Asus Transformer Prime Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3

Given the unique opportunity to get your hands on the brand new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (If you missed the unboxing rush to see it!) we could not fail to fully test the side of gaming new jewel ASUS, Nvidia, Tegra 3 Soc supports the now famous quadcore (although they are actually 5 core) which allows you to enjoy additional visualizations and you will see in the very near future the arrival of new titles optimized.

Asus Transformer Prime Quad Core Nvidia Tegra 3

Our trial version of the Transformer First came with a delightful surprise: we have in fact found the previews of upcoming titles such as Bladeslinger, DaVinci THD, Chidori Engine (not an actual title, it will be discussed later) and Glowball (already on the Market). Also, for the sake of our readers (actually dying to try them), we installed the First also Shadowgun, Riptide and Shine Runner, to see what actual changes had been made to versions for Tegra 3.

We have already shown in the past the potential of Transformer Prime with some of these titles but test them with hand is quite another thing! Let’s start with the slide titles, screenshots and analysis to see what lies ahead and What are the potential of the new Nvidia graphics platform.

According to smartercomputing, a test of Shadowgun was mandatory: if already on Tegra 2 (and not only, vista compatibility with other devices) the graphics engine gave a display of his skills, even more incredible details Tegra 3. Really the whole: Madfinger Games it is almost amusing to add graphics a bit everywhere but the result is really good: we find pools of water that reflect the surrounding environment and that move with realistic refractions (the casings of bullets that fall into the water causing refraction), items such as tins or boxes that bounce when struck by bullets, hurdles dangling from the ceiling like self-propelled long chains (fetters that hamper your fire , you will need to change line of fire or shoot them to make them bounce and hit the target then place behind). Even the character model is more polished (looks more and more to Bruce Willis), same thing for enemies.

In short, a restyling that makes itself felt!