Amazon Nexus 7

Just a few days ago we observed how the Nexus 7 did register the sellouts, seeing only some rumor about a possible Kindle 2 in coming soon, or even some rumor about buying the ASUS tablets directly from Amazon’s online store . But how he’s going to react to this phenomenon the note American company made in Google?

Apparently we weren’t the only ones to find this answer and it seems that the well-known site has in store a very similar to the one that is rumored to be the Google strategy: there is even talk of 5 or 6 Kindle models, including at least one with a 10-inch diagonal, at least according to Demos Parneros told Reuters.

It seems, however, that the President of the retail division of Staples for the United States did not provide information on the possible launch date for these devices or on projects of the American giant to enter the smartphone segment, but we are confident that Amazon will soon reveal some details about their intentions, at least by a factor of hype.

Obviously we are in the field of rumors and the models to which it refers may be simple Parneros indications of storage size or the presence or absence of the module 3 g, but we find it hard to believe that Amazon would want to enter the field of 10 inches on into that of smartphones.