Buying Umbrellas from Wholesaleably

Luxus Storm Umbrella
A beautiful and romantic umbrella with lace fabric on the outside, the umbrella is still 100% waterproof.
To you who just have to have a retro romantic umbrella to your wardrobe.

Compact Foldable Umbrella

Manual opening.
Canopy of 100% polyester pongee.
Diameter: 90 cm
Length: 78 cm

Romantic Off White Umbrella
This beautiful heart umbrella is designed with fiberglass ribs.
The umbrella has a lightweight shaft with a smart ergonomic rubber handles in matching color.
The umbrella is perfect for wedding, Valentine’s day, wedding anniversary, birthday, hostess gift.
For you who want to have a special quality umbrella, in a delicious and different design.

Resilient fiberglass frame.
The canopy is windproof and have a special uv coating (Sun protection effect).
Smart ergonomic rubber handle and a lightweight aluminum shaft.
According to Wholesaleably, heart umbrella is 88 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm long and is available in the colours: white, red, Pink, Pink, Black, Off white and Orange.

The Lightweight M Shoulder Strap Red
A nice robust quality umbrella with aluminium shaft and fibreglass ribs that make the umbrella more robust and flexible than wind alm. umbrellas.
Its aluminum shaft and matching shoulder strap makes the umbrella light and easy to transport.

Rainbow Umbrella


Glass fiber ribs (Wind flexible)
Aluminum shaft. (Easy)
Shoulder strap in machende color.
Easy-grip rubber handle.
Length: 78 cm pooled
Weight only 450 g
Diameter: 98 cm

Rainbow Umbrella
Rainbow colored umbrella
With this great looking multi colored umbrella, you can put the suit on a regnvejs day.
The umbrella has a good size without being too heavy.

Photography Lighting Umbrella

Length: 102 cm pooled
Diameter: 130 cm
100% polyester