Cartridge Replacement

When the adjustment of the pickup you should aim visually whether the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up the stencil.

A pickup adjustment although isn’t rocket science, but required accessories and experience. Therefore, it is generally useful to leave the Abbot Aster installation the dealer. If you would like to try it yourself, a template and a pickup scale are a must. First should be screwed in the pickup in the headshell, mN a low tracking force of 15 (equivalent to 1.5 grams) and be set the anti-skate to zero. Then, to align the sound box with the template. You should not watch on the system body, but on the fact that the needle holder with the longitudinal lines lines up.

Then who wants to arm aligned parallel, the tracking force recommended by the manufacturer, as well as the same value on the anti-skating scale must be set. So, the turntable would be ready for the optimization via audition. See section Advisor for more details.

Long proven and permanent deployment of test

Benz micro ACE H 2 (560 euros)

The balanced Benz micro ACE H 2 is optimized for MM inputs. Because its coil is much smaller than pure MM systems, the typical response and the following rapid drop in the high frequency on the basis of input capacitors do not occur.

Lyra Dorian (950 EUR)

The pure MC pickup Lyra Dorian needed good, low-noise MC inputs, rewarded with powerful and yet detailed in love play. The Dorian, what can be an excellent system for Sonic benefits showed especially in the Thorens TD 309 mounted.