Autumn Shoes, Chelsea Boots

From the riding hammock via icon shoes to the fashion culture to today being a self-evident model of all established shoe manufacturers. It’s an impressive trip the chelsea boots have done. And as autumn shoes it still holds the positions.

Characterized by the model, the elastic is on both sides of the skirt that allows a footnote fit without compromising the freedom of movement for the foot. In addition, the shoes are very easy to put on and off. Another great advantage of the model is that, unlike jods and laces, there are no laces or buckles that affect the pockets of the pants, which makes the chelsea boots suitable for both pants in finer wool quality and jeans and chinos.

In standard versions, this model usually comes with leather sole, which may not be the most useful for our climate. Those who really want to be able to use their chelsea boots in Swedish autumn weather are benefiting from a model with rubber sole. Feel a bit darker leather or mock quality to better withstand rain and salt spots.

Gaziano & Girling Burnham is a wholceut chelsea, that is, it is sewn in one piece and lacks a vertical seam at the spring as most models have.

Cheaney for Herring Shoes

Church’s Goodward


RM Williams Craftsman is an appreciated shoe on Swedish streets. Good quality and relatively fragile shape.