Burkini Ban in France

The debate over the wearing of the burqa is revived with the emergence of the “burkini’: an Islamic swimsuit consisting of a veil, a tunic and wide pants.” A woman dressed in a burkini is prohibited bathing in a pool in the Seine and Marne. Decryption on a controversy.

The debate over the wearing of the burqa bounces back with a new case: A woman 35 years from Émerainville (Seine and Marne) was denied swimming in a pool, because she wanted to swim in “burqini”, an Islamic swimsuit consisting of a veil, a tunic and wide-leg pants.

The “burqini” carrier attempted to lodge a complaint at the beginning of August to the Noisiel station. But it was denied. Émerainville Mayor, Alain numbers, vigorously denies the charges of “segregation” by the swimmer: “all this has nothing to do with islam, because the rules of procedure of the pools refuses we bathe all dressed, for principles of hygiene, as is the case for shorts” (the world).

The case of the burquini comes a month and a half after the introduction of a parliamentary fact-finding on the port of the burqa and the intense national debate (especially on the web) that ensued. According to our fellow-Member world: “the MP UMP Lionel Luca lamented a” deplorable and intolerable provocation “””.

“It’s time to wake up and do not accept this situation. Maybe it’s a minority but the symbol is a problem. “There are gurus behind who defend their own vision of society,” responded his Communist counterpart André Gerin, president of the mission. “I find it amazing that someone out of a pool and summoned the press immediately”, summarized for its part the Socialist Danièle Hoffman-Rispal.”

Marie Claire has asked his point of view to Fiammetta Venner, political scientist, and author of many essays dealing with fundamentalism in France, and radical political movements.