Beauty Trends 2015

Like every year even in the beauty world, there are trends that remain and trends ranging  and among some is good to say goodbye!

In this 2015, in fact, some beauty trends we saw were really absurd, such as the eyebrows to the Korean and the lips to Kylie Jenner , not to mention the “bubble nails”, the short, rounded nails that have depopulated in the US last summer, in short all too excessive tendencies and that we would like not to see in 2016! But there are also those that were not so much evil, but that we will not see in the new year, as the extensions, extreme scaling, but also the high ponytail; and those that continue to love even in 2016, as beachwaves the lob cut and extra large fringe.

Here are all the In & Out of 2015:

The trend OUT 2015

Lips to Kylie Jenner

To get the lips to Kylie Jenner, most of the girls this year have resorted to absurd and painful tools like “fullips”, in practice the object supported on the lips and exercised a slight vacuum which resulted in a sort of “vacuum effect”, during which the blood vessels were dilated, causing the bulge, in a matter of a minute or so, of the lips.

Curled lashes with heat

An absurd tendency of 2015, but most dangerous, was to bend the lashes with a red-hot stick.

Burn split ends

It’s called “velaterapia” burn split ends and means to revive the hair! A technique that is performed by rolling up the strands of hair in a very strict way, in this way the spikes that protrude, are burnt with a candle to eliminate them.

Bubble nails

Exaggeratedly short and rounded, the “Bubble nails”, the nails that have depopulated last summer in the US. The technique consisted of the reconstruction of the nail using acrylic gel which gave a form exaggeratedly rounded and short, colored with bright colors and flashy.

Eyebrows Korean

They are called “Baby Korean style or eyebrows” and eyebrows who competed this year, those bushy “boyish” Cara Delevingne . Less marked, shorter, both in terms of extension and length, but especially straight with an angle mentioned towards the end.

Chignon half-up top knot

One of the more trendy hairstyles this summer 2015, the messy bun half-up top knot, often worn also by the fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. One of those collected uncombed that each of us realizes when he is hot and in a hurry!

Extreme scaling and extension

We will have to say goodbye to the scaling, extreme smoothing and the helmet 70, which represented the trend of summer 2015. The same also applies to the extension, for straight hair, now gone out of fashion and for too many curly defined !

Make up vissuto

A make up consumed, made with a black eyeliner smudged under her eyes. E ‘was considered very sexy in this year 2015, but in fact those who wore it, he gave the impression of having slept with make up on!

Grey Hair

Now the fashion for gray hair is also passed, more than a trend, a personal choice and most of the wrong times, because instead of seeing a beautiful silver hair, his hair took on a faded color almost tending to yellow or blue.

Trends IN 2015

Swag cut

In the next season, we will review the famous haircut “Swag”, what for years leads Alexa Chung, is nothing but a reinterpretation in a rock 70 years of lob, which is the long bob, one of the most popular styles and copied the the last four years.

Beach waves

Who would not want to change their look and say goodbye finally the usual and mundane smooth hair? If you want to renew your hairstyle, in fact, you can resort to the creation of beautiful waves a very natural effect. The famous beach waves that somewhere season by storm among the best beauty trends.

Fringe XXL

The fringe continues to be the protagonist of hairstyle also the next season; It is perfect on the long bob cuts, with wavy hair; to avoid the other hand, if you have a round face.

low ponytail

Straight from the catwalks, the tail of low horse will be the trendy hairstyle of 2016, taking in effect the place the ponytail high that we saw in 2015. disheveled with messy strands, characterized by a tendency to frizz moved to a texture with a slightly greasy, or wet version with wet strands from root to tip, or only in the root zone.

Chignon low knot

It ‘a mix between the bun and low tail and, in other words, content with those who have little time but want to have a hairstyle elegant and relaxed all day. Beautiful even in the version with disheveled locks rebels to frame the face.

Make up nude

Another impressive trend of recent years and which is struggling to come ousted nude makeup is a natural effect, as realized on the models who paraded for the Spring Summer 2016 collections.

Read also nude makeup tutorial:

lacquered or dark red lips

Backstage at New York Fashion Week, has pointed out this makeup with super glossy red lips, a trend already seen in 2015, but we’ll see next year. Same thing for dark colors like burgundy or purple, elegant and sophisticated, proposed again during the summer.


Who thought that one of the contouring was a temporary fashion, it was wrong big time! Also for the next season will be very trendy, especially for making make-up effect.