Carp Fishing Clothing

In fall and winter, your dedicated to carp fishing clothing are your last bulwark against the cold.

However, the preparation of fishing clothing is a step overlooked by many anglers. This negligence can quickly affect your fishing sessions.

See our list of clothes to help fish CARP with comfort in fall and winter.

The fishing clothing dedicated to carp, equipment for autumn and winter

The dedicated carp fishing clothing are part of all the equipment of fishing for carp.

Many of the anglers focus exclusively on fishing equipment (rods, reels, rod pod, etc.). They forget to consider carp fishing clothing.

Yet the dedicated carp fishing clothing must hold an important place in your fishing in fall and winter gear.

The interest of carp fishing clothing is to protect yourself from the falling temperatures. Autumn and winter are seasons that require you to protect you from the cold.

Fishing clothing also allow you to improve your comfort of fishing at the edge of the water. This is essential especially in the practice of the CARP fishing which is a static fishing.

There are few opportunities to keep warm you. Take advantage of for good you prepare to face the cold in all serenity!

Dedicated to carp fishing clothing: list for fall and winter

Before getting into the heart of the matter, it is important to remember that your body is composed of 2 parts: an upper part (from the head to the pool) and a lower part (of the basin to the feet).

Protection of 2 parts of your body is therefore indispensable for fishing carp in comfortable conditions.

Let’s together on the fishing clothing dedicated to carp which will protect the 2 parts of your body.

The CAP, garment of sin for you protect the head

Do you know that a large part of your body heat escapes through the head?

That’s why the CAP is a garment of fishing necessary to fish carp in cold season.

The use of the fishing CAP to prevent heat escaping. In general, the bonnet is made in synthetic material.

The fleece jacket, clothing for fishing to isolate your body

The fleece jacket or also called the “polar” is a garment of essential fishing to fish the carp in the fall and winter.

The fleece jacket is a garment of fishing insulating. In other words, fishing jacket should keep the heat from your body despite the cold.

To play this role of insulation, the fleece jacket is, in general, made with cotton or synthetic materials like polyester.

Fishing clothing special carp, the importance of the mantle of fishing

The mantle of fishing is a complementary garment of fleece jacket. Indeed, the coat is a layer of extra clothing.

Its role is to protect the upper part of your body in the face of bad weather.

The mantle of fishing special carp is as important as the fleece jacket. This is especially true in winter where the outside temperatures drop quickly.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you use a coat with hood, even if you have an umbrella of fishing.

The hood will protect you the head and neck into the wind and rain. The mantle of fishing consists of synthetic materials.

The pants, clothing for fishing to protect the bottom of your body

Fishing pants serves as outer layer to protect your thighs and legs.

Dedicated to carp fishing pants fills the same role as the cloak of sin. It keeps the lower body from the elements.

In general, fishing pants is made of synthetic and resistant material.

The synthetic material to reduce the risk of tearing the fabric. Pants can also have properties of impermeability.

Fishing boots, a neglected carp fishing clothing

Many anglers will fish the carp in the winter with sports shoes. It’s a big mistake!

In general, a pair of boots is made with rubber or PVC.

The benefits of the boots of fishing for carp. They protect your legs which are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body.

They serve to preserve your ankles and your feet from the cold but also the humidity. The use of fishing boots also avoid you having your feet wet if you fall in the water.

The boots are as necessary as the fleece jacket, coat, or fishing pants.

The pair of socks, clothing for fishing to insulate your feet

It won’t surprise anyone pointing out that a sock is a bottom which stops to knee-deep.

What one tends to forget, is that it is a part of the body that cools very quickly. It is an area of the body where the heat quickly escapes.

That is why it is important to protect his feet. The principle at work is the same as for Polar jacket, that the insulation of the body.

As for the dedicated carp fishing clothing together, socks are made of synthetic materials.

Round neck, a garment of fishing to protect your head

Round neck is a garment of additional fishing of the CAP.  Round neck is flexible and well protect you face.

Round neck protects you the ears, the mouth, the nose and the back of the head. It avoids the heat of your body escapes too fast. On this point, it fulfills the same role as the fishing Cap.

In general, round neck is made with synthetic and elastic materials.

These materials make the Choker practical and flexible according to your needs and situations of sin.

Dedicated to carp fishing clothing is just as important as the essential list of fishing for carp.

This list of clothing for fishing carp is evolutionary. You need to adapt it according to more or less harsh weather conditions in autumn and winter.

For completeness, you can read our article on how to adapt your fishing clothing. you will find tips for fishing CARP with comfort while protecting you from the cold of autumn and winter.

You’re ready to go fishing the CARP during the cooler seasons of the year.