Best MAC Brushes for Beginners

What are the best makeup brushes for the face? And what are the best Mac brushes?

MAC Makeup Brushes

If we talk about makeup brushes the first brand that comes to mind for most people is definitely Mac Cosmetics, not only because it is a brand of make up famous all over the world, but because of the high quality of his brushes over the years they have built a great reputation.

The Mac brushes here are among the most used by professionals and make-up artists who work in the fashion world, the theater, and television.

The only “sin”, as with all high-quality products, is the price, not really accessible to all. Even those who have great potential, however, make an exception and if you want to have just a few Mac brush essential, here is a list of must-have with regard to the brushes to face. We will indicate the best Mac brushes for face relying on those who are considered as such by many professionals and the high demand for these makeup brush.

The most widely used and sold in recent years is the 187 (price € 47), a perfect duo fibers to spread the liquid foundation which, thanks to the clear fibers less dense than those dark, unable to retain the product in it, releasing a bit ‘at a time in the right quantity and without creating streaks.

A smaller version of the former is the Mac brush 188 (price 38 €), identical in form and composition, but smaller, so ideal for the correction and to apply liquid products in a short wide areas.

suitable for blending the contouring is instead the face brush from 138 (price € 57.50), with a shaped tip that allows you to reach tight areas such as the sides of the nose, despite the fairly large.

The brush 168 (price € 37), with white bristles, is an angled from perfect face for blush and to create the basis for contouring, while the 182 (price 49 €) is the classic pennellone as face powder, with short handle, perfect even for mineral products.

for the corrector, with 195 of Mac (price € 25.50) is never wrong, a classic cat’s tongue to spread the product on the dark circles and in the most difficult areas, such as the sides of the nose.

We hope you have been useful this selection of the best Mac brushes for face makeup. Would you be willing to invest on the brushes  Mac Cosmetics?

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