Black And White Striped Dress Plus Size

I’m slowly coming back with the looks! I ask for patience for you to understand this phase I’m going through to get organized and create a new routine, but I promise that soon the blog will be fed daily, as it always has, and will also be more active on social networks: it is only the initial rush of a new phase. Today I will show you this black and white striped gown plus size of Liló Fashion. I love this shop because she works with various brands that are not so common at other stores, so there’s always some different parts!

Now you will notice that many clothes are coming with this detail of cross-stringing in cleavage! Is super high, as well as those strands that are penduradinhos: all this give more charm to the clothes and turns something basic in incremented.

This black and white striped gown plus size has one of the handles all embroidered in rhinestones and she has this model leaked which is quite beautiful. I wore no BRA, because the handles were appearing and the dress has a built-in tissue in this part to give more support. I quite like vertical stripes because they lengthen and the dress has a modeling that is made with cut-outs, so it draws more the silhouette. I opted for a very comfortable sandal, Melissa Hot Sauce, but you can use this piece with sneaker, anabela, heel shoes & Sandals: you choose the accessory according to the occasion.

The Liló Plus Size Fashion has a lot of beautiful thing including the black and white striped gown plus size. If you want to have one, I recommend to visit: