Ashley Graham Designed A Collection Of Lingerie For Curvy Brides

Ashley Graham is one of the top models. The top curvy US continues to show that curvy women are also sexier. And that translates into brides. The model 28 has just designed her first collection of lingerie for brides with curves. And we all want to be perfect on the night of weddings, regardless of size.

The collection is for Addition Elle brand, specializing in clothing sizes for women in the industry considered large brand fashion. It is not the first time the model 28 years working with the brand, but this is their first line of bridal lingerie.  The line presents corsets, bodies and even nightgowns with lots of lace for the most intimate moments of the honeymoon and newlywed night. the own Ashley Graham is responsible for posing with clothes , besides being white also opt for black and dark purple.

Bras with much glass and reinforcements to boast a prominent bust and your site are some of the essential collection, available on the website of Addition Elle. The details in bras and panties, as well as lace, dominate collection, marking classic cut. We also found suspenders, both white and black, to squander a lot of sensuality. This lingerie line designed by the curvy model and t is designed for the wedding night or for the honeymoon. 

After his appearance in the special bath of Sports Illustrated and its recent fashion show for H & M in Paris, do not stop pouring in the US top projects. And that s and has become the voice of a group of women proud of their curves. 

What do you think this collection of lingerie for curvy brides?