Bra Tip For Strapless Dresses

For me, the wedding season started mid-April 2015. Unfortunately, this was the only invitation I got for 2015 – thus the next wedding I attend is are my own! Wow, that is crazy.

And, if still anyone on his or her wedding mag invite me this year – like! I hang even as some previously rarely listed by clothes in the closet. 😉 For me it not was this year so “What do I wear just for the wedding?”, I wanted to wear one of my favorite dresses from last year better again.

The guests have hardly ever overlapped, so that was okay. Since it was quite cold, I’ve combined the dress with a Blazer. Add heels and a clutch, the outfit was finished.

Currently, two important things are still missing, and almost always the most critical are with me:bra and panty hose. Pantyhose often pinch and cut, which gives a ugly belly then. It is however not so far that I need shapewear 😉 As before each event I so quickly in the DM in and some tights bought that thinking then again only 3 washes. Very annoying… so, I would still accept tips about good pantyhose.

At the BRA I needed this time not worry – I was able to test the Wonderbra Perfect Strapless bought from! The slogan for this bra is: “finally a bra that delivers what it promises.” My expectations were correspondingly high. And I have tested the Wonderbra of course more detail as I would have done that with another bra!

At the wedding, I have criticized many things on my outfit: the shoes were too uncomfortable (somehow I had it better in memory), the dress too short (I was constantly on the runterzuppeln), and the clutch has adapted not soo much to the rest (luxury problem, have only a clutch… ;-))

What I definitely all night not made: thinking about the BRA! When trying I thought it me, because he was more “rigid” differently than my previous Bras, and several times is reinforced with silicone. And so he slipped not & I never had it in place and place bring 😉

I especially like the smooth upper material, so no tip or similar shines through. You can thus also super wear under your shirt or a blouse – just a shell with little substance, where else each bra like quickly emerges.

Thanks to the team of Wonderbra, that I was able to test the BRA!

And what carries you so if you want a strapless bra? Corsage or better yet bra?

Love greetings