Avorio Transrotor Turntable + 2500 Gold Ring

The reference scanner Lyra Titan i the Transrotor Avorio (2740 euros) with the stereoplay highlight Pro-Ject PerspeX (4/08) could catch up with

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Transrotor was always a manufacturer who could offer priced subsidised solutions – thanks to its lush modular system and the fact that Chief Jochen Rake has also the gold ring systems in distribution. For this test, he has the Avorio 25/60 in addition to engine electronics constant Studio with the tonearm TR 2500 married Goldring 800s and the pickup and attached to a weight of plates. Rake makes even more interesting the whole thus dropping the price instead of the sum of the parts of 3125 euros in a bundle of 2740 euros.

For now the analog friend gets quite a bit of material in the tradition forged from Bergisch Gladbach familiar quality. Is it quite insightful: A mat, 25 mm thick, resting on three desired acrylic plate carries the 60 millimeter thick metal plate with acrylic coating, as well as the tone arm.

As camp Räke uses the version that he used in the Z models; It is not quite as expensive as with its large models. With clean machined bronze bushing, polished stainless-steel axle, steel mirrors and ceramic ball, the camp but is an example of fine engineering.

A synchronous motor, which is housed in an own, massive aluminium done the drive. It can be powered constantly Studio via a simple plug-in power supply unit or via the external electronics. This creates the two phase-shifted sinusoidal vibrations necessary for the synchronous motor with an analog generator (Wien bridge) and reinforced them with powerful class A levels. That Räke attaches this motion to the package, is partly because their sound positive effect is 2/2009 remember us from the test in the issue.

The supplied by the Japanese specialist Jelco tonearm TR 800s is similar to the 500 TR (2/09), has but a curved, including tonearm tube and a SME connection for the headshell. Purists whether the somewhat worse mechanical stability compared to a glued version not so happy to see such a screw connection. But it allows not only a more comfortable sound cells interchange, but after releasing the headshell screw an azimuth correction by turning.

That the Transrotor clean adjusted was delivered, he confirmed in the listening room and liked immediately with print-full performance and dynamic attack. What also distinguished him was the low sampling sound so quiet passages, were full of relish to enjoy. Also the appearance of major orchestras became very realistic. So he clearly surpassed the stereoplay highlight Pro-Ject Xperience Super Pack (3/10), because he remained stable at Tutti inserts and showed more subtleties. For example, the dynamics in Wagner’s “Tannhäuser” Overture (Solti/Decca) was more realistic, by more exciting was the quiet beginning and the strings on the horns missions remained well-differentiable.

Transrotor with minimally more treble detail and körperhafteren votes left the currency of the gold ring – 2500 Pickup on the higher valued Benz ACE H 2. The reference scanner Lyra Titan i could the Avorio the stereoplay highlight Pro-Ject PerspeX (4/08) parity with, because he countered the finer nuances with slightly fuller bass and minimal more high shine.

However, because of the high price of the Lyra we can not recommend this expansion Titan i and of the relatively small increase in sound; the Transrotor Avorio complete package with gold ring is 2500 far too balanced and leaves Yes also virtually nothing to be desired.

Transrotor Avorio + constant Studio + TR 800s + 2500 gold ring

Manufacturer Transrotor
Price €2740.00
Rating 45.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x D x H) 44.0 x 17.0 x 33.0 cm
Weight: 20.0 kg
Measured values
Tracking rated 0,090%
Target velocity deviation 0.25%
Rumble noise (weighted)
Measuring record / coupler 74 / 83 dB
Short conclusion The Avorio with TR-800 S arm, the constant Studio engine electronics and gold ring-2500 pickup is a coherent package that pleases both visually and through its balanced, detailed sound.
Sound Top-class
Sound points
(maximum 70 points)
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
Practice (max 15 points) 6
(maximum 10 points)
Overall rating (maximum 120 well 68 points
Price / performance Very good
tested in issue: 4 / 10