Bomber Jackets

It is a very delicate subject: more and more people will not wear a fur coat and grow alongside those who want a totally eco-fashion, cruelty free, and, why not, vegan or organic, in line with their lifestyle and their diet .

According to JacketPanel, there are various schools of thought and different points of view about what is correct and what is not, what respects nature, albeit using its resources, but without cruelty.
We have selected a few brands that have made ​​these values ​​its hinge and propose products warm, suitable to winter, but ecological, without the need for real fur and real feathers.

Save the Duck

About feathers, now a successful brand is Save the Duck that does not use real feathers, but realizes cute duvets, in many colors, versatile and soft, but also warm! Here are some models and the collection there is a men’s line that one for children. The ironic logo is the icing on the cake.

If you like the effect and the feeling of warmth, but never you wear a real fur, so here is a trendy brand that offers beautiful and stylish faux fur like those seen on the catwalks. Ironic, colorful .. but mostly painless. Can be found here.


This Italian shoe brand  is proposed not to use skins, leather, wool, silk or any material that could cause suffering to animals. Shoes that leave no footprint on the earth, linear models, classic and made ​​with taste. It is, also, a production of a short chain, to further reduce energy waste.


New shoes and once again an Italian brand. Noah-shop combining ethics and aesthetics with high quality vegan shoes. A leading company, founded in 2009 and in 2015 won the Vegan Fashion Award. The models for men and women, are so many.