BB Cream – You Know What It Is?

Thousands of new beauty products are launched in the market each season. Some news that combine quality, convenience and price, they tend to stay longer in the heart of the users and conquer real status of “Must Have” among the fans and professionals of cosmetics are the BB Cream.

In the year 2011, the BB Creams began to occupy the shelves of specialty shops and became, briefly, a fever in the segment. Its popularity in Asia was significant and sales skyrocketed, and the BB Cream soon arrived to the Western market.

The promise of the BB Cream is put together everything you need in one product. Made to replace the serum, moisturizer, the primer, the liquid Foundation and sunblock, can be used alone as a moisturizer/sunscreen, or under the Compact. This will depend on the wish of the user.

Is the greatest ally of the people who don’t have the time, or who don’t know how to apply techniques drawn up of makeup on a daily basis. The BB Cream allows you’re Open misthe base líquida and has his uniform and skin free of stains in seconds.

The product we know today as BB Cream eatçor to be formulated in the years 1960, the German dermatologist Christine Schrammek. She was in search for a cream to protect your patients after surgery and facial peels.

Composition of the BB cream

The coverage is mineral-based and intended both as imperfections as to hydrate and effectively treat acne, sun spots and age. The products also purport to be Antiaging, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

Sources of hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, some companies suggest that the BB Cream has regenerative properties to the skin. However, the dermatologist at the University of British Columbia shown skeptical about the effects of any product Rebuilders than Retinoic acid.

The BB Creams have formulas that vary greatly according to the brand that produces, each one is unique!Unlike most cosmetics, the BB Creams are usually categorized according to the type of skin, instead of the classification by skin tone.

As the Asian market is what most consumes the BB Cream, instead of creating several colors to meet also the West, companies decided to bring on formula components that adjust the coloration of each skin, through a process of oxidation.

The BB Cream is sold as a multi-tasking treatment, but Korean women use it as an alternative to the base, especially those of Western companies, which have heavier consistency. The BB Cream has whitening properties and this feature is highly valued in Asian countries, which has in the tanning your ideal of beauty.

As the BB Cream is an ally of convenience product, the best way to apply the product is dismissing the brushes and using the fingers. The ideal is to put a small amount on the back of hands and, with its three central fingers grab the product and apply gently on face, spreading evenly.

But attention! The BB Cream can at is take the place of your sunscreen every day, but it cannot be used as a substitute for moisturizer. This is because the BB Cream is able to maintain hydration of the skin but, in most cases, is not enough to provide to your face all of the properties that a moisturizer. And we can’t forget to remove the product with makeup remover. Facial SOAP and water alone are not sufficient for a complete cleaning of the waste to any makeup or leave product in our skin.

Where to find the BB cream

The BB Cream can be found at various points of sale and price range on Floralamakeup. Since the shops specializing in cosmetics to pharmacies. And the prices are as varied as the characteristics of this all-in-one: from R$15,00 to R.