Carrefour Garden Furniture 2016

When the first rays of the Sun are pointing the tip of their nose, the desire to enjoy the sweetness of spring pervades us. Invest the terraces, balconies, parks and gardens becomes an obsession! More so when the outside of our House has a nice garden furniture to look at. 2016, Carrefour Offers Us Four New Lines.

Who says new year said full of surprises and this saying is true with Carrefour as the company innovates with its new collection of garden furniture full of creativity. Not be provided with simple lines, it is characterized by its design, its festive colors and the desire to mix the materials.

Divided into four ranges, the collection makes us count forward the days prior to the arrival of spring, on March 20 .

In addition to news regarding garden furniture, Carrefour offers a full range of barbecues and planchas to please our stomach.

Crossroads Garden: trend Optimistic

Your garden will be rounded or will not be with the Optimistic range. All furniture designed and designed by the designers of Carrefour and Hyba may under no circumstances make you grind the black thanks to the festive colors that adorn them.

If the table and the bar table are distinguished by their sobriety by donning gray, chairs, armchairs and low chairs offer a show full of color in our eyes. Each base is available in four colours: green, pink, purple and gray.

Addition colors, the Optimistic range, and more specifically the Assizes, was reflected to best match the human body with their slightly convex curvature.

More garden furniture, lhas range Optimistic totally created steel has accessories to its image with nice lemonade green, orange, red, turquoise or multicolored pea, plates in the summer with watermelon, pear and pineapple fruit, a set of picnic all in blue and pots for your plants.

Crossroads Garden: Urban Trend

Urban trend for this range is distinguished by its softness, according to dictfurniture. A delicacy that can be found in the form of different furniture, but also in the choice of shades dressed chairs, tables and decoration accessories. The white, grey and black are not reminiscent of the will of a refined detail. No frills for the low garden room where a Foundation, sofa and Chair, straight lines in aluminium painted white with cushions in gray cloth.

In addition to the relaxation area, the Urban range also offers furniture for dining rooms with a long grey table and a Chair and a Chair in grey or white aluminium which remind us of the Luxembourg Foundation .

To finish in beauty, this collection to the urban look is complemented by elegant accessories dishes with graphic prints, small black pots to the relief effect or the candles that will light up your garden .

Crossroads Garden: Romantic Trend

The romance will go with the latest range of new crossroads collection for garden furniture. As the previous range, it is also complete with a dining area formed of an extension aged wooden table that can accommodate up to eight people and chairs with wooden bars.

When you relax, you will be able to set down on a Chair or sofa in the romance range. Each of the prepared foundations of a seat Wicker painted in a light grey and steel base. In addition, the den has its coffee table with a tempered glass top.

To give your gardenan air between Bohemia and romantic, a swing to steel in white and light gray mattress is part of the new collection.

Give still more a country style to your garden by decorating various accessories such as a pastel pink lantern, a white bird cage or dishes in the elegant and hypnotic prints.

Crossroads Garden: Trend Nature

The campaign will never seemed as close if you live in the city with Nature range of Carrefour! Carrefour has relied on a classic by offering these products made from the wood of eucalyptus in attractive color.

Complete is the right word to describe this range including a garden, a low garden room and a relaxation area. For the garden room, there is a long oval table wood of eucalyptus with chairs and trained wheelchair to a seat in the color taupe canvas.

During aperitifs in your garden, you can welcome your guests quietly with sofas, chairs, foot rests, coffee tables and side tables. In addition, transport of your dishes will be facilitated through a service.

Finally, you relax quietly in the Sun on a hammock or sunbathing similar in design to the table chairs.