Apple Iphone 7: Keynote Tomorrow from 19 Clock in Livestream

Every year (or about six months), Tim Cook and his men call for the keynote in Cupertino.Tomorrow’s Apple Keynote will start at 10 o’clock after the Pacific Summer Time. The event will take place in Livestream from 7 pm onwards. We are waiting for the Apple iPhone 7. A brief look.

Themes Of The September Keynote 2016

In addition to the iPhone 7, there are other Apple products on the wishlist. Now that only new software and facelifts as well as new bracelets have been given, the idea of ​​an Apple Watch 2 would be conceivable . We will also be looking forward to new software. In terms of iPad, however, it should remain quiet, there was at the last keynote in March iPhone SE and iPad Pro to see.

We remember: Just a year ago, September 9, 2015, a big Apple event was waiting for us, which provided a new Apple TV next to the big iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s. On the idea of ​​the iPhone 6s, fans had to wait a little, as the smartphone represented the highlight of the keynote. For tomorrow’s event, we expect fewer products, but with less spectacle. It would not be an Apple keynote, if not again with all sorts of emotions and impressive pictures would be worked.

It Will Take Time For The Apple Iphone 7

IPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are now established. The iPhone SE goes a different way, especially with its compactness. The time is ripe for a new flagship of Apple. One that shines with fast hardware, a powerful camera and an even better iOS. But probably without the tried and tested jack connectorfor headphones. Much has been speculated and even technical data in the net increase the round, which concerns CPU and RAM and the Framerate of the iSight camera. Has Apple also reworked the design fundamentally? Will the iPhone 7 still be thinner despite all Bendgate discussions from the past? Will we listen to music via Lightning or Bluetooth?

In about 24 hours we have certainty. And can give us a picture of how the new Phone looks and what it can. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon on HEALTHINCLUDE.