Approved Styles In Fall 2016

If you follow a little longer, then you have surely already from time to time various clothing pieces and collections of Approvendt face to face. I always put this in my lifestyle Sunday before. Therefore, I was very pleased that Erkjendt gave me a few parts from the current autumn collection 2016 to put together the one or the other outfit.

A total of three outfits in the recognition style have emerged. You can see their garments, that they adhere to well-known fashion rules, bend them a bit and reinterpret themselves partially. So come out pieces that are casual, fashionable and above all comfortable. Versatile to be combined and also to qualitatively convince. Unfortunately, I have not found an online store that has the current collection on offer. For this reason, I have linked to the Zalando profile of Approved by certjendt-will certainly be supplemented with new pieces.

At the center of this look is an incredibly comfortable and stylish knit pullover by Empfjendt. This is the name of the acknowledged Ebu Knit 9516202 and comes from the current autumn collection. I was convinced by this especially the comfortable wear, as well as the attention to detail. So the sweater comes in a mottled design, which mostly relies on blues, mixed with black and white.In the area of ​​the belly, a slightly dark contrast strip stretches across the knitted sweater, which however only noticeable if one carefully on it.

Otherwise I like the slightly folded hem on the sleeves, the upper round neckline and the lower waistband. Normally this is only provided with an ornamental seam, here you put on a small knitted bead, which makes the sweater look even more comfortable. I have combined the acknowledged knit sweater with a dark jeans from Gaudi, which also comes from the current autumn collection.

This does not come in the style of a classic jeans, but puts on put-on pockets on the sides and pursues a rather casual, casual look. Harmonizes perfectly with the mottled sweater. The white adidas Zx Flux Primeknit can easily grip the white part of the sweater and also create a wonderful contrast to the jeans and the top. All in all an extremely relaxed look for the weekend. The individual pieces of clothing are given below.

Approved Ebu Knit 9516202 Case 2016

Gaudi Jeans black 62BU25000 Tema

Adidas Zx Flux Primeknit-white

To the second recognition style, there are not so many words to lose. I have not changed much in jeans and shoes, to be exact nothing. So here I wear the dark jeans of Gaudi and my white adidas Zx Flux Primeknit. But this also shows how to change the look of a piece of clothing.

Combined, I have jeans and sneakers with a dark green, or as acknowledged it calls “P. Pine “colored knit sweater. This puts on a finer knit than the previously presented sweater and is thereby also portable without problems in the business day. Could even imagine wearing a simple shirt under this. From the style of the sweater is provided with cross strips, which pull themselves completely over this.

On a beaded hem was renounced with this upper part, in my opinion was not so well fit. Instead, the waistband on the round neckline was targeted by longitudinal stripes. So here are the small details that you can get to know. The dark green sweater of the Danish label was a little tighter, but without having to make sure that the fitness studio is now every day.

For me, this garment is the ideal sweater for the transitional period. As accessories, I chose this look for my minimalist, gray bracelet from le Chat Vivi, as well as my Junghans Milano Mega Solar. Both accessories are very cautious and can be easily inserted in a variety of looks. Further information about the individual pieces of the look is given below.

Recognized Sweater 9416202 Color P. Pine-Fall 2016

Gaudi Jeans black 62BU25000 Tema

Adidas Zx Flux Primeknit – white

Wrist Watch-Junghans Milano Mega Solar, 056/4222.44

Bracelet from le Chat Vivi

The last approval is not a sweater. Surprise. Nevertheless, the top priority is again. The gray acknowledgment Bob Blazer from non-woven, incredibly comfortable, possibly a trace too small, but the ideal companion for the transitional period. Especially on days when you do not know whether you are going out of the house with a jacket or only in a T-shirt, the Blazer is just the right choice. Loose, casual and somehow elegant.

I combined it in a casual, casual outfit. In conjunction with the black original Ride VW Bulli Men’s T-Shirt, this works wonderfully, right? Both dark garments, but at least from contrast, but not at a level. I worn the two tops on a Gaudi jeans khaki 62BU20000. This comes with a deep step and also cuffs at the lower hem. In contrast to Gaudi ‘s dark jeans, the bags are dispensed with.

In my opinion, a pair of pants, which can be worn only at the weekend or in my spare time. At work I do not necessarily have to look at it. Nevertheless, I liked this as it was extremely comfortable. And when you get used to the slightly deeper cut in the crotch area, this was even very comfortable to wear. In terms of sneakers, there were no big surprises, also here the adidas Zx Flux Primeknit were used. All in all, a coherent look, right?