An Event in Moscow Revealed The Samsung Galaxy Alpha, Not Be What Was Expected of It

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha We have seen him filtering on so many occasions that almost no longer or novelty, although Samsung, confirmed even by directors of the Korean firm, metal terminal still kept some surprise that today unveiled.

He has been in Moscow, where the new handset from Samsung will sponsor an event, and where it has shown its specifications, confirming that It will not be what we expected of it and that that denomination will finally be their trade nomenclature.

Samsung has sold it since rumors began as a premium terminal, a high-end bet on metallic finish and that it would compete with more compact smartphone, Xperia Sony Compact range and Apple’s iPhone, lowering the diagonals of screen used Samsung to integrate into their devices.

However, if you confirm all information that have been filtering in addition to datasheet seen in Russia, the terminal It would not happen in the medium-high range on the Android platform, where would it also compete with an astronomical price, more on the iPhone than the Xperia Compact League or any other of its kind in the Android catalog.

The Galaxy Alpha – if these data are real – would have a screen of 4.7 inch made with SuperAMOLED technology, and it would have been a strange resolution of 1080 x 720 pixels. We understand logically that this is wrong, and that they should be 1280 x 720 pixels.

The hardware platform would be built around a Samsung Exynos chipset with eight-core processor in big architecture. LITTLE, four of them running at 1.8 GHz and the other four to 1.3 GHz. The RAM is 2 GB, and 32 GB internal storage, but this time not upgradeable to lose the terminal the microSD slot.

Other specifications are expected, with connectivity full to LTE, GLONASS, aGPS, Bluetooth 4.0, reader of fingerprint and heart rate sensor, in addition to 12 and 2.1 megapixel cameras respectively the main and frontal.

However, Samsung were still some surprises in the drawer, as the Galaxy Alpha incorporate a slot nanoSIM unpublished so far in their range, as well as a microUSB port 3.0 we’ve seen in the Galaxy Note 3 of Koreans.

The battery will be very low for what is expected today, only reaching the 1,860 mAh to power Android 4.4 masked by the latest version of TouchWiz.

Apparently seen, and although we don’t have any information by Samsung, most likely occur officially imminently, and it is almost certain that it will do so before the IFA fair to leave centre stage to the largest in the House. We will be attentive to the movements of Samsung.