Broken Speaker and Scratches

Does the Sony Ericsson C905 a quality problem? The British website Mobiletoday recently reported lots of complaints and returns. We ask: also, regarding alleged cracks in the business phone X 1.

Broken speaker
The C905 Cyber-shot phone is the latest mobile hit from Sony Ericsson. However, the photographer seems to trouble many users. So recently dealt with Mobiletoday software crashes and defective speaker of the 8-megapixel phones from Computergees. About 30 percent of the units will be affected according to the information. Nathan Vautier, Sony Ericsson’s Management Director for England, said problems with the first batches of the C905. Meanwhile the deficiencies are eliminated.

Grinding marks
The Sony Ericsson Press Department in Germany has nothing to add. “The C905 is coming in October 2008 on the market, the then existing failures are resolved”, so spokeswoman Susanne Burgdorf.

Xonio demand was also on the abrasive slider mechanism of the C905 entered into. “This problem seems to limit itself to some a few devices, no increased amounts are accrued in the service,” says Susanne Burgdorf. Many users had complained in the German Forum Sony Ericsson world about scratches, especially when the C905 in the black housing. The tracks should be caused by the sluggish slider up and slide to.

Xperia X 1: Worrying Cracks

At the current top Smart phone of manufacturer, the Xperia X 1, deficiencies in the processing were also complained.

So, users discovered cracks in the casing of the business mobile phone manufactured by HTC. The battery could be responsible, which heats under load-about on the phone and USB connection-and thus easily expands.

So far, Sony Ericsson exchanges with concerned X 1 models the fascia on warranty from. Meanwhile, the joint venture has announced you will have 1 no longer by HTC made the successor of X. Whether this decision with the alleged product defects in connection is available, there is no official statement.