Apple Watch 2: All About the New Smart Watch Apple Series 2

Finally, we know all about the Apple Watch 2! Finished speculation, find out what she can really do, how she looks and especially what she better than its predecessor.

The Apple Watch 2, Watch For Athletes

The Apple Watch 2 is suitable for all types of athletes. It works as well in the water -up to 50 meters deep–on Earth and records in all circumstances, your physical activities. It has a built-in GPS that makes it completely independent of the iPhone. Thanks to it you will have access to distance travelled, speed and looks of your sport session. With a quick satellite connection, this watch will allow you to pinpoint your background and your performance following the road portions. For this, he must watch on your iPhone.

To help you better use your physical activities, a heart rate monitor is included. As you use the ‘Exercise’, this one fires. Your pulse is then highlighted for more security but also to force you to push the effort to its maximum. This app lets you choose between 12 training room or outside. Once selected, you can choose the five items that the watch will show you. To view your daily activities, three rings have been implemented on the screen of the Apple Watch 2. They indicate the number of times where you stood, where you moved and where you trained. To do well, it should be complete and so to do 30 minutes of exercise a day. To help you, notifications inform you that it is time to move. Furthermore, for people in wheelchair, activities are adapted but well listed.

To encourage you to move more, two systems are planned. The first is to share and compare your rings with your family and friends. These can send you comments. The second is based on the system of rewards. Your performance can get it custom trophies.

Health, Essential For the Apple Watch 2

Since you wear it all day, so make it profitable. The Apple Watch 2 will also monitor your health in real-time. Your pulse is taken continuously. Since the health application, you can check from your iPhone, the evolution of your heart rate. An application “breathing” is also planned in case of stress. It reframes your breathing and encourages you to renew this rest period every day.

The dedicated iPhone application allows you to meet all your health data in a single location. She breaks down into four part: activity, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition. Each category has many applications, but the tab ‘today’ actually you a condensed version to view your daily goals. With ResearchKit, you can make the choice to share all this data with researchers. Finally, with the CareKit application, it becomes very easy to manage their health, follow its symptoms and treatments and share everything with your doctors.

Many other applications are available according to your needs. You can benefit from reminders to hydrate. It will also be possible to monitor your sleep and get advice to make better it. Alternatively, you can focus on the application that teaches you how to eat healthier.

A Watch to Stay Connected

The Apple Watch 2 keeps you informed of everything. Thanks to the Watch OS 3, your applications open instantly and are very well visible, even in bright sunlight. Your messages, calls and calendar reminders are displayed on the screen of the watch in their entirety so you can not run on your smartphone.

From the dial you can have access to all their favorite applications, to change it, just sweep the screen. A side button gives you access to the Dock, the information that is automatically updated. Finally, Siri is here to assist you on a daily basis. Raise your wrist, say ‘tell Siri’ and ask him what you want, he says.

A Design Watch

The Apple Watch 2 prides itself to suit everyone, all styles and for good reason, its models are very many. Bracelets, cases and dials can be combined to your care to match you best. All the textures of bracelets, all colors, all styles appear to have been considered, from the cleaner to the more conspicuous.

Availability and Price

Pre-order September 9, 2016, this watch will be available in ChronologicalWatches from September 16. To acquire it, it will cost the not inconsiderable sum ofat least 319 euros for a screen of 38 mm and 349 euros for a screen of 42 mm. These watches have an aluminum case and a sport band. As you enhance it brand bracelets, prices rocketing. For example, with a casing made of stainless steel and a bracelet cuff double loop – the Hermès collection- leather, the price goes up to 1749 euros while the screen is yet available in 38 mm.

A More Performant Than the Apple Watch 1 Watch

The Apple Watch 1 was renamed Apple Watch series 1, yet a single change: a bicoeur CPU is now built-in for more speed, as on the new generation. Series 2 brought however a lot of own novelties for a price lower than that at the exit of the its predecessor.

If the design has not really changed, resistance, she, should be noted. The Apple Watch series 2 ceramic is promised four times stronger and yet very pretty. Novelty also, water resistance to 50 meters so that version 1 was not recommended even in the shower. The screen is two times brighter on the last arrival. In terms of battery, obviously, no change.

However, a model created with Nike is new for the two series, with a honeycomb bracelet perfect for perspiration. Concerning notifications, it is now possible to ask Siri to remind the person trying to reach you later, at the time, only predefined messages were available. But the big news of this second version is of course, the arrival of Minnie to give time… or rather, above all, the possibility of using this watch in complete autonomy since, from now on, the GPS works without the next iPhone. A watch so less disappointing than the first Apple Watch tested by us.