still silence every now and again, a fan is audible), whether the dynamic brake Dolby volume on all (!) “out” is available. Continue reading “AV Receiver Harman AVR 760”

AV Receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007

Super plastic, great perspective and cool: When the surround the Onkyo TX NR 5007 (2,500 euros) stood out even further by the smaller brother of 3007.

  1. AV receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007
  2. Data sheet

As regards the facilities, there was at the big new Onkyo compared to the highlight TX equipped already with nine installation amplifiers NR much increasing 3007 of the January issue. In principle it was ultra 2 plus Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX height and wide even at the same, rich laden Digital board with the three audio DSPs by THX everything front and back process. But now came an eighth HDMI input. Continue reading “AV Receiver Onkyo TX NR 5007”

Speaker Cable Atlas Cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.

The Atlas cables Ascend 2.0 MK II (810 EURO) is recommended with its sound tendency for more bass-heavy chains,.

  1. Speaker cable Atlas cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.
  2. Data sheet

Expectations were high: had cleared in the issue 11/07 Atlas cables and highlights galore with its cheaper creations. So we were curious to see what do the Scots in their topline. For the Ascend 2.0, the Scots were economical and took a delicate cross section of 2 mm2, think but gave high-purity copper, which is manufactured in the Ohno continuous casting process. The individual wires they evenly concentric positioned so as to as close as possible together. This reduces the inductance and an extended frequency response. Continue reading “Speaker Cable Atlas Cables Ascend 2.0 MK II.”

Trails On The Ipod Touch And The Ipad

GPS tracking: Knowing where you were, is and wanted to be…
Continued: To find out how the pair of iPod touch and external GPS in practice proved, I used several hikes and experimented. Starting point was a 100% loaded iPod touch, the end of the trip was for me when the battery was completely empty. The deactivation of the live card extends the usability to twice, but without map one can orient themselves badly. With connected Gum Pro (accessory battery) you get almost tenfold usability but must also carry the battery with it.

Continue reading “Trails On The Ipod Touch And The Ipad”

Speaker Cable LS 16 Silent Wire

The silent wire LS 16 (1000 Euro) is highly recommended for chains, which sound rather superficially and directly.

  1. Speaker cable LS 16 silent wire
  2. Data sheet

Silent wire focuses on continuity and takes over the building when the LS 16 with cross-connected wires, winding around a polyethylene tube, from the LS 12 (10/09). However, it has made changes in critical locations. So, the number of wires – as the name suggests – has grown to 16, which gives a cross section of 4 mm2 16 LS. Continue reading “Speaker Cable LS 16 Silent Wire”

WireWorld Equinox 6 Speaker Cable

The WireWorld Equinox 6 (1050 euro) more clearly worked out even subtle musical phrasing; Tutti passages worked less and more clearly.

  1. WireWorld Equinox 6 speaker cable
  2. Data sheet

On superficial inspection, it looks like WireWorld-Chef David Salz have simply missed a gray PVC sheath the OASIS 6 (10/08) and renamed it the Equinox 6. But it isn’t, because the more expensive brother has the same design – four PE-insulated conductors with 18 wires, which are each other and squirm in PVC – although, the used wires with 0.35 mm instead of 0.4 mm delicate are but remarkable way. This leads at the Equinox 6 to a cross-section of 3.5 mm2 while the OASIS 6 has proud 4.6 mm2. Continue reading “WireWorld Equinox 6 Speaker Cable”

Speaker Wire Gold Cable Matrix

The gold cable matrix (1100 euro) harmonized with all used chains. Only the interaction of musicians seemed somewhat inaccurate to coordinate than its competitors.

  1. Speaker Wire gold cable matrix
  2. Data sheet

Proven it should not change, is the motto of gold cord. Why also? Finally, the Highline bi-wire in issue had got a stereoplay highlight 4/08. Consistent way is also the top model of the Ludwigshafen manufacturer very similar. Continue reading “Speaker Wire Gold Cable Matrix”

Speaker Cable Van Den Hul Revelation Hybrid

The gripping speech of the HMS concertato owned the van den Hul revelation hybrid (1100 euro) not quite, but it showed a consistent timing of the musicians.

  1. Speaker cable van den Hul revelation hybrid
  2. Data sheet

From the outside that is revelation hybrid in form two separate lines simply. However, the internal structure is complicated and full of surprises. So, 0.15 millimeter thin, silver-plated copper wires slumbering in the heart 294 (!). These are from a situation of carbon fibers – where the name hybrid comes – tightly wrapped. This situation is now even by 16 strands a 42 surrounded 0.15 mm diameter wires. Continue reading “Speaker Cable Van Den Hul Revelation Hybrid”

Speaker of Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS 3

In addition to the established high end brands that are in everyone’s lips (and of all specialty stores), again unknown manufacturers promise interesting concepts. Among those who were perceived previously little on the high end stage Blumenhofer acoustics from the Bavarian Walker’s oven. Now 33 years Thomas Blumenhofer mainly at Big Horn systems stumbled about in search. He has fought for his status as an insider tip is especially with successes in Studio as sound reinforcement professionals and tubes fans.

