Autumn Time: Cardigans and Sweaters Tips

We’re  in preparing for the Autumn – Winter 2016Of course, although in some places there is still good weather, but everything around us (as much as fashion is concerned) is clearly autumn. Today we dedicate this post to sweaters and cardigans at Clothesbliss. Often we choose any shelter that protects us from the cold, but sometimes does not take a good look and do not match as it should. Let’s give you several tips to improve appearance.

Look Informal:

To go out on weekends or to feel comfortable.

Simple and sport-style  coats are recommended .Undoubtedly, these will give you a more relaxed look if this is the look we want. Front zipper, hat or sports blouses  are perfect. But you can also wear any casual sweater (closed fabric), plus the rest of the clothes will complete the casual look.

Ideally, use the completely informal and basic items. Simple t-shirts for below, jeans, and you can still choose  pants type runners, these match well with this look.

To complete the complete clothing, shoes and / or sneakers are certainly ideal.

Look Casual:

This look can be used to go somewhere or even depending on the occasion.

For this look the best and use the jacket type sweaters or closed which are normally round neck, although there is also neck V (usually woven), to create a look a bit more serious, but at the same time do not see formal. Pants  or jeans combined with casual clothes are recommended.

As for shirts, the ideal and  polo  or casual shirts . The buttons take a good look. 

As for footwear, boots kind of boots, oxford and moccasins are perfect and recommended.

Formal Look:

Undoubtedly, this is the most recommended for the job (if you have dress code) or, for a more serious and formal event or exit.

For this ideal coats are definitely give a much more enjoyable look. You can wear  coats that give the impression of bags.

Another option that gives a very good look, is to wear the sweater (plain) below the bag.

It is recommended to wear dress pants to create the formal appearance and as for shirts, dress are ideal. Accessories such as ties undoubtedly complete the disguise.

The footwear is recommended to be formal, shoes and / or oxford moccasins.