Bicycle as Transportation – What Do I Need to Know?

Increasingly, the number of bicycle lanes and cycle paths increase throughout Brazil, the demand to use the bicycle as a transportation also, we will see some tips for you and your transportation.

Bike riding is good for the heart, reduces stress and increases muscle endurance and is a great means of transport, non-polluting and economical. With so many advantages, many people are joining the bike as transportation.

In many cities in Brazil we can already see bicycle rentals, both by the government and private initiatives, which makes access to the bike much easier and with a much larger economy, until google already put in the maps the option bike as a route.

All this is great, however, you need to take care to make your transportation safer and more efficient.

Tips – Using Bicycle as a Carriage

Some care such as clothing, bike tuning, traffic attitude and equipment will make a difference to avoid injuries, accidents and counter-times.

The tips below will be suitable for people who use or want to rent a bike.

Dress – Avoid some clothes and choose bikes that can not ruin or dirty, after all you are going to work / study and should be presentable.

  • It is important to wear light clothes and a little baggy, you will not pedal as if you were on the tour de france, but your body will warm up and make a high effort on the climbs.
  • Almost every bike for lease has protection on the belt, but if yours is not, be careful not to ruin the pants bar.
  • On public bicycles you will almost always also have the mudguards if your not having it is good to acquire, it will prevent you from appearing dirty at work.
  • Avoid distractions like listening to music with headphones or cell phones, so you keep your attention on the road, so you’ll hear the cars and the horns. Avoid accidents!

Bike Adjustment – If you are thinking of buying a bike or already have one, pass on a bikefit to measure and indicate the best bike and the best fit for you.

  • Saddle – the seat (seat) of bicycles for transport are wider and comfortable.To know the height of the seat, stand on the side of it, the seat must be on the line of your hip, when you begin to pedal on the extension of the knee your leg should be slightly flexed;
  • Handlebar – on bicycles for transport the handlebar should be higher than the saddle for the spine to be slightly inclined forward, and the elbows slightly flexed;
  • At the time of pedaling, remember, knees always forward towards the tip of your foot, this will avoid injuries.
  • Attitude in traffic – Many people are not in the habit of cycling day by day, it is quite different from walking in the park on a weekend.
  • Signaling – especially when you finish the bike path and you need to walk between the cars, signal which way you want to turn, and of course always look to see if it is possible.
  • Use the bike lane – it’s not because you walk fast with your bike that you can walk between cars, use the bike lane whenever there is;
  • Traffic lights are also for cyclists respect them.

Safety – even if the pedals on the bike path are not as fast as in a race, some safety features are important.

  • Night signage – very important, and a kit is super cheap.
  • Helmet – although not in super speed is good to ride with helmet, especially if you take stretches without bike paths.
  • Ride – Always check that the child seat and child are securely attached;
  • And of course, remember to wear sunscreen. (Buy yours in our store: click here)

Using your bicycle as a transportation will make a lot of difference in your health, in the city and for our planet. Adopt this form of transportation.

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Good rides!