Are Colored Socks in Style

In bigolook Monday I told you about my dislike for a certain combination decollete and pants + stockings, even with very low temperatures. My aversion to tights then continues at 360 degrees, so even with skirts, shorts and dresses. I do not know, I always had a contentious relationship with stockings. Will be that 99% of the outfits that I create I see them ten thousand times better without socks! Abolished altogether, for me, the flesh-colored stockings , in my opinion, are really unsightly in any situation and age, the only port that are exclusively black opaque or semi-opaque. Nada, I can not even with sheer black!

And the colored socks? Here, the colored tights are one of the few exceptions, according to thedressexplorer. In some cases I like very much! My only limit is that I can not see them on my legs while I appreciate often outfits colleagues bloggers and fashionistas around the world with various multicolour legs. If a solid color can be worn with ease, even for non-young, orange traffic light for stockings with various decorations (See flowers, hearts, etc.etc.).


And the colored socks, as you don? It was definitely not easy! Green light to the colored socks on total black outfit on which, more or less, you can dare all shades (Blue night excluded). Bello also the combination of wood with green stockings outfits grays or blacks. Strong but cool outfits from the combination of green tones and mustard socks. And you, what do you think of colored socks?