Build up a Tent

Basically each trekker, which regularly needs to build a tent, encompasses probably so his experiences here. In recent years two methods have can prove however.

Construction methods:
This is America and the Scandinavian construction method. The American method of construction, the inner tent with the rods is set up. The flysheet is eventually it cocked. The Scandinavian method of construction, building is but a little different. Here, the outer tent is supported by the poles. The inner tent is finally just hooked.

Advantages and disadvantages of building method
Fundamentally, you must make sure that both have their advantages and disadvantages. The rod bends can be more easily introduce, because of course the loops inside the tent are greater than the American method. As a result, it should be ensured that the inner tent can be used separately on dry days. However, the disadvantage is that the tent can be very difficult to build up this method in rainstorm and so some tricks are necessary here, of course.

Tent build practice
If you didn’t know these variants, then make up this before a Trek practice. On a trek, it is always important that you know every handle. When it suddenly begins to rain heavily it is not so convenient if you long have thought about how to build the tent.

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