British Dandy Fashion

This week’s outfit was a little down on Manolo. Now is our article series back, this week, inspired by the British the dandy. For although the British style is primarily associated with mossy tweedkavajer in a rainy Sussex mastered even British manufacturer art of sew stylish and casual clothes as fitting for a martini at Riviera as a krockettmatch at the mansion. Much of the inspiration comes from Gieves & Hawkes and Pringle of Scotland Spring collections, which we also previously noted.

Dark blue Linneblazer Austin Reed (around 2080 ad)–A linnekavaj are a sure bet in the summer and is equally suitable for chinos as jeans. Many people choose bright variants, which if matched properly is very neat, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the bright jackets are not as forgiving as dark if the fit is not perfect. The jacket in the picture comes from Austin Reed, which is unfortunately not currently send to Sweden. However, there are a number of other options. H & M has a very similar jacket in 100% linen for $798, which unfortunately is not available at their online store. Well-sewn for the low price and with a little bit of fun details like the turquoise inner lining. Also Charles Tyrwhitt offers a very nice flavor, faintly herringbone and plaid.

Pink Pants Lardini (around 545 kr), -even though gray and unadorned colours dominated the color gamut completely in our pants, they seem to have crept in pink on a corner. They are used extensively in British Gieves & Hawkes, but appears also in Swedish Filippa k. here a couple a bit darker in linen and cotton from Lardini.

Scarf Tootal (circa 420 AD)–Tootal actually started their business as early as 1845. A scarf from Tootal constituted practices for each mods uniform during the 60 ‘s and the brand is now starting to come back again. Something that is probably not only get Andres Lokko laughing themselves hoarse with happiness.

Handkerchief Gieves & Hawkes (CA. 550 ad)–Many who buy a handkerchief, choose a solid color or patterned very sober variant. When there is this nice patterned pocket squares, it is difficult to understand why.

Shoes, Loake Trapper (circa 1390 SEK) – Stylish oiled suede desert boot, which gives the outfit a little more casual feel.

Shirt Paul Smith (c. 1390)–for those who think the upholstery feels a little too dressed up, a striped t-shirt or tunic to be an attractive alternative, such as this from Acne. A shirt, however, is always a safe bet. There are a variety of opportunities to match the color of the shirt with the details from the upholstery. However, this bright striped shirt breaks off in a neat way.

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