Cashmere: How to Take Care Without Trauma

In winter, one of the hottest, soft and appreciated fibers for knitting is definitely cashmere: but you have to take care of it

Daniela Raspa

Hot Cachemire For Winter

Soft, silky and velvety, cashmere is a precious textile fiber used to produce prestigious knitwear since it has the ability to hold warm without being heavy. Made with the thinnest and finest part of the hircus goat hair (called duvet), this fiber acts as a thermo-regulator on the body, so it is ideal for producing, among other things, cardigans, meshes, scarves, gloves and hats.

Cachemire Care

Thanks to its properties, it is rare that wearing the cashmere suits and so the sweaters can absorb bad smells. It is not even a material that tends to get dirty easily and this is good because, being very fragile and delicate, it less lava and better.

Washing In The House

Many labels will invite you to dry your coats in cashmere. This is surely the best solution, although many times it is possible to do homemade washing, either by hand or by washing machine. In the first case, you will need to use a specific detergent or a diluted shampoo, avoiding soaking your head for too long. Washing, but also rinsing, in running water, must be fast.

In the washing machine, however, it is best to put your head in a specific bag such as those that are used for the underwear or inside the cushion cover, select hand wash for delicate and use a special wool detergent.

Cachemire Drying

Once we have washed our head, we can just squeeze it, without bothering it too much, but rolling it in a towel. Once this has absorbed the excess water, we put our sweater over another dry towel placed on one floor. Let us dry naturally. Remember that mothers prefer moisture cashmere, so it is best to wipe it well before putting it in the closet and drawer.

Final Stirring

If our boss also needs a final ironing, no problem: just use a non-hot iron and care to stretch it very gently and invert.