Best B-410

Danish sophisticate with lifetime warranty

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Who acquires an best component and to enter at the company as an official, the proud owners can be, will enjoy of a lifetime warranty. Is to be hoped that the company itself is a long life.

Who gets the new CD Player B-410 to face, at first suspected a design object – and tends to be a miscalculation. For several months, the importer of in-akustik has taken over distribution – best acts on the German market so as a sparring partner of Telarc or focal. The price also seduced not to underestimate the beautiful player: it costs 1500 euro – exclusive of beautiful “Gizmo”-full metal – system remote control, which makes pay Densen 210 euros extra.

The search is on for the equivalent of 1500 euro. The best breaks with the arbitrariness of the unit design. Shows the same Spartan attitudes that distinguishes the design of the exterior into the Interior. As at Linn the SMD-assembly is also at best highly in the course – CT as analog Board are here separated from the motherboard.

Behind them is not only a sound philosophy: Densen sees the B-410 as the smallest player in a family in which the listener can buy upwards. From the B-410 can so a B-420 be Densen already just before the market premiere sees. And what about the motherboard? It is changed by Densen not in the hardware, but the software – when modifications or updates. The tax software drive, clock and user interface even writes Densen. It is proud and very silent in the details. “Converter type” let know the Danes only dry: “24-bit”. Where the best engineers, however, react more talkative: after the conversion of the analog signal of a feedback-free amplification in class passed A.

Precision and drive

In reality AUDIO listening area, the B-410 was very dry – contrary to the promises of more “analog” Schmeichel heat. Opposition is so attached: this player is more precision fanatics as a romantic partner. Especially the fat-free, contoured very bass played in the heart of the tester. This includes the B-410 as a fine draughtsman engaged.

As a great addition the Densen brings even a liveliness, which touches on the core of the music. The Sibelius piece of test tone on this player suddenly subjectively ‘faster’ – a turntable, AUDIO would have applied the stroboscope disk. Small hook: the drive is located and adopted his silver disc with a loud, too frumpy to this product and the price range sound of the sled.

Best B-410

Manufacturer Densen
Price €1600.00
Rating 100.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) HöheTiefe 44.0 x 6.4 x 31.0 cm
Weight 8.0 kg
Playback MP3
HDCD playback
Lernfähigmit display / remote control / / FB without display
Volume control
CD text display
Tube output stages
Title overview
ID3 tag display
Repetition Title, CD
Car space
Speaker size adjustable SACD
Level Setup SACD
Time correction SACD
Built-in multichannel decoder, SACD
Digital outputs i-link 0
RCA audio (stereo) 1
5.1 output (RCA)
5.1 output (XLR) available
Digital output ST
Digital inputs No
Headphone output / adjustable /
Measured values
CD output voltage (0 dB FS) 2.0 V
Output resistance 159 ohm
Noise ratio (A-weighted) CD 92 dB
Noise ratio (A-weighted) SACD
Error correction information layer CD 1.50 mm
Error correction surface CD 1.80 mm
Jitter CD 1145 picoseconds
Power consumption standby / operating 8.0 / 12.5 W
Design with content. Bright, open and fast in terms of presence, noble karg in the bass.
The color depth is almost too Spartan. Also the FB costs 210 euros extra charge
Sound CD 100
Sound SACD insufficient
Facilities well
Operation Very good
Processing well
Sound judgment well over 100
tested in 6 / 07