Best Night Light for Child

Baby cries whenever you put it in her little bed despite all the rituals that have been set up to comfort him… Install him a little night light to reassure him, but make sure the light is soft.

Different models of light

The pilot light fixed, is always in the same place, and has the advantage to become a real landmark for the child. The only downside is that it works all night (unless it has a timer) and baby can be disarmed if change you the model on holiday for example.

The mobile night light, battery or battery, can be moved anywhere. Attention to recharge it when needed or not to lose!

The musical night light has the advantage of rock baby at the same time, as foodanddrinkjournal says. Some plan designs, or light up when the first calls of the child…

Our favorites

The nomadic great Nightlight Pabobo

Compact and light, it fits in the hand. Its main asset, nearly 200 hours without recharging and no need to change the light bulb! The baby pilot light only, as soon as the brightness decreases. At the rear, a button to adjust the desired light intensity.

Night light projection sweet night Bkids

As soon as night falls, a teddy bear hugging a moon suddenly takes colors. A few songs and nature sounds to accompany baby to sleep. And stars can be projected on the wall to reassure him. Beware, the pilot light works only when connected to a power outlet.

The Nightlight Miffy rabbit

The deco Nightlight by excellence! The cute little bunny of books of our childhood! This rabbit has a dimmer, for a light that adapts to a baby or child room. Well OK the design it’s expensive!

The lamp mushroom of Egmont Toys

The lamp mushroom of Egmont Toys is also a classic clean children’s rooms. It has no dimmer, but its light is soft. It is available in different colours (gold, silver, pink, blue, red), and made of resin.

Light pineapple gold-Light Goodnight

Light pineapple is the flagship of the Spanish Goodnight Light brand.
We love this touch of exoticism for a child’s room or just your living room!
Birth gift totally Art Deco.

The child pilot light ice

Very original to bring a touch of decoration in his room, the night light in the shape of ice will be perfect!
Press the top of the cream and a soft light will appear!

Kidsleep of Claessen’s Kids pilot

The Kid’Sleep is an indicator of awakening that allows parents to explain to their children who can not yet read what time it is too early to wake up even if outside nature beginning to awaken…

How it works:
The rabbit is awake, the child knows he can get up!
The sleepy rabbit tells the child that it is too early to get up…

Lightbox A4 has little lovely company

Box bright A4, the lightbox is customizable at will (85 letters, black symbols included in slide, rigid transparent plastic), backlit with LED lamp, works with batteries or plugged with a simple transformer. We love this lamp that puts pretty light messages!

Mini night light white cloud

Even a light of A little lovely company in the form of small white cloud, very decorative she will be perfect in the room of your child, lit with LED light, battery included, design A little lovely company. We love its shape, the softness of its form and its material!

The night lights in tissue homemade

Not so wise created unique innovative concept reversible nightlights: both sides are different in order to vary according to your desires and your decoration.
Produced in stiffened fabrics, they are real objects of decoration.
The undisguised external box allows the child (from 5 years) to manage him even light and turn it on if necessary without having to undo all the decoration of the room or to appeal to an adult.
Each model is expected to be asked or suspended at your leisure.
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