Best Lighting for Babies

Useful from a young age, pilot lights soothe baby nights. For some of them, this accessory is as indispensable as plush. One of your little bundle of joy does not match their expectations or not working? If this is the case, it may be time to think about it in another offer. How to make the right choice? The pilot offer is vast and it is quickly losing face to the great choice. To enlighten you, we tested for you the nomadic nightlight Pabobo. This model does match the baby wait? For more information, follow the guide!

Its Advantages Over Other

More reassuring: the Nomad Pabobo nightlight is totally secure at the electrical level, so you can leave it in the hands of your young children without there being any risk of accidental discharge. Also note that this model has a bulb that does not heat, ideal to prevent every incident turns into fire.

More innovative: this model is undoubtedly the first portable burner to operate without battery and wireless. Just charge it only a few hours and voila!

More autonomous: the nomadic pilot is tireless, she can light up to 70 hours straight.

Faster: five hours are enough for it to be fully charged.

More intelligent and efficient: The time when we had to switch on, off and adjust the brightness of the night lights . This is sensitive, that is to say, it intelligently adjusts to the ambient light. Thus, it turns on and off by itself. The nomadic pilot also has a low power diode, which allows him to make significant energy savings.

More pleasant: at first glance, her curves like the vast majority. Looking more closely, we see a picture of a simple and sympathetic character.

Its Strengths
The nomadic nightlight Pabobo diffuse a white light and clear enough to reassure baby without the help going into the arms of Morpheus.

Compact, light and small, baby can take it anywhere. Level storage, it can be placed wherever you want.

More than just a pilot, the model is transformed into a flashlight. How does it work and by what mechanism? Read the instructions!

Aesthetically, this pilot is very well done.

This is a pilot with a very good value!

Ideal for watching over baby without waking him.

It has an anti-shock handle.


Babies and young children will not hesitate to put their toys in their mouths. Since the nomadic pilot looks more like a toy than a lamp, they will not make a difference. Therefore, the maintenance will be the same as a toy. However, here are some ideas to ensure good hygiene:

  • Clean the burner with a damp sponge and soap
  • Use disinfectant wipes passing well in every corner
  • From time to time, use a conventional disinfectant (pay attention to the products indicated against children).

Warning: Follow the loading time, it will greatly extend the life of the pilot.


The Nomad Pabobo nightlight suitable for infants and toddlers.