  1. Speaker of Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS 3
  2. Data sheet

Also his latest creation, which genuinely embodies this philosophy FS 3, although she takes distance with a four-digit price tag and a “normal” bass-reflex enclosure by the intransigence of 95000 euro top model Clara Luna. Just the interaction with tube amps by a good-natured, quasi-linear impedance and the ability to play, with large listening distances present means to be able to reach Blumenhofer only with a horn. Continue reading “Speaker of Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS 3”

ME Geithain ME-160

The Saxon Manufactory of ME Geithain, which this year celebrates its 50th birthday (!) is known primarily for their studio monitors. These are the Convention referred to in an acoustically optimized Studio environment designed and mostly active causing MEG Chief thinker Jochen Kiesler to the idea, to make a real counter concept on the legs: the ME 160 is a passive Floorstanding speaker, acoustic specially aligns for great listening distances in typical not so strongly damped rooms.

  1. ME Geithain ME-160
  2. Data sheet

The problem: MEG reject in principle sound ducts and horns, because it would affect opinion on voice representation and distance perception according to Kiesler’s. To still achieve the corresponding directionality, one attack on the one hand to a low-midrange driver giant with 21 cm, on the other hand the ME 160 has installed one above the other not only one but three tweeter domes. These sit near enough shape, bundle the sound a spotlights of line of, similar, much more, without requiring an additional sound leadership needed. Continue reading “ME Geithain ME-160”

Accuphase E-560 in Test

The E-560 from the noble House of Accuphase integrated amplifier has elegant restraint. Because he strictly limited by class A. A how accurate his performance. Or staggering.

  1. Accuphase E-560 in test
  2. Data sheet

Accurately, so the foreign words Duden, teaches is called so much as carefully, exactly, or neat. When the brothers Jiro and Nakajii Kasuga in 1972 sought an internationally usable names for their new Nobel company, they came up with “accurate phase” short: Accuphase. Now all reinforced electrical signals the correct phasing is sure worth pursuing – directional definition and precise pulses are without a doubt the audiophile virtues. But by now, Accuphase stands for far more: exquisite sound quality at top price ranges – for Accuphase is never cheap. Excellent processing precious materials with timeless champagne look. Resistance of value of. Reliability. And last but not least a service standard that sets new standards. In this country guarantees by a distribution, its reseller support is second to none. The everything costs money, but it is essentially priceless. Continue reading “Accuphase E-560 in Test”

Quadral Platinum M2

Not everyone who puts emphasis on extreme tonal naturalness and a rich bass Foundation, has the necessary space in upmarket until 700 euro to confront a Floorstanding speaker into the living room. Many others like look also very reluctant in his blessed not to big boxes.

  1. Quadral Platinum M2
  2. Data sheet

Quadral went another way for the optimization of beam behavior. The smallest baffle in this comparison nestles with little overhang of the two drivers. The Hanoverian chassis diameter of just 13.5 centimetres content in the bass. Continue reading “Quadral Platinum M2”

Amazon Nexus 7

Just a few days ago we observed how the Nexus 7 did register the sellouts, seeing only some rumor about a possible Kindle 2 in coming soon, or even some rumor about buying the ASUS tablets directly from Amazon’s online store . But how he’s going to react to this phenomenon the note American company made in Google?

Continue reading “Amazon Nexus 7”

Monitor Audio Silver RX 2

Not everyone who puts emphasis on extreme tonal naturalness and a rich bass Foundation, has the necessary space in upmarket until 700 euro to confront a Floorstanding speaker into the living room. Many others like look also very reluctant in his blessed not to big boxes.

  1. Monitor audio silver RX 2
  2. Data sheet

Monitor audio in this country never had the popularity actually deserving of the English company due to its products. The company from Tottenham in London is engaged mainly in the “Taming” of metal domes, which initially sounded often quite hard due to material resonances. The existing Ferro-fluid cooled aluminum alloy tweeter of the British were always elegantly unobtrusive and awarded golden glow of the music one figuratively. Meanwhile, monitor took a further step and audio has the monitor Studio 10 metal membranes also in the low mid frequency range. Continue reading “Monitor Audio Silver RX 2”

Canton Chrono SL 520

Not everyone who puts emphasis on extreme tonal naturalness and a rich bass Foundation, has the necessary space in upmarket until 700 euro to confront a Floorstanding speaker into the living room. Many others like look also very reluctant in his blessed not to big boxes.

  1. Canton Chrono SL 520
  2. Data sheet

Canton was actually still a gap in the own offer, which was to close it: between the series Carat and Chrono Hesse positioned the new Chrono SL series. The very Petite looking through their compact front panel Chrono SL 520 brings their volume not the width, but the comparatively large depth, which, after all, is 29 centimeters. Thus, the baffle is the omnidirectional way. Continue reading “Canton Chrono SL 520”