ASUS – Smartwatch for Select Devices

Western word “teaser” can be explained as advertising without completely clear and officially announced a product that is advertised. This advertising approach has been practiced for many years around the world. The core is relatively simple – before you develop a core campaign planned a short period, which revealed individual elements (series) of advertising, but not its essence – the advertised product and its full characteristics. This “teaser” (teaser) aims to provoke users to ask questions about the mysterious object of promoting and hence make them interested in the topic, leading to financial revenues for the advertiser. Because of the good technological spies and active media products are subject to our publication, are not so unclear, but the LG and ASUS our warm up for their prime ministers with little “tease”.

In recent days we learned that ASUS and LG will present smart watches in September. Asus promised to take account of available smart watch with rounded forms and LG bet on a completely circular design, as the audience clearly wanted after announcing the spectacular Moto 360 of Motorola. The eventual premiers are very close and advertising departments of the two giants have stepped in to warm up the audience. In recent times there were “teasers” of proposals whose names are expected to be the ASUS ZenWatch (previously Robin) and the LG the G Watch, the R (perhaps from Round).

ASUS scored “tease” picture (on Facebook page ) and video (on YouTube channel ). For Taiwan’s development is the first experience in the market of smart watches. The sketch and video shows rounded hull, the chain seems leather and buttons are not visible. The gadget looks thinner than the competition at the moment, and that was the request by the Taiwanese company. It is stated and that ZenWatch will be the cheapest product in smart watches with Android Wear. The price should be between $ 99 range and $ 149. The other parameters will be clear after the start of IFA 2014.

LG did already presented “teaser” video now released a little more clear image. There is an important sign confirming that the LG G Watch R will be fully circular display. This will greatly appeal to the audience, who grumbled against the black bar at the bottom of Moto 360. There was collected hardware that was needed to display and Motorola failed to gather elsewhere. Apparently LG has succeeded, but let’s see what the expense.

GizmoEra verdict: creations of the LG and ASUS seem cool because like normal watches. Hopefully their technical parameters and quality are competitive.