Best Makeup for Tropical Vacation

Small tips for a perfect look during the holidays.

Every year more and the same question, as I prepare for the holidays? As for the look, I refer to the article of my very good colleague, while for make-up here I am ready to reveal some little secret of the trade. First we need to get a view that the holidays are real physical endurance tests, so our makeup has to be ready for any eventuality. So definitely I recommend a foundation long lasting, that can take up to whack ‘bitter.

A must have for the holidays in my opinion are the glitter. Many women consider them tacky, but when you can sfoggiarli except in a sbrilluccicosa occasion such as Christmas / New Year?? Is it enough emphasizes a hairline lash line , a volumizing and curling mascara to eyelashes from real cat and bare lips, a flesh-colored, or just a gloss. We concentrated on the eyes do not want to look like mica Platinette!!!

We can also play on the contrary that stake everything on the lips. There is no woman in the world who does not feel a bit ‘more’ sexy with a nice red lipstick. The eyes should be left to the almost natural then a layer of vanilla-colored eye shadow over the entire the eyelid and a beautiful white illuminated inner corner of the eye and eyebrow arch  (bring out the lights) then with a light brown eyeshadow let’s step up the outer corner of the eye, a generous amount of mascara and away that the eyes are ready. After carefully choosing the lipstick that you want to wear you follow these small tips for the perfect lips.

Moisturised lips while you are working on the eyes with a lip balm, will make the basis on which we will work smooth and homogeneous. When the lips are dry we go with a concealer or with a flesh-colored pencil outside the contour of the lips, this will give a natural volumizing effect to your lips. Proceed with the contour the mouth and the inside of it with a lip pencil approaching the most ‘possible to the color you have chosen for your lipstick. we always recommend a lipstick long lasting or even a tint to the lips.   a hint of color on her cheeks and voila!