Bicycle Stations Are Presented to Condominiums in São Paulo

Compartibike takes another innovative project to encourage the use of bicycles in the capital.CompartiBike, a company specializing in urban mobility solutions, brings new innovative project to the city of São Paulo. With the objective of increasing the use of bicycles, the startup wants to implement bike shops in the capital’s condominiums. To use it is very simple: the resident must go to the station, enter his apartment and password and the system releases the bike immediately. Once used, it must be returned to the station. The service is charged in the value of the condo.

The service of the CompartiBike has already been presented in condominiums of Vila Mariana, Pinheiros, Perdizes, Jardim Paulista, Barueri and Santos, São Paulo coast. The Jardins station has a novelty, the four bikes are electric from All the bike shops are in partnership with developers. For the creators, the demand for the use of bicycles in the city is increasing and most of the condominiums still do not offer solutions for the storage and maintenance of bikes.

Encouraging the use of bicycles inside condominiums can help those who are not accustomed to pedaling. For the idealizers, the initiative not only aims at the practicality and necessity, but also the well-being, the healthy lifestyle and the sustainable practices, besides the differential offered by the enterprise. According to the CompartiBike, the intrabairros displacement should also be taken into account. With bike racks inside the condominiums, people can move around more easily and conveniently at small distances.

About Compartibike – Mauritius, a student at the University of São Paulo and one of the creators of the company, lived in France, pioneer country to use this system of bikesharing and brought the idea from there. In 2012 he joined with 3 other partners and founded Compartibike, with the aim of increasing the use of bikes in the urban scene. The first project was the implementation of the pilot system developed in partnership with USP, Pedalusp. With the success of the action, the Compartibike obtained the support of the São Paulo Metropolitan Transportation Secretariat and took 16 bicycles and set up a station in the Buttã Metro and another one in the P1, main entrance of the University.

With the growth, the company created yet another innovative project and took its bike racks inside condominiums. The project aims not only at the well being offered to the residents, but also at the practicality and the need for new transportation alternatives.