Audio Flips: A 2-In-1 Headset Turns Into Speaker!

“More than just a helmet”, proclaims the manufacturer on its product packaging. And it is true that in addition to its function of headphones, the Audio Flips is also transformed into portable speaker to share his music. Simple and original, the concept deserved a little test. There he is.

It becomes difficult to stand out in crowded market of audio headphones. Flips Audio may have found the solution with his hybrid helmet. The design is nothing revolutionary in itself. It is a closed type headphone. The plastic is King and black design of the test model is brightened by the Green and gray logo drawn on the atria. Quilted pads these are fluffy to wish and bring a good wearing comfort. However, they tend to warm the ears during extended listening. The pressure on the ears is firm but very tolerable. Note that the headset is foldable and comes with a rigid protective case.The constructor does not specify its autonomy but promises, and I quote, “hours of high-definition sound”. In the box, the user will also find a micro-USB cable/USB for the load.

Mode headset, named Mode Solo, Flips Audio is used as any audio headphones by connecting its cable-non-removable Alas – to your smartphone, Tablet , or MP3 player. Plugged into a Cowon Z2, it offers a sound that makesshare beautiful to acute, clearly put forward, somewhat forgetting the midrange in the passage. The low register Meanwhile avoids the pitfall of ubiquitous so currently in vogue. Flips Audio, if it is far from being bad, offers a rather “metallic” and missing sound singularly clarity. The available sound level seems low in this mode. The insulation is correct, we perceive external noises undisturbed for as much for his music.

Mode pregnant, says Social mode, it’s easy, just turn the Atria at 180° outwards. The switching is done automatically.The sound is so exclusive amplification. It should be noted that a patented system avoids any harmful accident for your ears, the sound not passing Social mode if the helmet is “oriented away from your ears”. The sound coming out then Flips audio is pretty good, more convincing to my taste than in Solo mode. Definition of the medium-high saves.Bandwidth seems more balanced even though of course it does not have an abyssal grave. Do not wait for the Audio Flips of the bass to move walls or a monstrous output power, but this hybrid product is perfect for nearfield, including acoustic music or voices. In any case I really enjoyed the return in this configuration.

In the end the balance sheet is rather mixed. I was disappointed with the audio headset mode rendering, and very pleasantly surprised at the quality in pregnant mode. Also welcome the efficiency and simplicity of the system. No need for complex manipulations, just to direct listeners to change listening mode, and it works very well. A good concept, therefore.