Behind the Lenses: Five Ideas for Combining Eyeglasses and Makeup

Inspire yourself by suggestions that link style to beauty

Considered enemies of makeup, the degree glasses are gaining importance at the time of composing the look. As you can see from the September Vogue pages, we’ve put together five good ideas to solve the equation frame + make. See the ideas below.

Retro:The classic turtle goggles are perfect when composing an antique look. To accompany them, the suggestion is a trace of subverted eyeliner: unlike that used by Hollywood divas in the 60s, drawn in the corners, bet on a more circular shape, which does not have the kitten and dialogs with the format of the frame.

Joint:Why not combine the frame with the color of the shadow?Contrary to what the rule says, the result is charming and fun.”I love.People are afraid but we should not stick to established concepts, “says Fabiana Gomes, MAC’s senior makeup artist and responsible for the makes that illustrate these pages.Besides color, it is worth abusing unusual applications, such as painting close to the lower eyelashes or marking only the concave.Great excuse to have glasses of several different colors! Here at Makeupnecessities you can get more models of the combination of the glasses and the makeup.

Less is more:For minimalist girls: a “nothing”, but full of style, that makes pair with discrete frame glasses, but interesting way.The look is fresh, focusing on the peach blush applied on the cheekbones to give healthier air, plus several layers of mascara on the top and bottom lashes to highlight the look.

Fatal Look:To go out at night, do not forget to “forget” your glasses and not see!Bet on the model kitten, superfeminino and favorite of the sex symbol Marilyn Monroe.Do as she does: invest in carmine lips to inject sensuality into the look – a great counterpoint to the naive look of the frame.Tip: Over the lipstick, apply a copper shade in the center of the mouth to give volume impression.”I’ve seen (and done) a lot in parades and editorials: the idea is to bring different textures to the lips,” says Fabiana. A layer of gloss completes the festive make.

Remarkable nerd:Rule number one when it comes to adopting heavy frames:how these glasses make a shade, correct the dark circles and illuminate the inner corner of the eyes.Full of attitude, our nerd bets on the reinforced eyebrows to give even more expression to the face.

“And remember:no matter what your style and the model of your glasses, the ideal is to keep the focus of make in a single point, eyes or mouth,” advises the makeup artist.(ADRIANA BASSO)