Bowie t-Shirt Plus Size

Think that I wrote the whole post, everything was ready and when I click “publish” my Google Chrome crashed and I lost everything? For some bizarre reason my WordPress didn’t save the draft post and now I am here, wanting to cry over having to write all over again! But let’s talk about Bowie t-shirt plus size that the ChicaBolacha released in your new collection “Cosmopolitan”.

Must say and quite frankly that the t-shirts of the ChicaBolacha are, for me, the ones that offer the best modeling and trim. The tee is well acinturada and really gives an enhanced cornering: you’re all gorgeous. I have several shirts of them and this is a trait of modeling that has never changed and I think simply wonderful and necessary in my life … Laughter! This look can see so much because I chose to use the t-shirt on the outside of the skirt and the skirt fabric doing volume, but I will shoot this tee with other parts soon and you will be able to understand what I mean!

Bowie t-shirt plus size

As you can see I’m in a very “stripes”. I’ve always loved black and white stripes and I love that they are high in this autumn-winter. To me they are like the “little black dress” of the pictures: If you don’t know how to match patterns try try using a piece with black and white stripe and a different pattern that is pretty sure it’s going to work. Put this skirt just to show that we don’t need, necessarily, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with another piece read: do you play! The Bowie t-shirt plus size has some details that I must highlight: the sleeve is made from a transparent fabric, which is super charming, and has your back with the written “Rebel Rebel” that was sooo amazing! Seriously, this tee is exciting!

I chose to use a Bootie because eh, technically we’re already in the fall and I wanted to get out of the obvious too. This model boots of Petite Jolie has the square heel and thick and is not very high, so it is perfect for day to day and comfort: can we, big women, use of good without being in pain, you know? She is really pretty hot to use and combines with the most varied productions!

Soon I’ll post tips on how to make various looks with this tee to help you think of more options to vary day to day, so keep an eye on the blog! I await the comments of you! Big kiss!